Loteria de Navidad Winners

Lotteries and betting have grown so much over the years and it’s widely known all over the world. The biggest lottery in the world is held in Spain every 22nd of December.


Known as “El Gordo de Navidad Lottery“, it rewards winners with a total amount of 2.3 billion euros. First prize winners get €4,000,000, second prize winners get €1,250,000, the third price gets €500,000, and the 4th winning level gets €400,000. The minimal winning of El Gordo de Navidad is 1000 euro. Thousands of people are able to enjoy their Christmas holidays due to the El Gordo jackpot.

The El Gordo de Navidad have their tickets sold in raffle format and multiple series are printed. Thus, more than one person can hold a jackpot-winning set of numbers, winners of this jackpot are often close together due to the way these tickets are distributed.

Who won the jackpot?

Below is a list of 4 people who managed to have the winning 66513 tickets.

Marian Lopez


Marian Lopez who was 37 at the time was also 4 months pregnant. She joked that the little baby inside her struck her twice and brought her good luck to win the lottery.

When asked about how she spent the money, she said she used some of it to have her house fixed, and some of it on her pregnancy, that time. By now, her baby is probably around 16 or 17 months old.

Vicente Vilarde

Vicente Vilarde, who was 44 at that time, was able to get a 66513 ticket and was lucky enough to win first prize. Would you believe that he’s been buying tickets that end in “13” just because he said he had enough bad lucks in his life? He said that he wanted to prove that the number 13 will bring him the luck, and he was right. He spent the prize to buy a new house, cars and some jewelery to his wife. The rest he invested in business.


el-gordo-winners-3Another jackpot winner in 2016 (who chose to remain anonymous) was proud to share that he was one of the lucky winners. He’s from Germany, by the way, and he shared that he formed a mini syndicate with his wife and with a few friends. They pooled their money to buy a full share to have a chance to win the jackpot. When asked about how he spent the money, he was very proud to say that he bought a BMW racing bike.

Augustin Ramos

This Loteria de Navidad winner is the small shop owner that in addition sells lotto tickets. He bought one for himself and shared it with his wife. They didn’t really share much information about how they spent the money but his wife, Maria Josefa Cabrera said that she’s happy for all the winners. As a ticket seller, they understood how much those people needed to win, and seeing them win made her happy for them, too.

Where winning tickets were sold

Sodeto which is a tiny town in Spanish.


The residents had been having a difficult year filled with drought and also effects of the nation’s recession. The majority of the town’s residents were unemployed construction workers and farmers and most of them could hardly afford the tickets for the El Gordo de Navidad jackpot.

However, they decided to purchase their lines and hoped for the best as they waited for the famous draw conducted on December 22nd. Luckily enough, everybody but one person in the small town held a winning ticket. The prizes ranged from hundreds of thousands up to several millions. The town’s mayor known as Rosa Pons won big and congratulated everyone. Costis Mitsotakis who was originally from Greece was the only resident in Sodeto who did not win the lottery because he was out of town when the tickets came around.

 Roquetas de Mar

Another set of El Gordo lottery winners were 1,600 people residing in Roquetas de Mar which is a small town on the Costa Blanca. This winning took place in December 2015. A number of residents in the small town owned the ticket with the line 79140 and luckily enough these residents took home a share of the El Gordo jackpot. Majority of the people in this town purchased the lucky lines from the same shop in the center of the town. The El Gordo lottery winners in this town took to the streets to celebrate their winnings.


loteria-de-navidad-winners-1Another set of El Gordo lottery winners is Granen which has a population of around 2,000. Just like Sodeto and Roquetas de Mar, the town had been feeling the effects of the Spanish recession thus many local businesses had gone under. In 2011, the luck number 58268 was drawn during the Spanish Christmas Lotto draw and Granen ton broke into celebration. About 1800 tickets bearing the lucky number had been drawn. The store owner known as Pilar Azagra ho was the town’s only lottery ticket vendor was amazed by this win. However, Granen did not have the kind of media coverage Sodeto had but they made up stories of El Gordo jackpot win.

Even though it is impossible to enter the main draw outside of Spain, one lucky German player won €4 million when he matched his betting line with El Gordo prize numbers. He bought the lucky at TheLotter.

El Gordo de Navidad Lottery is considered the world’s richest lottery because it gives a lot of opportunities for people to win. Standard tickets only cost €20 and people usually share or chip in to buy tickets. If you want to get a chance to be one of the El Gordo Lottery Winners in 2018, don’t be afraid to try.

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