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Astrology is a very popular topic today. A huge focus of astrology is horoscopes, zodiac, and star signs. Each zodiac and star sign is based on a time in the year someone is born. Every sign comes with its own classifications, characteristics, and associations.

Zodiac signs are commonly associated with myths, animals, and colors. Additionally, every sign has recommendations about how individuals should live their life according to their zodiac personality traits. Each sign also tells individuals about their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Many people follow these rules to ensure they are as closely aligned with their horoscope as possible.

Although some people do not take star signs seriously, others do! There is no harm either way. When playing the lottery, if you choose to abide by the your zodiac sign, it is important to understand each star sign so you have the best chance of winning! Let’s take a look at how you can use your zodiac sign as a Libra to have a higher chance of winning the lottery!

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Libra History

Libras are the seventh of the twelve Zodiac signs. In Latin, Libra means “scales”. To be considered a Libra, one must be born between the dates of October 31 to November 22.

Libra and Venus

Libra is one of three air signs. Gemini and Aquarius are the other two. Air sign personality traits are to be rational, social, and levelheaded. All of the air signs are ruled by Saturn, Mercury and Jupiter. Venus is the planet that is the ruler of beauty, love, and money.

Traits of Libras

Like every zodiac sign, Libras have unique attributes. Commonly, Libras are fans of high art and intellectualism. They love beautiful things and environments. If something is exquisite, Libras will most likely want to have it.

Because of their tastes, Libras often are commonly involved in fields such as the arts, as designers, art critics, decorators, and stylists. Libras also love balance and harmony. They are known to be very just leaders because of this. In addition to the arts, Libras go into career fields where they can lead and work as a team. Social work is a common career path for Libras.

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Typical strengths of Libras include collaboration, social maturity, and consideration. Their weaknesses are that they don’t always like to deal with conflict, they are sometimes self-pitying, and they can hold grudges.

Libras and Money

When it comes to money, Libra’s personality traits come out to play financially as well. Although Libras appreciate luxury, they like to make the right decisions and they aren’t wasteful. They like to be prepared. Their high tastes make them take their time when making any financial decisions. They will also like to consult others about it.

The lottery playing style of Libras

Libras like harmony, so they try to see an issue from all sides. Some people can take this approach as indecisive, but others see it as well-rounded and levelheaded. Because of this, a popular strategy for Libras is to play the lottery through is by running a lottery pool.

Lottery pools boost the odds of winning the lottery, without spending extra money. Lottery pools are also an excellent source of morale and teamwork. Often, many families, workplaces, or communities enter a lottery pool. It is common for Libras to recommend creating a lottery pool contract, given their disposition.


It is wise to create a lottery pool with other compatible star signs. So, in a Libra’s case, making a lottery pool with other air signs gives them a better chance of winning.

Best lottery for Libras to play

Libras are fair and just, which means a lottery pool might be a perfect option for them. Additionally, Libras can be extravagant when it is the right time, but they are levelheaded. So, the higher the odds of winning, the more Libras will be interested.

Lotteries with the best odds include the following:

  1. French Lotto (1:7 winning odds)
  2. Oz Lotto (1:8 winning odds)
  3. Polish Mini Lotto (1:8 winning odds)
  4. UK National Lottery (1:9 winning odds)
  5. Spanish Lotto – (1:10 winning odds)
  6. Austria Lotto – (1:12 winning odds)
  7. Irish Lotto – (1:13 winning odds)
  8. Mega Millions Lottery – (1:24 winning odds)
  9. Powerball Lotto (1:24 winning odds)

2021 Libra winning numbers

The 2021 Gambling Horoscope looks very promising for Libras. Libras’ understanding of balance makes them very smart players, as long as they do not get carried away. Their best gambling days are when they don’t doubt their decisions.

The Libra lucky numbers

Libra’s lucky numbers are 3, 9, 15, 27, 54, 64. Libra’s unlucky numbers are 5, 6 & 10. As a tip, Libras should feel the most confident whenever the lucky numbers occur in the form of a date, time, or consecutively. On the contrary, when unlucky numbers are present in a ticket they should be avoided at all costs. It is important to use Libra lottery lucky numbers as much as possible.

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Best Days to Gamble for Libras

libra-lucky-numbers1The best days for Libras to play the lottery are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday because they’re Libra’s lucky days. Libras should always be careful to not get carried away when playing the lottery. This will put them out of their groove, and increase the risk of losing big or getting thrown off a winning path.

Overall, it is your decision whether you’d like to play based on horoscopes, zodiacs, and star signs. However, if you choose to do so, it can’t hurt! In fact, playing the lottery according to your zodiac sign can be a lot of fun! It is an exciting adventure, and following horoscopes and zodiac signs can only help your odds if you believe in it. If you or someone you know is a Libra, make sure you understand this Zodiac sign so you can buy the perfect lottery ticket.

Good luck, and happy lottery, Libras!

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