Juwai Teer Results

how to bet juwai teer in India

The Juwai Teer is one of the three game names under the Assam Teer lottery, where a group of skilled archers will shoot a fixed number of arrows at a target from a distance that will later determine the winning digits.

To play, all you need to do is to select a number between 0 and 99. The winning digits will be the last two digits of the number of arrows that land on the target. For instance, if 389 arrows hit the marked target, 89 will be your winning number.

Officials will then count the number of these arrows that hit the target, record them, and announce them online for players to see whether they have won any prizes.

What is the Juwai Teer?

The Juwai Teer, like its other fellow Teer games (Khanapara Teer and Shilong Teer), is played in India and is unsurprisingly well known among the locals for the simplicity and thrill of the game itself! The arrow-shooting commences at the Polo Ground.

Who organized the lottery?

The Juwai Teer lottery is run and maintained by the Meghalaya Lottery department and has been deemed legal to play as long as you are eligible to play lotteries, of course.

Drawing day and time

The lottery draws every day from Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays, with two rounds at 2:15 PM GST and 2:35 PM GST. Ensure you keep track of these times, so you don’t miss the announcement(s).

Cost per ticket

The ticket price ranges between 1 to 80 Rupees only.

juwai teer results

Prize Structure

Essentially, for every 1 Rupee you bet, you’ll get a chance at snatching between 60 to 80 Rupees for matching with the winning digits. You can continue until you reach the cap at the Rs 11,000 jackpot.

As cheap as it is, it can be tempting to keep on playing until luck finds you, so controlling yourself and setting a budget is the best way to go about it. Most players get carried away with the thrill and the thought of winning big that they end up losing more than they could afford. Our advice: come up with a budget plan and stick to it.

You know what they say: “Play smart, not hard”. As long as you manage your expectations, bring home the wins (no matter how small or big), and pick the right strategy, such as opting for Dream Numbers and/or Common Numbers, you should be good to go!

Rules of the game

Knowing and understanding the game before you play is the way to go to ensure you play it right and have a better shot at winning. Here is all you need to know on how to play the Juwai Teer:

  • Note that ticket sales begin at 10 AM GST on weekdays and Saturdays only
  • Ensure you are at least 18 years of age to eligibly and legally play the game
  • Make sure that you sign yourself up through their official online site or register yourself at a local physical vendor to get and secure yourself a lotto ticket to play
  • Choose your digits in whatever method you like
  • Wait for all the arrows to be shot and the official count to be recorded
  • Compare your digits to the winning numbers announced online
  • Claim your prize amounts (if any are won) and provide the supporting documents as prompted

Note: If you play from international grounds, as outside India, it is crucial that you do your due diligence and obey the laws and practices of the country you reside, that is, whether Juwai Teer is allowed or not. Some states prohibit playing the game, and we certainly do not want you to get tied into legal complexions.

How to play Juwai Teer online: A step-by-step guide

juwai teer betting indiaMoving towards the digital era may seem new for players who have been used to the classic lottery style, but playing online is not as hard as it seems. Here is a guide on how to play the Juwai Teer simply.

  • Look up and click an official lotto ticket seller site
  • Select the number of tickets you wish to buy
  • Choose your digits in your preferred method to play with
  • Type in your personal data as instructed on the secure page
  • Make your payments for your ticket purchases
  • Cross your fingers, sit back, and wait for the Juwai Teer Today result to be announced online
  • Check if you received any winnings, and claim them if you do

What are Juwai Teer Dream Numbers?

As the name suggests, these numbers are suggested through dreams, where one would interpret their dreams into potentially winning numbers. Some people firmly believe their dreams hold the key to predicting the exact digits that will get them that win.

It may not be for everyone, but some take pride in interpreting their dreams to lotto numbers, and it may have worked for some.

What are Juwai Teer common numbers?

In a nutshell, the Juwai Teer common number today basically means digits obtained and calculated from the previous Juwai Khanapara Teer result by careful integrations of mathematical methods.

How to check Juwai Teer result list from India

Once the arrows have been shot, counted by officials, and posted, you should be able to find the results online through the official site and click the tab that says “Juwai Teer Result Today.”

Take a shot at the Juwai Teer today

Whether you play for the thrill of the game or simply earn potential side income, Juwai Teer is the game to play! Unlike most lotteries, the game adds a twist by using actual arrows to determine a player’s fate! And with its very affordable price, who wouldn’t want to take a shot?

On that note, we hope you found helpful insights and tips for playing the game you will or already love. We highly encourage you to ensure you are eligible to play by following the local policies from where you reside; that way, you can enjoy playing without worries.

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