EuroJackpot Results

Whether you are a novice or seasoned veteran at playing Eurojackpot, you’re going to have to know about this. In this article, you will find everything you are going to need to know about Eurojackpot results, including its draw times and days, minimum and maximum jackpots ever won, prize breakdown, and how to play the Eurojackpot online.

So, without further ado, let’s get on right to it then.

Check your archive of results

To check the past, and latest results of the previous Eurojackpot draws and results, you can simply visit our page and select which draw dates and results you would like to see and use to your advantage for your future selection of numbers.

Eurojackpot: Everything you need to know

When was it established?

The Eurojackpot was established back in 2012, where it was played primarily by European countries (as the name suggests, of course).

Drawing time and day

The lotto draws on Tuesdays and Fridays at any given week at exactly 9:00 PM UTC/GMT, Helsinki’s local timezone. If you are playing from outside Europe, please ensure you have adjusted your timezone accordingly to ensure you do not miss out on the drawing results.

Minimum and the record jackpot

The jackpot amounts start at a minimum of 10 million Euros but can roll over to a whopping 120 million Euros if there were no previous winners throughout the draw dates and times.

Cost per ticket in India

The ticket costs about 2 to 3 Euros, equivalent to about 164 to 247 Rupees for a shot at millions of Euros as the starting jackpot!

Is it legal to play from India?

You bet! There are a handful of international lotto ticket vendors that can help you get a ticket and have a swing at the multimillion cash prize! Just make sure you are at least 18 years old and have the supporting documents to be eligible to play and get the long-awaited rewards (if you won).

Eurojackpot Prize Breakdown


Numbers to match (Main and Euro) Odds of winning Amount of prize to claim (in Euros)
5 AND 2 Euro numbers 1 to 95,3440,000 110,213,540
5 AND 1 Euro number 1 to 5,959,000 674,127
5 1 to 3,405,000 135,780
4 AND 2 Euro numbers 1 to 424,000 6,400
4 AND 1 Euro number 1 to 26,500 340
3 AND 2 Euro numbers 1 to 9,630 182
4 1 to 15,100 122.5
2 AND 2 Euro numbers 1 to 670 28
3 AND 1 Euro number 1 to 600 20
3 1 to 340 17
1 AND 2 Euro numbers 1 to 130 13
2 and 1 Euro number 1 to 43 10


How to play the Eurojackpot: A simple guide for you to play the lotto online

While some of us may be used to the traditional way to play Eurojackpot, you can now do the same and play the lottery online with just a few simple steps you can follow. On that note, here is your simple and easy-to-follow guide on how to do just that:

  1. Search and click a trusted and legit website of a lotto ticket seller
  2. Choose how many tickets you would like to buy and play with
  3. Type in your personal information on their secure page as prompted
  4. Make your payment for the ticket(s) you bought
  5. Sit tight and wait patiently for the results of the draw to be announced
  6. Match your ticket digits with the winning ones and claim your prize if you got the winning digit combo!

Note: To receive your winning amount, ensure you are eligible to play by being at least 18 years old and have all the necessary documents to allow you to claim your cash prize.

Never miss out on Eurojackpot results with Lottothrill

The Eurojackpot results are posted very close to the draw, so if you have a playing account on and have played the Eurojackpot, keep a close eye on your account dashboard for the latest updates from us.

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    Number of winners:
    351 339 winners
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    Amount (€)
    5 AND 2 Euro numbers
    1 to 95,3440,000
    5 AND 1 Euro number
    1 to 5,959,000
    1 to 3,405,000
    4 AND 2 Euro numbers
    1 to 424,000
    4 AND 1 Euro number
    1 to 26,500
    3 AND 2 Euro numbers
    1 to 9,630
    1 to 15,100
    2 AND 2 Euro numbers
    1 to 670
    3 AND 1 Euro number
    1 to 600
    1 to 340
    1 AND 2 Euro numbers
    1 to 130
    2 and 1 Euro number
    1 to 43
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