Every Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:00 pm (EET), the Eurojackpot draws are made, and the lotto reign will crown a new winner as the king of the game.

Play EuroJackpot lottery online, as well as offline and get tickets for one of the most famous games in Europe. And the best is this: With the jackpot, you could win prizes up to €90 Million, which makes EuroJackpot lotto the mightly popular and the most played lottery in the continent.

This game is definitely more than just gambling.


Play eurojackpot lottery

The legendary story began in 2006 when a group of European countries banded together to outplay the well-known lottery game EuroMillions, which took over the continent from 2004 onwards.

It took an entire five years to establish the transnational Eurojackpot lotto in 2011 in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, where the lottery association from the Nordic country and seven others, such as Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Estonia and the Netherlands, signed a contract. The first-ever jackpot was won on May 11, 2012, and accumulated up to 19,534,864 Euros.

Who can play EuroJackpot? Nowadays, the lotto is played by citizens of 18 countries, making it a giant lottery in Europe. The list of cooperating countries includes Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Poland.

All added figures bring the statistics to around 270 million players, who participate in the weekly draws every Tuesday and Friday and enjoy gambling at its fullest.

How to play Eurojackpot online

Every Friday and Tuesday at 9 pm (EET), Lotto Eurojackpot draws are made in Helsinki and can be seen Saturdays and Wednesdays mornings in India. Some online retailers or lotto sites offer a live tracker of the proceedings on their website. But you can also watch a recording of the event straight afterward on YouTube and similar pages.

Eurojackpot Rules

  • The minimum age of participating in the EuroJackpot lotto game is set at 18 years. Nonetheless, this also depends on your country’s policies. People from Portugal, for example, must be 21 and above, while residents in the UK are allowed to play as soon as they reach the age of 16 years.
  • Purchases close 90 minutes before a draw is made. Ticket prices vary between 2 and 5 Euros depending on whether you play EuroJackpot online or get them from a retail shop.
  • Choose five numbers between 1 – 50 and 2 additional digits between the range 1 – 10. You can either select them by yourself or get them randomly generated for you with a QuickPick. It is also possible to use the same number twice, as the numbers are picked out of two different drums.
  • You win the jackpot if you match the seven drawn numbers ( 5 main numbers + 2 bonus numbers). The EuroJackpot starts at €10 million and can reach the top high of €90 million through multiple rollovers.
  • If the rollover reaches the €90 million cap, the jackpot steps down to the following 11 lower price tiers, which, in this case, is a match of 5 + 1, then 5, followed by 4 +2 and so on. So even if you don’t chime with all the drawn numbers at first, there’s still a chance of winning big Eurojackpot prizes with even stronger possibilities.
  • The jackpot prize will be shared equally if there are multiple matches from different persons.

Live Draw



There are various lottery sites you can visit that sell tickets for EuroJackpot lotto online. The most popular ones are Lottoland and TheLotter, also known as Lottosmile in India.

Play the Eurojackpot lottery from India by the following steps:

  • Choose the number of lotto slips you need and also select the numbers you want to play with
  • For online sites like Multilotto, Lotto 247, or PlayHugeLotters, you need to create an account on their website and provide your email address. This way, they can contact you in case of winnings.
  • You can pay for your EuroJackpot ticket via credit card.
  • Wait until the next draw is made. You can watch the results online or use the checker on our website and on the EuroJackpot lotto official website.
  • If you were the lucky one and won a prize, you will get a notification through the website you signed up for. You should also check your inbox, as many online retailers will send you information regarding your winnings through email.

Where to buy tickets

People from India have two options when it comes to playing the Eurojackpot lotto:

Visit the countries EuroJackpot is played in

Buy eurojackpot tickets onlineIn Europe, 18 countries participate in the EuroJackpot lotto today. This means you are presented with 18 possible places where you can play the famous European game. Almost every lottery retail store in these countries is authorized to sell EuroJackpot tickets. Therefore, it is effortless for Indian people to participate along with other lotto enthusiasts. All you need to do is find the closest retail shop and ask for a EuroJackpot ticket, which you fill out and give back to the shop assistant. The retailer will manage the rest for you.

However, it can be quite an itinerary for people from India to travel just to get a chance to engage in only one game of EuroJackpot lotto. Therefore the second option listed beneath might be more suitable for you:

Bet on online sites

This option is especially suited for people who tend to lose their belongings very quickly. Instead of constantly taking care of your tickets, you can be assured about your information and papers’ safety. Online sites like Lottoland, LottoGo, and Wintrillions are just a few that engage in the Eurojackpot lotto and can be websites to start with. Just sign up on one of those (you can even create accounts on different sites) and buy EuroJackpot tickets online. Via your account, you will receive information and revelatory guidelines for a secure and prosperous match.

How to play eurojackpot online

Odds and Prices

If you play EuroJackpot lotto, the odds for winning the big jackpot are 1: 95,344,200. Compared to other sweepstakes, these are pretty high possibilities for becoming a millionaire by solely investing pocket money.

For example, EuroMillions only gives you a 0,00000072% chance of scoring the jackpot, while outlooks at SuperEnalotto can even go down to 0,00000016%.

Even though the prices are higher when playing these two, it is recommended to play the EuroJackpot lotto when it comes to winning frequent instead of high once in a while.

Below you can find the odds, prices, and percentage of the prize fund of lotto EuroJackpot:

Balls Matched Odds to win Percentage of Prize Fund
5 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 95,344,200 (0.000001 %) 36%
5 main + 1 Euronumber 1 in 5,959,013 (0.000017%) 8.50%
5 main 1 in 3,405,150 (0.000029%) 3%
4 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 423.752 (0.0038%) 1%
4 main + 1 Euronumber 1 in 26,485 (0.0066%) 0.90%
4 main 1 in 15.134 (0.01%) 0.70%
3 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 9,631 (0.149%) 0.60%
2 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 672 (0.167%) 3.10%
3 main + 1 Euronumber 1 in 602 (0.29%) 3%
3 main 1 in 344 (0.29%) 4.30%
1 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 128 (0.78%) 7.80%
2 main + 1 Euronumber 1 in 42 (2.38%) 19.10%

How to receive winnings from India

If you have bought an actual paper ticket offline, you can claim your winnings at the store where you purchased your EuroJackpot lotto ticket.

eurojackpot info

Depending on the amount of money you won, it can take a while until your money arrives. You also need to bring your ticket with you, as this is the requested proof to show if asked for it. In general, you have between 30 days and three years to claim the money. Yet, we recommend asking your local lotteries to confirm the deadline of this request.

If you play online, the EuroJackpot lotto association will pay out the prize money to you via the website of the online retailer you signed up with. Let’s say you played with TheLotter or Lottoland: your winnings will be transferred to your account on these sites. They will notify and inform you about the proceedings regarding the bank transfer. The good thing: no money is withheld when transferring from online lotteries. You will receive the total amount of money.

You should also take the tax situation in your country into consideration. If your homeland doesn’t tax on lottery winnings at all, then there is no point in deciding to receive your money as an annuity payment. You should instead go with the Lump Sum option and take the money in one go.


People from India don’t have to pay taxes when playing EuroJackpot lotto online.

However, if you purchased a ticket in one of the official lotto member states, you might have to pay a certain amount of your money. It depends on which of the participating countries you played from.

Czech Republic, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Denmark, Slovakia, Germany, and Estonia do not tax EuroJackpot prizes at all.

The table below provides the different tax schemes for those places that will deduct money from your winnings:

Country Tax on Winnings
Croatian 10 -30% depending on winnings
Hungary listed as personal income tax
ltaly 6% tax on prizes greater than 500 euros
The Netherlands 29% tax on prizes greater than 449 euros
Slovenia 15% tax on prizes greater than 300 euros
Spain 20% tax on prizes greater than 2,500 euros

Even if you do not pay taxes to foreign countries, your own may still charge you for it. You should contact your local lottery organization before EuroJackpot lotto and inform yourself about any deductions upon your winnings’ arrival.

Difference between Eurojackpot and Euromillions

When it comes to playing European lotto online, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions are the major champions in the game. And although they are very similar to each other, they also have many differences to be aware of. This evaluation will help you to choose the most suitable for you:

  1. Ticket Prizes: While tickets for EuroMillions cost 2,50 Euros, EuroJackpot papers only cost 2 Euros
  2. Revenue: EuroMillions offers higher jackpots, but the odds of winning any prize at all are better in EuroJackpot.
  3. Amount of matches needed: Both of them require 5+2 matches to win the jackpot.
  4. Availability: EuroJackpot lotto is offered in 18 European countries. EuroMillions tickets are only available in 9 of them.
  5. Jackpot Cap: The EuroMillions jackpot can go up to €210 million, while the EuroJackpot top prize is stopped as soon as it reaches €90 million


Of course, you can become a millionaire by just working long nights and early mornings, unreal hours every day.

But why not rather work smart instead of hard and become a millionaire overnight? If this sounds delightful and charming to you, then this is the right place.

With lotto online, you can expect significant numbers of games and winnings that exceed any limits you’ve ever tried to imagine.

Get your tickets now and play EuroJackpot lotto online.

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    1 year ago

    I recently heard my friends speak so highly of the EuroJackpot lottery, but I had very sparse knowledge about it. However, after many internet searches, I finally found this article. Honestly, the first place I got the full EuroJackpot info was on Lottothrill. Anyway, thanks to the updates on the dates and times of the drawings, I took part in the last one. Luckily for me, I got a prize! I’m so grateful.

    1 year ago

    I kid you not when I say this, but this is by far one of the best pieces I’ve ever read this year!! Whoever wrote this knew exactly what they were doing and did a fantastic job entailing everything you needed to know about the Eurojackpot official site.
    It covered the needed-to-knows, such as learning extensivevely about the rules of the game that apply so you would have a better shot at winning in India! Many thanks!

    1 year ago

    Thanks to this article, the Eurojackpot lottery grabbed my attention. The fact that impressed me the most is we do not have to pay taxes if we win it. Before reading this article, it was a piece of vague information. I did not know it for sure. Every article that I read about Eurojackpot did not make any specific mention of that. So, I was at a loss. That was until I read this. This had detailed and specific information about everything. I had no doubts afterwards.

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