The EuroJackpot is recognized as the fastest growing lottery of Europe. It was formerly launched as a competitor to EuroMillions. This Lottery is extremely successful in Europe as well as in Scandanavia. It is found that on every Friday, it provides jackpots as high as €90 million. The lottery rules are simple to follow and easy to understand.

Grab the chance to win European gold with EuroJackpot lottery

The EuroJackpot based lottery was intended to give players across Europe to grab a good prospect of striking this jackpot. It is known that the chances of getting win in this European Lottery are 1 in 117 million. This goes beyond the chances of winning the EuroJackpot lottery and i.e., 1 in 95 million.

How to Play Eurojackpot?

The process to play this lottery is simple and straightforward. Its strategy is such that a player must choose five major numbers out of 1 till 50, after that, he/she should choose two more numbers, starting 1 till 10. These Euro based numbers are taken out of a varied collection consisting balls towards major numbers. This makes it true for identical number getting displayed, in form as a major number and also Euro based number into the identical result.

Ticket price is affordable and player could choose their numbers on their own. Otherwise, they can utilize Quick Pick named alternative while purchasing them. This is done to arbitrarily produce collection of numbers. In form of an alternative, player can also utilize number based generator in random fashion to begin play time. This need done prior to buying ticket, in order to get a collection of desired numbers.

In total, actually twelve prize based tiers are obtainable inside EuroJackpot, as offer. Anybody equating with the five major numbers including other two numbers of Euro based within the draw is likely to attain jackpot’s contribution. This commences from €10 million. In case when no player matches every number within a draw, it is certain that the jackpot rolls off to the next draw, till it attains its limit of €90 million. You also need to consider the closing time.

Where to buy ticket?

You can now purchase the corresponding Lottery ticket online from different relevant sites. The most popular and trustful are TheLotter and Lottoland. Also, you will perceive that to play online is rapid and suitable.

How to receive winnings?

With purpose to receive winnings, follow the below points:

  • Play this Lottery in a group-

Likelihood of getting win in EuroJackpot is identical for every available ticket but assured approach to avail great wins is to purchase more such ticket.

  • Systematic Entries-

Systematic entry facilitates player tick over five major numbers including the two numbers of Euro based right over the playing card. This creates more combinations while raising likelihood of getting a prize.

  • Keep an eye on Jackpot Total-

Likelihood of equating five major along with the two numbers of Euro based is actually 1 from 95,344,200. This remains same irrespective of jackpot worth being €10 million or €90 million. When the jackpot attains its limit, additional funds gets roll off to the subsequent winning prize level. It serves as the perfect prospect to win a big prize.

Playing Tips:

It is simple to play EuroJackpot; but, there are certain helpful tips to consider while you get a ticket.  They are as below:

  • Play online
  • Keep your tickets safe
  • Don’t leave it too late
  • Don’t delay claiming prizes
  • Check your numbers carefully
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