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There are plenty of trusted and genuine lotteries in India that you can place your bets on to win large, attractive prizes.

Out of the 13 states in India where lotteries are legal, Goa might be the most lucrative. With up to five daily draws and special festival lotteries, it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to join the sweepstakes.

In this article, we cover everything that you must know about the famous Goa State Rajshree Lottery.


About the Game

The Goa State Rajshree lottery is a daily, weekly, and monthly sweepstakes organized by the Government of Goa. People above the age of 18, who belong to an Indian state where playing the lottery is legal, can buy the tickets and enter the draw.

If you hit the jackpot, you can claim your prize within 30 days from the announcement of the results. The rewards start from a few thousand rupees, and go up to as much as Rs. 1 crore.

Rules Of Rajshree Lottery

goa Rajshree lotteryEach draw follows the same rules. The only difference lies in the date, the name, the time, and the prize amount per draw. The Goa State Rajshree Lottery has three draws per day – winners are announced at 2PM, 4:40PM, and finally, at 8PM.

The ticket itself comes in 40 different series – with an alphanumeric code that combines a single letter from A to L with a number ranging from 0000 to 9999. As a result, a ticket will contain a code such as 32B 4383, 12F 1233, and so on, where the series number is represented by the first two digits.

If the combination of the numbers you choose matches with the draw results, you win a prize. One of the tickets also has the grand prize winning combination, which is drawn from a machine on a YouTube broadcast.

What Should Players Do

The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances are to win something. To increase your possibility of winning, go for multiple tickets with different number combinations.

Make sure that there is a mix of odd and even numbers on the ticket. The sum total of the numbers should fall within a specific range, usually between 63 to 116 for a 5 number lottery, to improve the likelihood of winning something out of the game.

How Does The Game Run?

The Rajshree lottery runs offline. You can buy the tickets and play them anywhere across India where playing the lottery is legalized.

The sales of the tickets stop 30 minutes before the lottery commences.

Rajshree Lottery Prizes And Payouts

The Rajshree lottery is very accessible at just Rs. 6 per ticket. With this, you can win standard prizes along with a bonus ‘super prize’.

Here’s a handy table, covering each of the Rajshree prize categories:

Level How many winners Prize (Rs.) Prize fund Amount (Rs.) Lottery scheme
Jackpot 1 10,000 10000 Series + 4 numbers
Consolation prize 19 9500 190000 4 winning numbers from Jackpot results draw
2nd 20 1,000 22000 4 numbers (no series)
3rd 200 500 110000 10 x on 4 numbers without series
4th 200 250 55000 10 x on 4 numbers without series
5th 2000 120 264000 100 X on 4 numbers without series

Is It Possible To Play Only Online? (How To Play?)

Fortunately, the Rajshree lottery is incredibly easy to sign up for online. Simply log onto a preferred lotto website such as LottoThrill, and ensure that you’re playing from a state where lotteries are legal to participate in. You can find a detailed list below.

Where To Check The Results?

To check your Rajshree lottery results, you can head to the official website of the Goa State Rajshree or use LottoThrill’s checker to confirm whether you have bagged a prize or not.

How To Receive Winnings?

If you have won anything up to Rs. 10,000, you can claim your prize from a retail counter near you.

Prizes above R. 10,000 are dispatched through government rules and procedures. Your state’s respective government will directly transfer the money into your account, subject to taxation. You can do this by approaching the office of the Director of State Lotteries, Goa.

In order to accept your prize, you will need the following documents/items:

  • A completed claim form
  • The original ticket, with your name, address, and signature on the back
  • 4 notarized and attested passport photographs
  • A copy of your PAN card or other accepted government ID

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How Much Taxes Must A Winner Pay?

A person who has won anything above Rs. 10,000 is liable to pay 30% tax, as per current Goa government regulations.

The Biggest Winnings in Rajshree Lottery

One of the biggest winnings in the Rajshree Lottery was in the year 2018. Won by a housewife from Pune, she bagged a prize of Rs. 1,50,00,000 – no small number!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Lotteries Legal In India?

It is entirely legal to play international lotteries through international websites if you are from India. Because the draw happens on foreign lands, you can legally access all games without any cause for concern.

Whereas when it comes to India, only 13 states have legalized playing physical lotteries. The state governments directly regulate these sweepstakes, the tickets to which can only be bought in person and not online.

These 13 states include:

Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Punjab, Sikkim, West Bengal.

Is It Safe To Play Online Lottery?

Online lotteries are a lot more convenient in comparison to physical ones.

You get the option of playing them right from the comfort of your house. However, it’s important to remember that plenty of fraud websites have sprung up in recent years – so make sure to authenticate your point of purchase for the tickets.

There are plenty of legitimate sites that uphold legal and authentic online games which are entirely safe to play – just keep away from any suspicious website that looks promising but asks for your credit details on the pretext of being authentic.

Essential things to be mindful of:

  • Make sure to read all the terms and regulations thoroughly.
  • Look for the security lock symbol on the website that signifies that the website is safe to use.
  • Authentic lottery websites will not charge any fees from the winners.
  • The website should display the contact information of the organizer.


With a longstanding tradition of lotteries, India seemed like a natural choice for reputed sweepstakes companies like Lotto Thrill to set up certified, government-supported game systems.

It is imperative that you must only rely on such trustworthy operators and stay away from scams when it comes to purchasing and playing.

If you are ready to experience the excitement and fun of playing lotteries and possibly get some money in return, make sure you buy a Rajshree ticket today!

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