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Buying a lottery ticket in India is a legal and popular pleasure for Indians. The All-India Play Lotteries were authorized by state governments; hence you may check winning numbers here on Chetak or visit any registered shop for more data.

It is being advised that players should not select numbers that have been drawn or won in a prior lottery draw. Initially, check your digits to see which ones are often winning in any of these lotteries. It’s a beneficial clue for deciding a greater bet.

Check the Results

Chetak Play India Lottery makes it exceedingly simple for everyone all over the world to engage in lotteries, especially if they are residing in India. Lotteries like Eurojackpot and EuroMillions are more thrilling to play because all the draws occur in India. They are not bound to India’s gambling rules, so you can experience the game regardless of where you are in the country.



Take a Look at this Winning Formula

Avoid picking any figure that has been scored triple times previously. Another approach is to replicate other participants’ bets by seeming to put actual money into an online gambling machine while really playing phony pennies. You may try this kind of approach or not. Who knows, you might get the winning results you’ve been waiting for?

Would you need to worry about the legitimacy of this Chetak lottery?

Chetak Lottery has over 6 local games. It includes Sangam, Chetak, Super, MP Deluxe, Bhagya Rekhs and Diamond.

Chetak Lottery has had consistent growth in recent years, notably with games such as Mega Millions and Powerball. These are the games that draw millions of players each week. Given its huge pool of choices, such as the Keno game, there is always a game available for all the players to play. People in today’s day and age are constantly seeking new opportunities to cover their spare time. You don’t need to worry about the lottery’s legitimacy, the great thing to be worried about is the numbers you will bet on.

Is there PC and Mobile Platforms?

As of now, there is no app of Chetak Play India Lotto available to download.

View and Check Chetak Results

The first draw result in this game usually takes place at 9:00 AM, then followed by another result after four hours at 12 noon. Also, before dinner time around 6 or 7 P.M. You’ll know if the bet numbers of yours were fortunate or otherwise.

  1. ANDER corresponds to the results of first number
  2. BAHAR corresponds to the second set of results.
  3. JODI matches the entire set of results.


There are no provided promotions with this lotto platform, yet it is true that Indian players tend to enjoy better service than foreigners because they can join local games that are not offered anywhere. Chetak Play India Lottery must not depend on participants being unable to play their games on other sites. Take note that all the related lottery results such as Chetak Result, Sangam result, Diamond Result, are updated every 15 minutes starting from 9 in the morning.

Here’s a sample table of the results of the recent draw.

1 1 67 82 79 97 9:00 AM
8 96 43 17 55 90 9:15 AM
23 14 68 56 36 72 9:30 AM
93 40 38 36 21 67 10:00 AM
29 27 75 21 81 16 10:15 AM
13 9 67 81 78 92 10:30 AM
46 0 47 78 94 5 10:45 AM
52 84 9 94 37 45 11:00 AM
19 13 59 37 6 55 11:15 AM
74 12 65 6 11 56 11:30 AM
37 55 49 11 51 16 11:45 AM
45 41 21 51 39 21 12:00 PM

Initial steps you need to be aware of to start playing Chetak

  • To play this lottery game, create a free account.
  • Next step is to enter your username and password to log in.
  • From 9:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m., you can play ANDER, BAHAR, and JODI games.
  • Every 15 minutes, the game’s result is announced.
  • ANDER, BAHAR, ticket price is Rs 11 with a win sum of Rs 100.
  • JODI ticket price is Rs 1.1, with a win sum of Rs 100.
  • The 0-9 numerals A,B,C,D,E,F are series in the ANDER and BAHAR game.
  • To play games, choose Draw time.
  • In the ANDER BAHAR A,B,C,D,E,F series, you gamble on any numbers, fill out the form, and then submit it.
  • Click Submit 00-99 Numbers in order to play JODI games, then choose your bet numbers and submit.
  • The system reveals automatically draw result after drawing time.
  • Time of matching of results
  • When your bet digits and matches with the results, you win.

The game is lawful in many places, and anybody can join by getting a lottery ticket. They may maximize their chances of winning by playing the lottery multiple times a day, seven days a week. This game is being organized by state governments to maximize revenues. People can benefit as well from lottery winnings.

chetak lottery results

Another thing to remember

Once you start playing the India lotto and win the game, the government will impose a 30% tax on the entire amount received as a prize as well as the overall sum you won, Moreover, there is a 10% charge since the state sees your entire winning as income from another source and get this fee from you.

Over All

Chetak Play India Lottery has its perks, but it also has its share of downsides like lacking an impressive website and a mobile app. Nevertheless, the distinctive variety of games, with no large brand offers is totally a bummer to some other people.

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