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TheLotter was created in February 2002 and since then it has been improved and supplemented many times. Its representative offices are available in 20 countries, so if you want to buy a lottery ticket it is possible anywhere in the world, which increases the degree of customer confidence. Is Thelotter a scam? For the years of its existence thousands of people became millionaires with the help of TheLotter.

Buying a ticket here, you do not have to pay additional commissions, because all costs are already included. True, the cost of a lottery ticket is higher here than in other organizations, so in fact, the only advantage is that you buy Lottoland ticket immediately see the final purchase amount, without hidden commissions. Winning a prize, you can get it both independently or ordering the service “receiving a prize from a representative”, which significantly reduces transportation costs. But in this case, you should know that a certain percentage will have to be given to the organizers. However, it is worth noting that in the case of winning, the choice of the method for obtaining money is always for the gambler.

Play Lotteries at TheLotter

The largest international lotteries presented at TheLotter are:

  • Lotto (United Kingdom),
  • Thunderball (United Kingdom),
  • EuroMillions,
  • EuroJackpot,
  • SuperEnalotto (Italy),
  • Mega Millions (USA),
  • Powerball,
  • SuperLotto Plus (California, USA),
  • Lotto (Colorado, United States),
  • Lotto (New York, USA),
  • Lotto 6/49 (Canada),
  • Lotto (Austria),
  • Viking Lotto and others.

Other Lotteries available at TheLotter:

  • Australia Powerball
  • Austria Lotto Wednesdays
  • Australia Powerball
  • Brazil Quina
  • Hungary Otoslotto
  • Hungary Hatoslotto
  • Germany Lotto
  • Greece Lotto
  • Greece Joker
  • Ireland Lotto
  • Spain BonoLoto
  • Spain El Gordo
  • Italy SuperEnalotto
  • Italy SeVincheTutto
  • Italy SuperStar
  • Canada Lotto649
  • New Zealand Powerball
  • New York Lotto
  • New York SweetMillion
  • Ontario 49
  • Oregon Megabucks
  • Russia Gosloto
  • Romania Lotto
  • Switzerland Lotto
  • Ukraine – Super Lotto
  • Ukraine – Megalot

How the company works works on a traditional lottery business model like Playhugelottos. Whether The Lotter is legit? The website has agreements with distributors of official bulletin around the world. This means that tickets are honestly bought and won money is paid. Consider what happens inside TheLotter, after the buyer has ordered tickets.

  1. The player enters Thelotter login chooses a lottery and pays for the purchase
  2. The order is processed and entered into the program, that is installed at the computer of the lottery distributor. The distributor is, as a rule, the owner of a shop in America or Spain, who additionally trades in lottery tickets.
  3. The distributor as at Lottoagent enters the digits that the customer has selected into his lottery terminal and receives an official paper ticket.
  4. Then he scans this ticket and the program automatically sends it to the TheLotter server. From there, the ticket scan enters the users’ personal area of the site. Unlike making bets at Lottoland, the customer can see a real ticket.
  5. Syndicates work on the same principle. The distributor prints and scans 200-300 lines at a time. Then, customers see in their personal account all copies of draw tickets they play.
  6. After the draw and announcement of Thelotter lottery results, the distributor cashes all the winnings, except for the jackpot. Then makes a bank transfer to TheLotter. And the service itself accrues prize money to customers’ accounts. The commission is not charged.
  7. In case of getting the jackpot, the Thelotter winners are invited to the country holding the lottery. The road is paid by TheLotter (this is a huge plus) and helps to get a win.

The company has Thelotter app, installing which every player can take part in a lottery wherever he is.

How to withdraw money from TheLotter

The staff of the site does not charge any additional commissions with the clients’ winnings. There are certain lotteries, with the wins of which even a local tax is not charged. If you win, the winning money is automatically transferred to your personal account like at Wintrillions. However, this rule does not apply to the payouts of the first category (jackpot) prizes: in this case you need to personally come to the lottery office, and TheLotter Enterprises will take care of all organizational issues.


Did not you like anything in the service of Thelotter or did you change your mind about taking part in the lottery? In this case, you can contact support, and your funds will be fully refunded to you.

User Interface / Languages

TheLotter group supports a user interface in 12 different languages, including: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian and Swedish- more than at other sites like LottoAgent. Switching the language to that is the most convenient for you is quite simple – you just need to click on the corresponding flag in the upper right corner of the screen.

Briefly about TheLotter. Compared to other sites, Lot Lotter has the following advantages:

  • Very user-friendly interface. Intuitive navigation.
  • Scan of your ticket. You can see it in your account before the start of the draw. This gives confidence.
  • A huge selection of Lotto games from around the world (47).
  • Withdrawing money to your credit card without additional fee !!!
  • VIP Club Bonus Program with discounts from 2.5% to 20% depending on the money spent for the last three months.
  • Permanent special offers for different lotteries.
  • Discounts from 15 to 25% when buying from 5 to 52 draws of one lottery at once.
  • 10% discount for subscription to one-time participation on the lottery.
  • There is a possibility to play in the system 8,9,10,11 numbers.
  • There is an application for iPhone and Android with Thelotter results. 
  • Recently syndicates appeared.

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