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The Australian Powerball was launched on May 23, 1996, and later renamed to Oz Powerball. It is one of the top lotteries in Australia to this day. It is overseen by the Tatts Group. In March 2013, an update was made to the game by Tatts Group.

Participants now have to match a couple more digits from a smaller pool, which enables greater jackpots.



How do you play the game?

The Oz Powerball is a challenging yet thrilling game due to the sheer number of combinations. With 35 main digits and 20 extra Powerball digits, it’s a lottery that’s hard to beat.

If you are outside Australia but wish to play the lottery, then you are more than welcome to do so through one of online platforms like Thelotter, Lotto247 and Agentlotto.

All you have to do is register or sign in to your account through their site, safely deposit your budgeted amount to play with, and you’re all set to make your first ticket purchase or two.

To win the jackpot, all you have to do is match all 8 digits in the right order, that is 7 out of 35 digits and another 1 extra Powerball digit out of 20 digits, and voila! The 8 million dollar jackpot is yours for the taking!

If you didn’t match all 8 numbers, don’t worry! You can also win lower prize tiers if you match less than the 8 winning digits, which we will be explaining shortly.

Rules of the game

Like most lotteries, the Oz Powerball involves digit-matching, sure, but there are additional twists in terms of game modes that you should know about. Here are some of the basic rules you should know as both a novice and pro player.

  • You can participate in the standard entry where you pick out a total of 8 digits, 7 from a pool of 35 digits, and an additional Powerball digit from a pool of 20 digits
  • Match all 8 of them to claim the bullseye prize
  • You can also add in a little twist with a game mode called PowerHitt where it boosts your odds of getting the winning number by having all Powerball numbers for an extra 34 AUD
  • There is also the Super Combo where you essentially get more digit combinations than the standard entry, but these are typically reserved for the pros in the game as using them isn’t as easy as it seems.
  • Though all Powerball Oz winnings are subject to zero tax, local taxes from where you reside may apply and vary from one place to another, so ensure you do your due diligence and comply accordingly to avoid unwanted mishaps
  • You must also be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to play.

How many numbers are used in this lotto?

You will be selecting a total of 8 numbers in this lotto, that is, your 7 main ones from a pool of 35 digits, and another 1 from another pool of 20 digits.

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Should players match winning numbers in the exact drawn order?

Yes. Even if you only match 2 of the winning digits, you will be eligible for a lower prize tier, and the ultimate jackpot if you match all 8 of the winning digits.

Time and day of the draw

The OZ Powerball draws on a weekly basis every Thursday at 8:30 PM AEST in Melbourne, Australia. Ensure you purchase your tickets at least an hour before the draw takes place to secure your slot.

Then cross your fingers and wait for the draw result announcement that will be broadcasted on Channel 7 on Australian TV.

Cost per ticket

A standard entry ticket should only cost you about 6 AUD. Keep in mind that prices may vary based on the type of game you choose to play. So, ensure you set your budget accordingly before choosing to play.

Can Indians play the Oz Powerball abroad?

Absolutely! You can play the Oz Powerball online from India or anywhere else you may be. Just ensure you have an account set up and have all the credentials and supporting documents ready, otherwise, you’re all set!

Winning odds

With over 9 prize tiers and a shot at the ultimate prize, we would say taking a swing at the Oz Powerball would be worth it (so long as you stay within your budget range). Here is a look at your odds of taking the homerun win.

Winning digits Powerball digits Chances of winning
7 1 1 to 134,500,000
7 1 to 7,000,000
6 1 1 to 686,000
6 1 to 36,000
5 1 1 to 16,900
5 1 to 890
4 1 1 to 1,170
3 1 1 to 190
2 1 1 to 67

Prize structure

Since its rising popularity in the 1990s, this lotto in Australia has enabled a handful of lucky winners to reap their rewards. In fact, due to their prize structure, one lucky fellow was able to snatch a whopping 150 million AUD or about 120 million USD!

Unlike most lotto games, the Oz Powerball has a jackpot rollover where the standing jackpot can roll up to 25 times (at most). But what happens if no one won on the 25th draw? In that case, the winning amount will be distributed to the lower tier, and the cycle repeats.

Here is an outline of the prize structure you can expect:

Correct Winning Numbers Powerball Number Prize Amount Won (AUD)
7 1 $2.75 million
7 $0
6 1 $7,130
6 $449
5 1 $150
4 1 $65
5 $37
3 1 $16
2 1 $10

Note: Ensure you double-check by cross-referencing your ticket with this table and the results, so you know whether you’ve won or not.

Greatest Oz Ball champs of all time

We’ve rounded up the five biggest Oz Powerball winners of all time and the stories behind their wins.

150 million AUD – 2019

oz powerball ticketsThe biggest Oz Powerball win ever came in 2019 when three winners shared a 150 million AUD jackpot. Two of the tickets were purchased in Queensland, while the third was sold in Victoria, with one of the tickets bought online.

70 million AUD – 2019

One lucky punter won 70 million AUD in May 2019 when they matched all seven main numbers and the Powerball to scoop the jackpot. The ticket was bought at a newsagent in Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast.

50 million AUD – 2017

Another massive 70 million AUD jackpot was won by a syndicate of six friends from Sydney’s west, who shared a jackpot of 50 million AUD after matching all seven main numbers plus the Powerball. They bought their winning ticket at Epping Plaza Newsagency.

50 million AUD –  2014

Three people shared in a massive $50 million AUD jackpot prize. Two of the winners were from Queensland, with one winner from Brisbane and another from Toowoomba.

30 million AUD – 2013

While it wasn’t as big as previous wins, this is one of the greatest Oz Powerball wins because it was shared between two very lucky Aussies. One winner hailed from Queensland while the other was from New South Wales.

The point is, no matter who or where you are, there is always a shot at winning the jackpot amount, and as long as you cross your fingers and practice self-control and budget smartly, the prize is up for grabs.

Claiming your lottery wins

oz powerball resultsAs soon as you check in the results page and find out that your numbers match any of the winning numbers on any tier, congrats! You just won a handful of cash. So, how do you claim it?

If you play online, the won amount will be credited to your registered account. When it comes to greater prize amounts such as the jackpot, for example, we would strongly advise consulting with your local accountant on how to best claim your overseas lottery victory.

This helps clear you off from unwanted tax penalties that you might not be aware of if it hadn’t been for an accountant and helps you keep most of the cash you just won.

Now, people vary from one another. Some love to celebrate with a bang and let the whole world know they were the ones who snatched the home run, while others choose to stay lowkey about it.

Rest assured, both are fine as your privacy is their number one priority. Oz Powerball gives you the right to decide whether you want to let the public know your identity or not, so whichever you choose, may it be the one you think is best for you and your loved ones, perhaps.

Play the Oz Powerball

The Oz Powerball offers an incredible $50 million jackpot and provides a fantastic chance to win life-changing amounts of cash. There is a guaranteed 1 million dollar prize each week, and if you win, you will be able to control what you do with your money.

If you like to gamble, this might give you better odds than some of the more professional mini-lotteries around. The Oz Powerball is fun and exciting; we highly recommend it!

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