First established in 2011, with its operations formally launching the following year, MultiLotto India is one of the world’s premier platforms for online lotteries and casino games. Although its strength lies in the wide variety of international lotteries that it supports, it also offers a whole slew of casino games that players can enjoy.

From the U.S. PowerBall to EuroMillions, players on MultiLotto India have the opportunity to play some of the most thrilling lotteries in the world. They can even choose to place bets on the platform’s online casino, where they can choose from a large number of slot machines and other such games.

The MultiLotto India website operates around the clock so users are free to play anytime, anywhere. In addition to countless opportunities to take home huge cash prizes, they’ll also have access to a friendly, safe, and secure online environment that enables them to buy tickets to lotteries from across the globe.

Additionally, MultiLotto India has a multi-lingual customer service department, which means that users can play in a familiar environment with teams that can understand their concerns and immediately attend to their needs.

How Does Multilotto India Works?

Players can register an account on the MultiLotto India official website. Here’s how the platform works:

  • Players can start betting on their international lottery of choice upon creating and verifying their MulitLotto India account
  • Players can choose from the wide variety of international lotteries and casino games that are available on the MultiLotto official website
  • After their account has been created and verified, first-time players on MultiLotto India are awarded a 100% bonus, which they can use to start playing right away
  • After choosing their lucky numbers, players will then pay for their tickets

Multilotto image

Another big advantage to playing on MultiLotto India is the fact that its website’s user interface is easy and intuitive. Because of this, even the least tech-savvy of players will find it easy to navigate, enabling them to play immediately after creating their account.

Adding to this perk are the deposit bonuses and free spins on slot games that casino players can access. However, those playing on international lotteries have several excellent advantages too, such as a deposit bonus and free tickets.

Lastly, MultiLotto India doesn’t place a cap on the number of lotteries that a user can play. This means that they can play on as many or as few international lotteries as they want at any given moment.

How Can I Create an Account?

multolotto sign upTo create an account on MultiLotto India, players simply have to click on the “Sign Up” button on the website. They’ll be required to input the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Valid Email Address
  • Account Password
  • Special Bonus Code (if available)

They may also be required to submit proof of their identity, such as a valid ID.

Creating an account on MultiLotto India is incredibly easy and takes only a couple of minutes. However, the platform will need some time to verify new registrants, which is a process that can take anywhere between several hours to a few days.

How Can I Deposit Funds?

Depositing money into your account and using it to purchase tickets is what enables players to participate on the MultiLotto India website.

Here are the various payment channels that MultiLotto India supports:

  • multilotto-4Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Paysafecard, Skrill, and Neteller
  • Entropay
  • Wirecard

As per the website’s terms and conditions, minimum and maximum deposit amounts will be dictated by the specific payment method that the player chooses.

On Multilotto India, players can qualify for an amazing 100% Lotto Bonus whenever they deposit anywhere between €10.00 and €50.00 into their account. However, they must remember that the total amount – or the sum of the deposit and their bonus – should be turned over at least once before they can make a withdrawal.

How Can I Withdraw My Winnings From MultiLotto?

Unlike making deposits, withdrawing cash prizes from MultiLotto India is a bit challenging, thanks to the platform’s rigorous approval and verification process. Keep in mind that processing pay-outs can take a few days.

Here are the available withdrawal options on MultiLotto India:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Paysafecard, Skrill, and Neteller
  • Entropay
  • Wirecard
  • WebMoney, Neteller
  • Cryptocurrency

Players must keep in mind that they must withdraw at least €10.00 for the transaction to push through. Withdrawals will also usually take up to 48 hours.

Prize money on MultiLotto India is divided into three different categories:


  • Smaller Winnings. The withdrawal and payout methods are slightly different since the prize money can be directly transferred into a MultiLotto India account.
  • Big Winnings. The organizers can contact players directly and inform them of new developments. Certain processes and paperwork will have to be completed before the money is transferred to their account.
  • Jackpot Winners. Players will have to physically go to the MultiLotto India office to collect their prize money.

Additionally, each lottery organizer comes with its own procedures and terms. It’s up to the players and the organizers to fulfill these so that the process of withdrawing funds is simple and quick.

What Lotteries are Available on MultiLotto India?

The MultiLotto India official website supports a wide variety of international lotteries. For instance, there’s the world-famous and extremely popular US MegaMillions, which people have been playing since it was first launched more than two decades ago. In fact, it has witnessed some of the biggest wins in history, with its largest-ever jackpot hitting $656 million in 2012.

Here are other popular lotteries on MultiLotto India:


  • USA PowerBall
    • Another popular and world-renowned lottery, the USA PowerBall is infamous for changing lives. For example, a single draw allowed one player to take home a whopping $1.586 million back in 2016.
  • EuroMillions
    • Arguably one of the most famous names in the lottery world, EuroMillions is often referred to as the “champion of champions.” It’s known for churning out huge prizes and even larger jackpots.
  • La Primitiva
    • One of the longest-running lotteries in the world, La Primitava’s jackpot has been set to a minimum of €3 million, although a winner has managed to take home a staggering €73 million.

Other famous lotteries that can be played on MultiLotto India include the EuroJackpot, the Brazilian lotteries, and the UK Lotto, among many others.

How Can I Check Lottery Results on MultiLotto India?

After placing a bet on their favorite numbers, a player may head over to the MultiLotto India official website, where a link to the lottery results page is found.

Once you’ve done that, here’s how you can check the lottery results:

  • The link opens up to a wide range of lotteries that have been played online for a particular month
  • Each lottery features its name on the left side of the dashboard, along with a display of its ball numbers, bonus numbers, and a “payout” button
  • Upon clicking the “payout” button, a player is given access to a link that gives them all the information they want, in terms of the lottery’s results
  • The filter can be used to zero in on the results for a specific lottery, winnings, or a particular country

For example, results for the Mega Sena are displayed with features, such as the division, match numbers, and winning odds. There’s also a feature called “prize money,” which players can use to view the amount of cash that has been won for each division and its corresponding matching numbers.

Mega Millions results

What Casino Games Can I Play on MultiLotto India?

MultiLotto India offers a wide variety of casino games. On the official website, players are free to sample and explore their hundreds of jackpots and popular online slot machines. They may also choose to play table games, like video poker.

The wide range of casino games available on MultiLotto India undoubtedly makes it one of the best online gaming platforms out there!


Online Slot Machines

Easily the most popular online slot machines on MultiLotto India are the following:

  • Wild Bazaar
  • Lost Relics
  • Highlander
  • Immortal Romance
  • Ark of Mystery
  • Romanov Riches
  • …and many more!

Meanwhile, jackpots consist of Fruit Bonanza, Mega Moolah, Mega Moolah Isis, Major Millions, Gunslinger, Golden Goal, and Gift Shop. Naturally, Speed Cash and Bell of Fortune both deserve a special mention, as well.

Card Games

On the other hand, video poker lovers and enthusiasts can quench their thirst with the slew of card games found on the MultiLotto India website. This includes Jackpot Poker MH, Joker Poker MH, Bugs Party, Deuces Wild MH, Flying Pigs, Hole in One, and Trip Chance.

MultiLotto India also offers a lot of options for table games, including the famous and wildly popular Blackjack, English Roulette, European Roulette Pro, Mini-Baccarat, and European Blackjack. Not to be left behind are Casino Hold’em, Sonya Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, and Casino Stud Poker.


These are just a few of the many casino games found on MultiLotto India. The platform’s line-up is nearly limitless.

Does MultiLotto Officer Scratch Cards?

Yes, if you find it inconvenient to purchase scratch cards from your local store, then don’t despair since MultiLotto India also offers virtual ones. The great thing about these is that they cost less than real-life ones yet come with bigger and more impressive jackpots.

multilotto scratch cards

The virtual MultiLotto India scratch cards come in Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze versions. They also come with different entry points and jackpots.

Whichever one you pick will depend on your budget – for instance, the smallest jackpot is for €25,000, while the largest is for €250,000.

An Overview of MutiLotto India’s Offerings

Here’s a list of the most popular lotteries and casino games that MultiLotto India has to offer:





Online Slot Machines

Wild Chapo
Sails of Fortune
Golden Castle
Electric Wilds
Volatile Vikings
Dead Man’s Trail




Scratch Cards

Golden Ace
St. Patrick’s Day
Fruity Flurry
Elephant Scratch
Double Chances S





International Lotteries

U.S. PowerBall
Gold Lottery
Germany Lotto
Irish Lotto
El Gordo
Hong Kong Mark Six

What are you waiting for? Start playing on MultiLotto India for a chance to take home huge prizes!

Does MultiLotto Offer Bonuses and Discounts?

multilotto promotionsYes, this is one of the areas where MultiLotto India excels.

First-time players can take advantage of a 100% sign-up bonus, allowing them to play on the website immediately. Apart from that, non-deposit bonuses and promotions like a “risk-free lottery ticket” are also available.

The platform also has a special feature called “The Billionaire’s Shop”. This is a unique online store where MultiLotto winners can explore a wide variety of fantastic luxury items, including helicopters, yachts, and jewelry, among other things.

How Does MultiLotto Group Play Work?

If a player wants to score big but is afraid to break the bank, then they can opt for MultiLotto India’s “Group Play” feature, which allows them to split the cost of the lottery ticket with their friends.

Here’s how Group Play on MultiLotto India works:

  • The player must choose what international lottery they want to play. For example, they may opt for the “Group Play” feature on the Irish lotto.
  • After choosing their desired international lottery, they must then pick their numbers, along with several bonus numbers. The more numbers they pick, the more expensive the ticket becomes.
  • Once they’ve picked their lottery numbers, they must then tap people to play with. They can choose up to a hundred different individuals, with each one representing as many shares as they’d like.
  • To start the “Group Play,” each participant must first pay their cut.

The “Group Play” feature significantly decreases the cost of a lottery ticket. For example, if a player were to buy the maximum amount of numbers that the U.S. PowerBall allows, then they’d have to spend a total of €5,544.

But if they opted for the “Group Play” feature and managed to find 20 friends willing to split the cost with them, then each participant will only have to pay €277.20. They’d even shell out less money if they had more people in the group.

Here’s what the U.S. PowerBall ticket prices look like. Picking more numbers may give the player more chances to win the jackpot but it also means that the cost of their ticket/s will be much steeper.

Numbers to play Lines to play Price for 2 shares
5+1 1 €3.50
5+2 2 €7.00
6+1 6 €21.00
6+2 12 €42.00
7+1 21 €73.50
7+2 42 €147.00
8+1 56 €196.00
8+2 112 €392.00
9+1 126 €441.00
9+2 262 €882.00
10+1 252 €882.00
10+2 504 €1,764.00
11+1 462 €1,617.00
11+2 924 €3,234.00
12+1 792 €2,772.00
12+2 1584 €5,544.00

The cost per ticket may be significantly decreased; however, players must keep in mind that opting for a group play also means splitting the cash prize with other people. If they want to take home the entire jackpot, then they’ll have to risk paying more for a single lottery ticket.

What Languages is MultiLotto India Available In?

MultiLotto India is a multi-lingual website; as such, it supports a total of 18 different languages. This means that millions of users across the globe can easily make use of it without running into miscommunication issues.

The platform’s customer support is available in the following languages, as well:

  • English
  • Polish
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • …and many more!

From registration to playing lotteries and casino games, players are guided through the MultiLotto India website in their language of choice.

Is There a MultiLotto India Mobile App?

multilotto mobile appYes, MultiLotto India can be accessed through a mobile app. This means that users can conveniently play their favorite international lottery of casino game anytime they want, from wherever they are.

Is MultiLotto India Legit and Safe?

Registered and licensed by Curacao eGaming, MultiLotto India has undergone all the necessary legal processes required for it to both exist and operate. The website is also authorized and regulated by the Curacao Government under Multi Pay, N.V.

The physical address of MultiLotto India is as follows: Abraham de Veertstrat 2, Willemstad, Curacao.

For security purposes, MultiLotto India makes use of the most advanced technology, including high-quality SSL encryption. This ensures that every bit of money that goes through the website is safe, secure, and reaches its rightful owner.


To add to that, all personal data is protected from manipulation and fraud. The website’s strict privacy policy works hand-in-hand with its terms and conditions, boosting the levels of safety and security that the platform provides to players.

Moreover, MultiLotto India’s scam protection and trustworthiness have been confirmed by both Norton Safe Web and Google Safe Browsing.

Is MultiLotto India a Scam?

No, MultiLotto India is far from a scam. It’s a completely legitimate online gaming website fully registered and licensed in Curacao.

Featuring a mind-blowing total of 56 international lotteries, MultiLotto India is definitely one of the leading and most reputable companies in the industry.

What is MultiLotto India’s Customer Support Like?

The various customer support services available on MultiLotto India are incredible. Here’s a brief overview of them:

  • There are several email addresses that players can use to reach out to a customer service representative.
  • Players can also opt for MultiLotto India’s telephone numbers. However, these numbers are currently not displayed.
  • MultiLotto India offers a live chat feature, as well, although this is currently unavailable due to technical issues.
  • The website has a length FAQs section, which players can use to address their concerns.

Without a doubt, MultiLotto India is an extraordinary online gaming platform that prioritizes the needs and wants of its players.

Who are the Lucky MultiLotto India Winners?

To date, MultiLotto India has paid a total of €375,920,092 to its users. This represents one of the biggest amounts that has ever been paid by an online gaming website, which is why this is the go-to platform for people who want to change their lives forever.

multilotto winnersThose who have taken home big jackpots on MultiLotto India have all desired to keep their identities and cash prizes anonymous. Here’s a glimpse of the incredible cash prizes that Multi lotto winners have bagged.

However, last February 2021, a lucky winner took home the third-tier prize from the German Lotto while another landed the first-tier prize of the Poland Mini Lotto. Both were worth millions of euros – an amount that has definitely been life-changing for them.

These are just a few of the many Multi lotto winners out there who are now reaping the benefits of their cash prizes. Want to become one of them? Then, register an account now and start playing on Multilotto India!

What are the Pros and Cons of MultiLotto India?

If you’re still a bit hesitant about playing on MultiLotto India, then here’s a list of the website’s pros and cons to help you out:


  • The MultiLotto India website comes with a very user-friendly interface that’s fast and easy to navigate
  • First-time players are entitled to a 100% non-deposit fee, which enables them to start playing right away
  • The platform provides a safe and secure environment for all users. For instance, their rigorous privacy policy protects all player data from manipulation and fraud
  • Players have many options to choose from when it comes to playing their favorite lottery or casino game
  • Not only are all players aged 18 and above but their identities have also been verified by the MultiLotto India team


  • The lack of an around-the-clock live chat feature is inconvenient, especially if and when players have issues that need to be urgently addressed
  • No telephone numbers are available yet

Have the pros managed to convince you? Then, create an account on MultiLotto India and start playing now!

What do Customers Say?

multilotto customers reviewsBased on thousands of customer reviews, MultiLotto India is an excellent online gaming platform. Thanks to the platform’s impeccable and timely customer support, millions of users recommend it to anyone who wants a shot at changing their lives with a huge lottery jackpot.


Here are a few other things that customers love about MultiLotto India:

  • Creating an account is quick and easy
  • Depositing funds is simple, which means that users can start playing their favorite lottery or casino game immediately
  • The wide variety of international lotteries is impressive
  • All players are adults, aged 18 or above

On the other hand, many customers have noted that the absence of a live chat feature is frustrating since they sometimes encounter issues that need to be resolved urgently.

Start playing on MultiLotto India for a chance to change your life forever!

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