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The company Lottoland was established in 2013 in Gibraltar and was famous for its unique offer to bet on the results of more than three dozen world lotteries in addition to traditional lottery and entertainment gambling. It works under the licenses of Gibraltar, Great Britain, Ireland and Australia. At the moment, the company staff is more than 350 employees, and the annual turnover exceeds 300 million Euros.

US Lottoland is a major lottery agent where you cannot buy lottery ticket at Lottoland, but it offers bets on world famous lotteries: EuroMillions, German Lotto, MegaMillions, Powerball, El Gordo, Superenalotto, UK Lotto as well as Euromillions raffle. Each of the presented lotteries has very large Jackpots, and acceptable conditions for participation. The home page of Lottoland immediately gives an opportunity to get acquainted with all of them, play international lottery and the chances of winning. For the convenience of its customers, Powerball Lottoland publishes the latest drawing data so that it is not necessary to search for each lottery at official websites. Lottoland has earned an impeccable reputation among players due to its accurate and timely Powerball payout of won money by lottery tickets.

The main advantages of the website include:

  1. the opportunity to bet lottery online on both a single ticket and with a large number of lines, thereby increasing the chances of winning a large amount of money;
  2. the function of automatic number generation is available;
  3. there is a system of protection and insurance of winnings.

Unlike lottery mediators, such as Lotto Agent, Lottoland is safe to use operates on the principle of a casino where you make bets, but there is no actual purchase of tickets. The company subsequently pays absolutely all the winning money, only does it without participation in foreign lotteries, in which the bet has been made.
The website works in English, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech, Slovak and Polish.

  • Lottoland concern for its customers is manifested in limiting the cost of buying tickets. If you set a certain amount in the settings of the Personal Account for a month, after using this limit, the payment will not be proved.
  • A special encryption system will protect my account from hacking and charlatans who want to use it for their own purposes.
  • There is an additional service “Win-o-Meter” on the site. It calculates the winning odds every game.
  • To increase your chances of winning with Lottoland, you can order additional lines (up to 18 pieces). This service is extra paid, but allows you to choose several combinations. And it’s cheaper than buying several lottery tickets separately.
  • There is an automatic number generator for all available World Lotteries.

How to play

Before you get your first prize, you need to understand- Lottoland how does it work and fulfill several conditions:

1. Pass the registration procedure. It is very simple and understandable. The minimum amount of information about you, contacts for information and confirmation from the postal address. After 5 minutes, you have login and can get access to the website at Lottoland sign in page.

2. Determine with the Lottoland lotto draw and choose a combination of numbers with the draws in which they will participate.

3. Wait for the results that are duplicated to the mail in case of your victory.

Ticket prices are cheaper than intermediaries like Playhugelottos who buy tickets. For some bets, the cost is equal to a paper ticket, also you can use Lottoland bonus code. You need to understand that you are making bets like in a casino. Game math and winnings are programmed in licensed software that has certificates from London Gambling Aware.

Lottoland is not the official site of Lottoland lottery organizers and operates on the principle of a casino. This means that no one buys the ticket, you only note a certain combination, and the prize pool is formed at the expense of players who make similar bids on the website. For the rest everything is the same as the lottery – watch the broadcast, if the winning combination has fallen out, contact the owners of the site, its administration and get your winnings.

Double Jackpot

Lottoland always offers something more interesting. These are additional features that make Lottoland special. The exclusive “Double Jackpot” offer means that Powerball jackpot at Lottoland will double your payout if you win the grand prize of the lottery. And you do not have to worry about getting a double win Lottoland is insured by the German company Emirat AG.

How to access and use the account?

When registering, you specify your nickname and password that you must use to enter it. They are the original keys to access. To use the account in Lottoland to the fullest, you need to load the account. The money available on it will allow you to make paid bets on winning a certain combination in a particular lottery. A small winning amount can also be transferred to the account. The withdrawal of money is carried out with a commission as at Wintrillions, but at the same time quickly enough. To receive a large amount of winnings, you must specify the account in the bank.

How to withdraw money from Lottoland?

If the customer of the site Lottoland wins the prize, the winner is sent a congratulatory letter by email. Also, a participant can check his ticket for the winnings himself by going to “My Tickets” section in the online account: the guessed numbers in the ticket will be specially marked with color. After the announcement of the results, according to payout rules the winnings are automatically credited to the player account, and after that the winners will be able to withdraw funds to electronic purses or to a bank account.

The site Lottoland provides an excellent opportunity to play the lottery for the customers who for one reason or another cannot visit the country of the desired game. Also this site is useful to those who do not want to leave the comfort of their home and buy tickets at a lottery stand and get Lottoland free Euromillions ticket. At Lottoland UK you can take part in such lotteries as Euromillions, Mega Millions, German Lotto and many others.

Lottoland is very easy to use. Going to the main page, you can play Lottoland, immediately find out information about actual lotteries, jackpots and winning odds. On this Internet resource there is a strong support, and every player can contact an online consultant around the clock using his customer service number and ask for help. The site does not conduct any promotional actions for users, however, there is a system of winning protection: if a lottery ticket was purchased with “protection” for an additional euro, Lottoland will pay the prize amount in full, despite the other winners.

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