Mega Millions Results

MegaMillions has spread across the world, and is played on almost every continent because the piles of rewards and vast amounts of cash you can win are enormous.

The constant Mega Millions results prove winners are made millionaires very often, for a very cheap price.

You’re here to find out the rules of the game, the ways you can play, etc. This article will cover all you need in order to reap the rewards MegaMillions results has to offer.

Brief Break-Down of MegaMillions

MegaMillions still holds the highest rank for a jackpot from a single ticket. In 2018, the MegaMillions jackpot numbers were matched, having climbed to a fainting 1.54 billion dollars, or 76 billion rupees.

Formed in ‘96, MegaMillions has thousands of winnings results and countless winners made vastly richer than they could ever dream. Starting in the states of the USA, it has now grown to include selling to dozens of outside territories around the world.

When Mega Millions Results are announced

Mega Millions tickets cost 300 rupees per entry and you can enter as many times as you desire. Numbers are generated twice a week, on Tues & Fri 23:00 EST – Wed & Sat in India.

Tax is not exempt from lottery winnings, and Megamillions results will be subject to your states tax rate deduction.

Can You Play MegaMillions From Any State In India?

Luckily, the MegaMillions lottery is played online, making it legal to play anywhere in India. Having the lottery run from the USA and Indian citizens only participating, the laws don’t conflict with any in India, and it is legal and well practiced.

One can also travel to the USA and as a tourist, play and buy your tickets in person. If you want to play in India, it will have to be the online method.


Winnings and prize results are then paid into your accounts online. Jackpots, like most lotteries, may have to be collected in person.

For any winnings from Mega Millions lottery results over 600 dollars must be claimed at a claim center, lottery HQ’s or District Office – This includes the jackpot.

You will have to go to the country where the jackpot was drawn, and claim your winnings directly there. Travel, after all, is always part of lottery-winning celebrations.

How To Play

The rules are quite simple, and require the standard number collection and ticket purchase of any lottery – Selecting 5 numbers 1 through 70, and an extra number from 1 through 25 called the MegaBall.

Some people choose to let the computer/Fate decide, and have a Mega Millions random generator select their numbers.

In total, there are 9 number options to match – from 0 numbers  plus MegaBall, to 5 numbers  plus MegaBall. You can find the table below detailing the different match tiers for each prize structure, as each tier results in a different amount.

Odds of Winning and Prize Summaries

Find the table below with the break-down of the prize results and winning chances and with the corresponding numbers matched. Check the Mega Million latest results numbers for last night below the page.

Numbers Matches Prize Results In Dollars Odds


5 and MegaBall Jackpot 1 / 302,575,350
5 1 Million 1 / 12,607,306
4 and MegaBall 10 000 1 / 931,001
4 500 1 / 38,792
3 and MegaBall 200 1 / 14,547
3 10 1 / 606
2 and MegaBall 10 1 / 693
1 and MegaBall 4 1 / 89
MegaBall 2 1 / 37

Playing MegaMillions In India

A step by step guide to playing MegaMillions in India:

  1. Find a website of your choice, such as Lotteryworld
  2. Mark the number of tickets you want
  3. Select your numbers or have them randomly generated for you
  4. Set up your method of payment
  5. Purchase your tickets
  6. Await the draw results, and claim if you have a winning ticket

MegaMillions | The Best For A Reason

There is a reason MegaMillions is the best for a lot of people. Cheap tickets and mind-bending prize results, gives you a lottery you can’t resist. For more info on the Mega Million results for yesterday and the current jackpot, check our Mega Millions results panel below.

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    4 of 5 with Megaplier
    3 of 5 + Megaball with Megaplier
    3 of 5 with Megaplier
    2 of 5 + Megaball with Megaplier
    1 of 5 + Megaball with Megaplier
    Megaball Only with Megaplier
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