Eurojackpot Lottery is a transnational lottery game played by millions of Europeans and around the world. It can be played both online as well as through physical retail stores. Players can win up to 90 million euros in the jackpot It also provides fairly decent odds to win the jackpot as compared to similar lotto games for European countries such as SuperEnalotto or EuroMillions. It is formed by European countries who devised the rules and managed the funds available for play.

Eurojackpot lottery started in 2006 as a discussion of other European countries to compete with the popular EuroMillions game The formation of the rules for Euromillions lottery was. however, formulated 5 years later, in 2011. in the city of Amsterdam. The first ticket for Eurojackpot lottery was sold last March 17, 2012 with the first draw occurring one week later. Meanwhile, the first jackpot prize was on May 11, 2012 where 1 winner won 19,534.864 euros.

The following were the participating countries for Eurojackpot as well as the year that they joined:

  •  Denmark (joined 2011)
  • Estonia (joined 2011)
  • Finland (joined 2011)
  • Germany (joined 2011)
  • Italy (joined 2011)
  • Netherlands (joined 2011)
  • Slovenia (joined 2011)
  • Spain (joined 2012)
  • Croatia (joined 2012)
  • Iceland (joined 2012)
  • Latvia (joined 2012)
  • Lithuania (joined 2012)
  • Norway (joined 2012)
  • Sweden (joined 2012)
  • Czech Republic (joined 2014)
  • Hungary (joined 2014)
  • Poland (joined 2017)
  • Slovakia (joined 2017)

Before October 10, 2014, the odds of winning the jackpot was 1:59,325,280. Rules for the Eurojackpot lottery were revised, making the odds of winning 1:95,344,200. Eurojackpot lottery also provides a guaranteed min jackpot of 10 million euros, while those who won the second prize can win anywhere from 250,000 to one million euros. On the other hand, those who match for the lowest level prize will get at least 5 euros per winning ticket.

It is also interesting to note that, up until 5 years ago, Eurojackpot lottery also had a rolldown clause where in if the jackpot prize was not won after 13 consecutive draw, then the jackpot prize would be given to those who have won the second highest prize, namely the 5 + 1 match. This, however, was changes as many players wanted the higher jackpot prize more.

The Difference between EuroJackpot and EuroMillions

There has been a lot of comparison between Eurojackpot lottery and the older Euromillions lottery. However, there are a lot of differences between the two and that is excluding the number combinations at play – despite their many similarities. First and foremost. Eurojackpot lottery tends to pay out more frequently, as their odds are higher as compared to the 1:139,838,160 odds of winning the jackpot at Euromillions.

Eurojackpot lottery is accessible to more people, with 300 million potential players, while Euromillions can only account for about two-thirds of that. Of course, this doesn’t fully account for the number of total people who play online Eurojackpot lottery ticket is also cheaper than EuroMillions as it costs 2 euros to buy ticket, but can be more expensive if you play online. As a comparon, a Euromillions ticket is worth 2,50 euros per line, but additional payments for add-ons are also available. In addition. Eurojackpot lottery is only drawn once a week while EuroMillions has a schedule of two draw in a week, specifically on Tuesdays and Fridays. Currently, Spain is the only country that participates in both Eurojackpot and Euromillions lotteries.

Perhaps the most important difference between Eurojackpot lottery and EuroMillions is the jackpot prize cap. Eurojackpot lottery has a 90 million euro jackpot cap, which means that jackpot prizes will roll until it reaches that amount. On the other hand, EuroMillions has a 190 million euro jackpot cap and is distributed to the next level winners should the jackpot not be claimed after five consecutive draws. This means that, while Eurojackpot lottery provides you with higher chances of winning the jackpot, the maximum that the prize can roll up is smaller than that of its counterpart.

How to Play Eurojackpot Lottery

Eurojackpot lottery draws are made every Friday night at 9:00 pm in Helsinki. Finland. Some countries host live coverages of the draw, but videos are also available online immediately after the draw, like Youtube or from the countries’ respective lotto websites. Sales of tickets close 90 minutes before a draw and would resume shortly after the draw has been concluded Thus, players should make sure that the tickets that they are buying are for the right draw date.

How to play Eurojackpot lottery? It’s very simple and are easy to follow Players must choose five numbers between 1 to 50 (the main numbers) and 2 numbers (the Euronumbers) between 1 to 10. These numbers should not repeat for each set and can be in any order. If these numbers were selected during the draw, then you win the jackpot prize However, there are also a total of 11 other prize tiers so you would have other chances to win, albeit for a much lower prize amount.

It is also important to note that, in the case that multiple ticket holders got the same winning combination, then the jackpot prize will be shared equally among all the winners. For those who play online, some sites guarantee full winnings regardless of how many have the same winning numbers.

Generally, only those 18 years of age or above are allowed to enter the Eurojackpot lottery. However, this can either be higher or lower depending on where you are playing from. For example, those playing the lottery from Portugal must be 21 and above, while those playing from the UK can already purchase their tickets at 16 years of age. Should you be found to be underage, you cannot claim a prize even if you have won.

Where to buy ticket?

You can now purchase the corresponding Lottery ticket online from different relevant sites. The most popular and trustful are TheLotter and Lottoland. Also, you will perceive that to play online is rapid and suitable.

Ticket prices can either be 2 or 3 euros depending on whether you are buying a ticket from a retailer or if you are playing online. For online players such as those betting from sites like Multilotto, LottoLand, or PlayHugeLotters. you would have to register and create an account before you can start to play. This must also be funded so that you can start betting. The latter method allows also players not from the participating countries to play Eurojackpot lottery. Some also find playing online to be more convenient as there are no physical tickets to take care of, and there is also a facility that will automatically email you should your ticket win anything.

EuroJackpot Odds and Prizes

The below table gives all possible prize tiers, the odds of winning, and the percentage of the prize fund.

Balls Matched Odds to win Percentage of Prize Fund
5 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 95,344,200 (0.000001 %) 36%
5 main + 1 Euronumber 1 in 5,959,013 (0.000017%) 8.50%
5 main 1 in 3,405,150 (0.000029%) 3%
4 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 423.752 (0.0038%) 1%
4 main + 1 Euronumber 1 in 26,485 (0.0066%) 0.90%
4 main 1 in 15.134 (0.01%) 0.70%
3 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 9,631 (0.149%) 0.60%
2 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 672 (0.167%) 3.10%
3 main + 1 Euronumber 1 in 602 (0.29%) 3%
3 main 1 in 344 (0.29%) 4.30%
1 main + 2 Euronumbers 1 in 128 (0.78%) 7.80%
2 main + 1 Euronumber 1 in 42 (2.38%) 19.10%

As can be seen from the chart above, the odds of winning a jackpot prize from EuroJackpot lottery are much higher when compared to its counterparts. For example. EuroMillions only gives you a 0 00000072% chance of winning the jackpot prize, while with SuperEnalotto it is even lower at 0.000000161 %. Of course, it could be argued that payouts are much larger for the other two lotteries, but it really depends on whether you want bigger wins or more frequent ones.

How to Receive Winnings at Eurojackpot Lottery

Depending on how much you have won, players can claim their Eurojackpot lottery prizes in the following locations:

  1. At the store where they bought the Eurojackpot lottery ticket
  2. Any authorized Eurojackpot lottery retail store
  3. From the bank or Eurojackpot lottery lotto office of the country where you have bought the ticket.

Rules depend on where you have bought your ticket As such, it would be wise to check out the Eurojackpot lottery site for more information should you win a prize for a hassle free claiming process. There, you will find everything that you need on how to claim your Eurojackpot lottery prize depending on where you are and how much you have won.

For those who played Eurojackpot lottery online via sites like TheLotter, Lottoland. or PlayHugeLottos. the prize may be credited directly to your account or via bank transfer. Some, however, may also require you to contact the locality’s lotto center in order to claim your winnings.

Take note that, in some cases, a valid ID must be presented before their prizes can be claimed. Your undamaged and untampered ticket must also be presented in order to claim the prize, which can take up to two weeks to process depending on the amount involved as these ay be brought to another country for closer inspection. Also, depending on the country, winning ticket holders have anywhere between 30 days to 3 years to claim their prize. The Eurojackpot lottery website also contains useful information about this.

Taxes on EuroJackpot Winnings

The other countries will have different tax schemes for prizes won via Eurojackpot lottery. The table below provides information on these.

Country Tax on Winnings
Croatian 10 -30% depending on winnings
Hungary listed as personal income tax
ltaly 6% tax on prizes greater than 500 euros
The Netherlands 29% tax on prizes greater than 449 euros
Slovenia 15% tax on prizes greater than 300 euros
Spain 20% tax on prizes greater than 2,500 euros

Taxes are already taken out before Eurojackpot lottery prizes are given to the winners. Thus, you would no longer have to worry about paying or evading taxes For foreigners who have bought Eurojackpot lottery tickets and won, their native countries may also tax their winnings upon arrival.

Playing Tips:

It is simple to play EuroJackpot; but, there are certain helpful tips to consider while you get a ticket.  They are as below:

  • Play online
  • Keep your tickets safe
  • Don’t leave it too late
  • Don’t delay claiming prizes
  • Check your numbers carefully

Winners Stories

Listed below are some interesting facts about those who have won at Eurojackpot lottery.

  1. The maximum 90 million euro Eurojackpot lottery jackpot prize has been won a total of six times.
  2. Of the six times that the maximum jackpot prize has been won. three of them were by a single winner -□Three of the six maximum jackpot prize winnings were won in 2018.
  3. The luckiest year for Eurojackpot lottery was 2017 when 11 jackpot prizes were given away.
  4. The lowest jackpot prize claim was 9.6 million euros which was the share of each of the two winners that were able to get the winning combination.
  5. Since its inception, a total of over 5.3 billion euros have been won in Eurojackpot lottery.
  6. Germany is the winningest country for Eurojackpot lottery, with almost 1.3 billion euros won. Conversely, Latvia is the unluckiest participating country with total winnings in Eurojackpot lottery of less than 800,000 euros.
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