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EuroMillions originated from Europe and is played in European countries and later, in 2004, became a multi-national lottery. It can be enjoyed now by many other players in the world. Now you may wonder: “Can foreigners play EuroMillions online?” In short, yes, you can!

As the name suggests, you can play it online from anywhere if the platform has the services to accommodate that.

Here is what you need to know.

EuroMillions online basics

How to buy a euromillions ticket online?

Drawing times may vary based on the region or country you play in. But generally, it draws every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 (CET).

Buy EuroMillions tickets online

The typical cost per ticket is approximately Rs. 215 or €2.50, but this may vary based on the services offered.

Claimable prizes

The ultimate winning amount is at least Rs. 146 Crore or €17 million, and max out at Rs. 2000 Crore or €230 million.

How to Play Online

Here is how you can get your very own ticket in a few simple steps:

  1. Click the “Play Now” button in the Lottery Tickets tab
  2. Pick any 5 digits you want between 1 and 50 AND any 2 Lucky Stars between 1 and 12, or use our Euromillions numbers generator.
  3. If you decide to play with multiple sets of digits, you can redo step 2 as needed
  4. Choose when you would like to purchase tickets for
  5. Decide how many weeks you want to play for
  6. Add these entries to your cart
  7. Sign up for a EuroMillions online account with your online provider or sign in to your current account.
  8. Make your payment

To check how much you’ve won or to take a look at your chosen digits, simply sign back in.

play euromillions online in india

Are you legally allowed to play EuroMillions from India? Or can you play EuroMillions online from abroad?

Absolutely! EuroMillions online has a service called lottery service concierge, so don’t worry about any legal charges.

How to play EuroMillions from India?

So, there are two ways you can play the game, either through lottery betting sites or lottery concierge services.

Both of these methods require you have an online-registered account, your digit combination(s) of 5 digits, and 2 Lucky Stars, and payments for everything you added to your cart.

But here is how they differ:

Lottery betting sites that offer EuroMillions

In any lottery betting site, you may choose, like Lotto247 or Lottoland Asia, you will receive an email to confirm your bet and have to wait until the draw has occurred. Once it does, they will send you an email indicating if you won any prizes from any of the 13 prize tiers available.

All the prize amounts you won will then be safely sent to your registered online account, as simple as that.

Lottery concierge services

Unlike lottery betting sites, lottery concierge services will be buying your lotto ticket for you and have your entry’s copy saved into your registered online account. On of the biggest sites is Thelotter.

As soon as the draw takes place, any prize amounts you get will be immediately transferred to your online-registered account.

Final Thoughts

To play EuroMillions in India or abroad, all you need is an allocated budget, a registered account online, and some luck on your side.

Regardless of where you’re from, may it be from India or elsewhere outside Europe, you can play EuroMillions lotto! Just be sure to double-check if any of the above-mentioned methods are available where you reside.

Playing your favorite lottery game from abroad is all about choosing the best method that works for you that can provide you with the service for this feature, either by lottery concierge services or lottery betting sites, whichever works best for you.

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