How to Get the Winnings?

Everyone has a wishful thought to be a lottery winner. Once this fortunate event happens to you, you are over the moon. Do you have an idea how to get the winnings? If you are wondering, then this is thoroughly written to help you. After all, we can never tell if you will be the next winner or not. Regardless of the result, it is always good to be ready.

How to Know if You are the Lotto Winner?

Before we head to discuss receiving your winnings, you should be informed how to know if you are the lucky winner. Set aside your worries as it guarantees you uncomplicated and faster access by only checking your email. You will automatically receive an email notification about the result of any draw you have chosen. Also, you will see your winnings via email. That is why this is a reminder to make sure that your email and other personal information provided were correct when you signed up.

How to Get Winnings When You Play in Lottery’s Home Country?

What if you are from another state and have won a huge prize? Would you be able to get it? Absolutely! But there are things to consider. To simply understand, if the player buys a lottery ticket in a specific country like Germany, the winnings can be claimed only in this country, regardless of the fact whether the winner is living there or not.

Moreover, take a note that receiving winnings may depend on the member country that is participating in the game.

How to Claim the Lotto Winnings?

To claim the prize in the fastest way, the winner must bring the ticket to the lottery authority. If the winnings are up to $600 (€500 in Europe), you may get it directly from any authorized retailer. Huge prizes like the jackpot prize can be received and obtained from various options you prefer — district offices, claim centers, or the lottery headquarters.

If you win bigger prize it can be received after the deduction of taxes. The tax rate depends on the country and varies from 0 in Europe to 45% in the USA.

How To Withdraw Your Winnings when Playing on Lottery Sites?

If you have received the good news, make your move to withdraw your winnings – may it be a secondary or jackpot prize. Here’s the thing you need to know.

  1. Less than €500 prizes are deposited to the winner’s account on lottery agent website you’ve played on: LottoSmile, Lotto Agent, Lotto247 or another one.
  2. Bigger amount than €500 are enrolled after taxes
  3. Secondary Winnings – winnings will be transferred to the winner’s account after an official lottery operator gives a receipt of the prize. In addition to that, there are claiming procedures wherein a Customer Service will help you through the process of collection until receiving the prize to assure that everything will be done accurately.
  4. Jackpot – winners who got the major prize will be required to claim their winnings personally. Details will be given how to collect the prize.

How long does it take to get the winnings?

Wait a little, as your winnings may take 2-10 working days to get.

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