How to Increase the Chances to Win?

Lottery fans are constantly asking the same question. How to win the lottery? We know the answer to this question. It lies in a complex mathematical discipline – The Theory of Probability.

Playing with one ticket, you have 1 chance to win. A 1 chance is about 1: 15 for a minimum win and 1:2000 for a few hundred dollars win. The chances of winning the jackpot are 1-3 hundred million.

To increase your chances of winning you need to buy more lottery tickets. Everyone knows that. And they know it’s expensive. However, there is a way how to win the lottery in each draw. It’s a group game. It is quite difficult to organize a lottery syndicate in real life. To do this, is necessary:

  • To gather a group of people who want to buy tickets together
  • Agree on the numbers and buy tickets
  • Decide how to share the winnings if the shares of participants are unequal
  • Select the person responsible for ticket storage and distribution of winnings

Lottery Syndicate Game

Lottery intermediaries take all this responsible work on themselves. How the syndicate works:

  • The system of the mediator’s website forms syndicates of 10-900 shares
  • Automatically selects numbers based on the analysis of the archive results to maximize the winning chances
  • Checks each ticket for the winning amount
  • Publish the results and the amount of winnings for each ticket
  • Automatically distributes the prize Fund between participants depending on their shares.


The image above is about US Mega Millions lottery syndicate. It consists of 744 lines and has 485 shares. All lines numbers are preselected. The total winnigs of 744 Mega Millions tickets are distributed equally among all 485 shares. One person could purchase all the shares are left in the syndicate.

All these operations occur automatically, with little or no participation of the people. The company buys tickets for players only and enter the numbers in the system.

How the syndicate can win

Syndicates, depending on the intermediary, 50 to 200 tickets are involved in each draw. Usually the shares are about the same as the tickets. If at least 1 ticket out of 50 wins $ 10,000, all participants will receive $ 200. The syndicate’s share costs an average of $ 20, depending on the company. According to the players, the syndicate always wins something. In about half of the cases, participants manage to cover their investments.

Yes, we believe that the group lottery game is an investment. After all, investing only $ 20 a week You get a good opportunity to become a millionaire.

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