Can I Buy a Lottery Ticket?

Can I play in Lotteries from India?

Playing US and European lotteries from India is absolutely legal. If you do not live in the country of the lottery, you can use the services of professional intermediaries. These companies have agents around the world who buy official tickets. Winnings are paid without commissions, because the Lottery Services earns on what adds the cost of their services to each ticket.

Why should I play foreign lotteries if I can buy a couple of tickets of local Indian Lotto? Yes, it seems faster, cheaper and more reliable. Let’s analyze these myths in detail:


  • Buy tickets without leaving your home or office
  • Get results online
  • Get money almost immediately after the draw

Bigger prizes

  • Ticket price from 2 to 8 dollars (2-6 euro)
  • Prize Fund 50-70% of the sold tickets
  • Jackpots up to $ 1 billion 600 million (a record Mega Millions jackpot)
  • Chance to win 1 to 15 (1 to 3 for Spanish Raffle El Gordo de Navidad)
  • The average win per ticket is 3USD
  • Participation in the Syndicate on 50 lines reduces the cost of the ticket to 0,001USD

More reliable

  • A guarantee of receiving a prize is the mediator. We recommend playing only with trusted companies like LottoSmile in India that have a practice of getting jackpots.
  • All World Lotteries are controlled by independent Lottery Commissions. All the draws are completely transparent. The outcome is decided only by the theory of probability.

We hope this brief overview will convince you of the safe possibility to buy a lottery ticket of a foreign country. We recommend to participate in US and European lotteries gradually and only through reliable Lottery Service.

Reliability is defined simply: it is a scan of the ticket (or Gaming License) and the time of work in this business.

We sincerely wish you good luck!

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