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The longest performing lotto throughout India, it has many ways you can win, and many games to participate in. Find out how today.

Many states globally disavow lottery games. Kerala is not included in those, and is probably the most played lotto in all of India.

This article will guide you through how to participate, what the prime jack-pots are, how to find your Kerala lottery lucky numbers, when the lotto occurs, etc.

The Origination of the Kerala Lottery

Before Kerala, all lottos were actually forbidden in India. Reasons unknown, there was no way for residents to participate in this thrilling sphere of lottery games.

Founded before 1970, the govt’ was trying to figure a way to grow their revenue, and not burden their people with increasing rates of tax. They had an idea, and so the state lottery of Kerala was born.

Playing Kerala State Lotto

For each day of the week, there are individual games you can participate in. Outside of the weekly ones, Kerala hosts 6 lotto games over the course of a year, and they usually mark the date of important festivals and holidays.

kerala lottery lucky numbers for today

Much like most lotteries in India, people will have to physically purchase their ticket from approved hosts. With over 135 000 venues you can purchase from, you’ll never have an issue finding somewhere convenient for you to buy your ticket.

After you’ve purchased your lotto ticket, for validation purposes, you will have to document your name and place of residence on the back of your ticket, and sign it with your signature. This has been implemented to prevent the surge of fraud and theft.

If you want to obtain a ticket online, you can buy them through liaisons that obtain the tickets for you. After purchasing your ticket, they are then dropped off at your residence in order for you to write the necessary details on the back.

Kerala is different from most others, where you don’t select your own numbers, and are printed with a default set of figures. However, there is a sequence of numbers that have won many times, known as Kerala lottery lucky numbers.

Below is a table that defines the date and details of the games held during the week.

(Weekly) Lottery Structures

Name Jackpot (Estimate) In Rupees Cost  In Rupees* When Lotto Is Drawn
Win-Win 6,5 Million 30 Monday
Dhanasree 7,5 Million 40 Tuesday
Akshaya 6,5 Million 30 Wednesday
Karunya Plus (Previously Pratheeksa) 10 Million 50 Thursday
Bhagyanidhi 6,5 Million 30 Friday
Karunya 10 Million 50 Saturday
Pournami 6,5 Million 30 Sunday
*The max cost of each ticket

Each one occurs at 3 pm throughout the region, welcoming anyone who wants to observe the draw.

Winning Odds | Kerala (Weekly)

Odds Name
1 / 6,300,000 Win-Win
1 / 4,500,000 Dhanasree
1 / 6,300,000 Akshaya
1 / 3,500,000 Karunya Plus (Previously Pratheeksa)
1 / 6,300,000 Bhagyanidhi
1 / 3,000,000 Karunya
1 / 6,300,000 Pournami

Due to the set amount of tickets that are generated, the odds for each weekly one are based on how many tickets are obtained each week.

The estimated odds are based on the average ticket sale amount.

If you have a ticket with Kerala lottery lucky numbers, your odds are already way above the rest of the players. See the table below for a list of the Kerala Lottery lucky numbers.

In terms of the lotteries within India, the odds are thought to be quite reasonable.

How To Find Kerala Lottery Lucky Numbers

Despite not being able to select your own Kerala lottery lucky numbers, there are recurring sequences that have occurred over the course of the game. These give you an added edge when it comes to the odds.

Below is a table that details the recurring sequence of Kerala lottery lucky numbers.

Kerala Lottery Lucky Numbers

Repeating Amount Repeating No. Sequence | Kerala lottery lucky numbers
84 0229
83 8509 
82 9376 
79 3577  6990  0844  6254 
78 3560  6266  8870  8896  9959 1049  8859
77 7096  8320  3630 
76 0607  1444  1576  3556  6211  6367  0453  6576  6815  6866  7179


0477  3170  3825  4214  4965  6291  7660  7743  7796  7976  8543  9247  9772  0266  1477


2293  2396  2901  1809   3442  4175  4245  6449  7299  7390  8699  9590  1221


2960  3070  3220  3896  4167  4367  1646   4506  4709  4817  4860  5017  5077  5295  5362  1054   5759  5869  6560  6677  6694  6749  6800  7875  8207  8511  8969

Largest Jackpot Ever Won in Kerala State Lottery

Outside of the yearly lotteries (Bumper lotto), the weekly games of chance are the largest of all the lotteries held in India.

kerala lottery lucky numbers for tomorrowOf the weekly Kerala lottos, Karunya Plus and Karunya pull in the biggest jackpots compared to all the others, with the highest prize going for an estimated 10 million rupees.

The next highest jackpot value every week is an estimated 7.5 million rupees.

Playing the weekly Kerala lotteries have made many people massive winners when compared to the cost of tickets, and you can walk away winning a brilliant payout.

When looking at the yearly lotto jackpot amounts, all payouts are much higher than the weekly ones. Of the six, Thiruvonam Bumper is set at the highest estimated win, for a jaw-dropping 120 million rupees.

All of them are well over 50 million rupees, making them highly popular lotteries to play in India.

Kerala Lottery | Is It Beneficial To Play?

As the top in the state, Kerala has made many people grand winners. With its moderate odds, Kerala lucky numbers, and great payouts, it’s definitely a popular choice amongst the residents of Kerala.

Happy to have a lottery of trustworthy value that people can participate in, you can become a winner, much like many others who have played before you.

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