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We’ve all heard of the EuroMillions lottery but if you’re thinking about challenging your luck and taking part in the game you need to be well-prepared. We’ll cover all the key strategies and EuroMillion combinations that will definitely strike up your chances of success. Winning the EuroMillions Lottery is much easier if you know the rules, winning chances, and math behind the game.

Now let’s dive deeper into the details of the lottery.


How Does EuroMillions Work?

EuroMillions is the very first classical international lottery which is live-streamed in 9 European countries: Spain,  Austria, France, UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Belgium.

The EuroMillions lottery drawing process is held each Tuesday and Friday. The lotto tickets are valid for about 90 days depending on the country.

Who Can Participate in the EuroMillions Lottery

The participant countries can play the game online or get a lottery ticket through an Authorized Retailer.

Residents of non-participant countries are free to take part in the lottery online with the help of lottery ticket management services. The terms and rules of the lottery stay the same for everyone.

The age minimum requirement is 18, except for the UK where it’s 16.

EuroMillions Game Rules

The rules of the game are simple. In a Single Player, you need to pick 5 numbers from a range of 1-50 and 2 which are called Lucky Stars from a range of 1-12. In a Multiple Play, you can choose between 6-10 digits in a range of 1-50 and 2-5 Lucky Stars in a range of 1-12.

Odds of Winning the EuroMillions Lottery

The process of drawing lottery numbers is totally random which creates an overwhelming abundance of possible winning combinations. We’ll never know the definite set beforehand but by analyzing the experience and calculating the probabilities for different sets, the chances of winning the EuroMillions game moderately rise.

Mathematically the probability of all the possible sets is equal but in reality, we can analyze different patterns and pick the most optimal EuroMillions combinations.

From the perspective of probability theory, there are over 2.1million possible combinations you can choose for the 5 main lotto numbers.

If we count in the Lucky Stars and look at the Jackpot probability calculations we’ll see that the chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 139.8 million.

how to win euromillions jackpot

Thus, according to the probability theory, the secret to winning EuroMillion Lottery is nonexistent as all the sets have equal probabilities. So we have to narrow down the number pool and follow some kind of strategy. By now you shouldn’t be wondering how to win the EuroMillions guaranteed, as there are no promises and guarantees in this game.

EuroMillions Lottery Prizes

The average prizes of the EuroMillions Lottery range between €5-€210 million depending on how many winning numbers you have.

Let’s quickly go through the winning matches:

  • 2+0: it’s the minimum winning set (2main ones and 0 Lucky Stars). The chances of getting 2+0 are 1 in 22 so it’s rather realistic but the prize is about €5.
  • 2+1: the chances are 1 in 49 and the average prize is €7.
  • 1+2: possibility of this set is 1 in 188 and the prize can go up to €16
  • 3+0: the chances are 1 in 314. The average money you’ll get is €18.
  • 3+1: the possibility of getting it is 1 in 706. And the prize goes up to €20.
  • 2+2: the probability of the combination is 1 in 985 with the highest win of €31.
  • 4+0: chances are 1 in 13,000 and the prize amounts to €91.
  • 3+2: the probability of getting this set is 1 in 14,000. The highest prize is €179.
  • 4+1: chances are 1 in 31,000 with the highest prize of €266.
  • 4+2: the probability of the set is 1 in 600,000 and the average prize goes up to €3,000.
  • 5+0: the chances are 1 in 3million and the mean prize is €56,000.
  • 5+1: jackpot is rare, the probability is 1 in almost 7million. The highest jackpot prize ever won was €5.7million.
  • 5+2: the total jackpot is even rarer. The highest total jackpot amounted to €210million but the chances are 1 in 139.8million.

Strategies to Win EuroMillions Lotto Game

You might be wondering what’s the point in having a strategy if the drawing process is random and the probability for all the sets is the same. But there is a slight advantage in following a strategy when you have no clue how to pick numbers for EuroMillions and most importantly how to choose EuroMillions winning combinations.

Mix Odd and Even Lotto Numbers

One of the most common strategies is picking numbers with a somewhat equal ratio of odd and even numbers. According to the probability theory, choosing only odd/even numbers and their mix should have the same chances but now let’s see how statistics can help.

Choosing only odd/even numbers has been a success only 3% of the time in the past. 68% of the winning sets had ⅖ odd and ⅗ even numbers or the other way around (⅗ odd and ⅖ even numbers).

Mix High and Low Lotto Numbers

The same logic applies to the second strategy. Low numbers (1-25) and high numbers (26-50) should have an equal share to set the best EuroMillions numbers. Statistically the same goes here, 68% of the winning sets are mixes of high and low numbers with ⅖ and ⅗ ratios.

Exclude One Lottery Number Group

There are 5 number groups (1-9; 10-19; 20-29; 30-39; 40-50). It’s better if you don’t just choose one from each but decide which group to omit and then pick from the remaining groups. It’s easier to look at the previous winning sets to see which group numbers were missing most of the time.

euromillions best numbers to choose

Choose Numbers with a Recently Rare Games out Value

This strategy may seem too obvious but mostly, people don’t even think about it when picking numbers. Take a look at some of the most recent lottery games and see the frequency and the duration between occurrences of each number. You’ll catch some kind of pattern that will help you decide which are the best numbers to pick for EuroMillions.

Keep your Digits Balanced

Once you pick the lucky numbers and write them down, sum them up and see if the sum falls between 95-160. Statistically, 70% of wins are in this particular range.

Consider choosing One Number from the Last Winning set

It’s not much expected to repeat the same figures from the last drawing but statistics based on the history of winning sets show otherwise. Averagely, 47% of the time one of the numbers is repeated from the previous drawing.

Choose Hot Numbers That Have Low Games out of Value

Statistically, the numbers that haven’t been drawn for about 6 games make up half of the new winning figures. On average, losing numbers that were out of the game for roughly 12 plays come up in the next drawing 3/4 of the time. Following this logic, we see that hot numbers (numbers that were out for less than 5-6 games) are the safest to choose.

Don’t Include a Cold (Longshot) Number

It might be hard to follow the hot numbers but choosing the right timing for cold numbers is even harder. If a figure has been out for over 70 drawings you can consider choosing it but it’s not recommended to go after cold numbers as you can’t tell how long it will take to hit again.

How to Get Lucky in Lotto

Pay Attention to the Luck of Others. When you’re playing EuroMillions Lottery along with other people make sure they’re positive about their luck and truly believe they will win. If someone considers themselves to be an unlucky person, they’re not the one for you to collaborate with.

Positive Attitude Is Everything. The most important part of playing a lotto game is to always keep a positive attitude and play to win money. Never take it too seriously as you’ll end up frustrated and furious most of the time. Be optimistic when playing the EuroMillions Lottery as positive energy is more likely to attract success than a negative one. Just have fun!

Numbers Players Should Avoid

euromillions combinationsAs we know all the EuroMillions combinations have the same probability of winning but when probability theory is confusing, we turn to statistics and make predictions based on both factors together.

These are some of the numbers you should try to avoid for a higher chance of winning the EuroMillions:

  • Exact number combinations that have been drawn in previous games: the probability of drawing the same exact numbers is extremely close to 0.
  • Five consecutive numbers: the maximum consecutive numbers that are not that risky to try is 3 but even that is slightly more impossible than other combinations. So don’t go for 4-5 consecutive numbers.
  • One number group: never pick numbers only from one group (for example all 30s). Balance the groups and pick figures from 2 or more groups.
  • The combination 1-2-3-4-5: this set is not only consecutive but it’s in the same group making it twice as risky. For some reason, it’s one of the most frequently bought sets from the EuroMillions combinations.
  • Memorable dates and life events: the absolute majority of lottery players choose figures based on someone’s birth date, anniversaries, and other meaningful events. What people forget is that this method lets you pick numbers from limited groups (1-9; 10-19; 20 to 31) as 32-50 are not calendar numbers. So you limit your chances by narrowing down the groups.
  • Following patterns: it’s surprising how popular it is to choose figures on the ticket that make a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line. It’s mostly random but too many people do it and you’ll have to share the prize.
  • Choosing number multiples: don’t try to pick numbers with some mathematical ordering as it’s riskier and much more unrealistic than choosing random numbers. (example: 8; 16; 24; 32; 40)
  • Same last digits: the same logic goes here. Don’t try to connect the numbers in any way. (example: 5; 15; 25; 35; 45)

It doesn’t mean that the combinations listed above will never be drawn, but they are risky and comparably less likely to hit.

Mental Attitude

When playing a lottery game you should pay especially close attention to your mental attitude. Other than keeping a positive mindset there are 2 of the most important factors to consider.

  1. Be responsible with the prize: when buying a ticket a player usually believes that they’ll win. Be mentally ready for the money and don’t get too overwhelmed as you might waste all of it in a second. A sudden feeling of power often makes people spend money without thinking. Be responsible and manage your winnings.
  2. Prevent addiction: try to think of the lottery as entertainment so it doesn’t grow into desperation and become addicted to it. It’s devastating not only financially but also mentally. Have a plan with a limit of purchasing the lottery tickets not to lose control.

How to Claim the Prize?

Winners of most participant countries are paid in Euros. Switzerland uses Swizz Francs currency and the UK uses pounds.

The winners have about 1-3 months to claim their prize, depending on the country of their residence.

How you get paid depends on the amount of money you won and where you live. Mostly you’ll have to visit an authorized lottery retailer with your ticket or call a lottery hotline.

You get transferred the money easily if you play online and it goes the same for non-participant countries.

Indian players need the following documents ready to claim the prize: a copy of the ticket from both sides; 2 passport size pictures, a copy of the PAN card, copy of ID.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know some of the best strategies to win EuroMillions, you can confidently start choosing the combination that fits you best.

Remember to be positive, responsible, and have fun, don’t stress about losing, it’s just a game.

Good luck!

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