Dear Morning 1 P.M Today Result 11/12/2023

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Dear Morning 1 Old Results Thursday- 2019-12-10
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Today Dear P.M. Results

Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount
1st Prize 69E 86042 ₹1 Crore
Consolation Prize 86042 ₹1,000/-
2nd Prize 04550, 23029, 25755, 30054, 42003, 44974, 50974, 77359, 80671, 92032 ₹9,000/-
3rd Prize 0674, 1344, 3176, 3357, 4367, 5887, 7922, 7953, 8248, 9467 ₹450/-
4th Prize 0674, 1344, 3176, 3357, 4367, 5887, 7922, 7953, 8248, 9467 ₹250/-
5th Prize 5th Prize 0001, 0151, 0261, 0262, 0485, 0650, 0779, 0815, 0907, 1124, 1149, 1169, 1216, 1346, 1497, 1683, 1858, 1907, 1983, 2077, 2167, 2354, 2429, 2620, 2632, 2985, 3166, 3275, 3596, 3698, 3826, 3888, 4178, 4185, 4246, 4436, 4530, 4616, 4723, 4836, 4929, 4961, 5064, 5299, 5323, 5336, 5500, 5525, 5556, 5816, 5862, 5892, 5935, 5974, 6096, 6177, 6275, 6288, 6398, 6535, 6682, 6897, 6914, 6943, 7180, 7181, 7217, 7246, 7366, 7531, 7609, 7617, 7696, 7872, 7936, 7955, 8109, 8125, 8177, 8185, 8196, 8243, 8251, 8259, 8331, 8390, 8415, 8516, 8527, 8802, 8918, 8960, 9141, 9301, 9367, 9380, 9407, 9422, 9874, 9949 ₹120/-
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Today Sambad of Dear Lottery

Dear Morning lotto is a must play for many – Here, we explain the Daily games, the sambad, etc. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of Nagaland’s Daily lotto.

Life is tough, and the Nagaland lottery offers citizens the opportunity to win big amounts, and reap the rewards that are always on offer. If you never play today, how can you ever win?

Nagaland Dear Morning is held by the government of India, created to help grant citizens the opportunity to reap cash rewards and win life changing prizes.

The Dear Morning is a part of the Daily lotteries, which holds three different draws every day, each day of the week. Each Daily game is named something different, making it easy to track.

The names may be different, but playing is basically the same for all Dear Daily lotteries – simple and easy. They are legal today in Nagaland, Sikkim, and We-Bengal.

Dear Morning Lottery Names

Each Dear Daily lottery goes by different names, to make tracking them easy. Below, we explain the 7 Dear Morning games, the ticket prices, how to buy, the biggest cash results, and where to find draw results.

Names of the different Dear Morning Nagaland games:

  • Ganga-Morning
  • Teesta-Morning
  • Torsa-Morning
  • Padma-Morning
  • Hooghly-Morning
  • Kosia-Morning
  • Damodar-Morning

The Daily Morning sambad are drawn daily at 1pm, and the results are then put online shortly after the draw.

If you want to find out more on Nagaland State lotteries and the sambad from today, visit our Nagaland State Lottery page for more results, or our home page for much more.

If you need the Dear Morning sambad from today, you can follow the guide further below, or find the results from today and check your numbers with our updated and reliable sambad for Daily game results, and other lotteries.

Nagaland State Lottery – Dear Morning
Morning Games First Prize in ₹ Day
Dear-Hooghly 1 Crore Friday
Dear-Kosia 1 Crore Saturday
Dear-Damodar 1 Crore Sunday
Dear-Ganga 1 Crore Monday
Dear-Teesta 1 Crore Tuesday
Dear-Torsa 1 Crore Wednesday
Dear-Padma 1 Crore Thursday

Essential Rules

For the Nagaland Dear lotteries, ticket prices are roughly ₹6 each, and with the low cost many people play every day – which only increases your odds of winning.

Though each game of the week has a different name, they are all played the same way essentially, with identical prize results. It’s very easy – buy a ticket today, and wait for the lottery sambad tomorrow. Results from the draw are all published online after the game.

Each Dear Daily lottery is a worthy ₹1 crore for the top prize, making many far richer than they have ever been today.

The table below details the Morning draw names, draw days, top tier cash results, and time of draw.

Nagaland State Lottery – Dear Morning Lottery Details
The Game Name Ticket Price Day of the Draw Time of the Draw First Cash Prize in ₹
Dear-Hooghly Morning 6 ₹ Friday 1 pm 1 Crore
Dear-Kosia Morning 6 ₹ Saturday 1 pm 1 Crore
Dear-Damodar Morning 6 ₹ Sunday 1 pm 1 Crore
Dear-Ganga Morning 6 ₹ Monday 1 pm 1 Crore
Dear-Teesta Morning 6 ₹ Tuesday 1 pm 1 Crore
Dear-Torsa Morning 6 ₹ Wednesday 1 pm 1 Crore
Dear Padma Morning 6 rupees Thursday 1 pm 1 Crore

Where and How To Buy Your Nagaland Dear Morning Tickets Today

There are two methods you can use when purchasing your Nagaland Daily tickets today: Online and offline (in-person purchase).

There is an option for both, as some people do not have the time to stop in–person and buy their tickets, and there are those who cannot gain access to the online methods. For both options, there is a solution.

Buying Tickets Online

There are many legal and secure websites offering you various options of getting your ticket series for Nagaland Daily Morning today.

Online methods are definitely a favoured method amongst those who enjoy playing the lottery – the instant and easy interface makes the transaction quicker, with online middlemen now. From purchase to results, all done on your smartphone.

Many online sources will contact you via email or through the website upon winning. The results are provided for you, and an alert is sent if you win, which is the reason many people choose to play online.

Aside from the convenience, there is comfort knowing the winning results will not slip away from you if you forget to check today.

Find the website of your preference, and choose how many series you’d like to purchase today, and how you want to get the results. Some websites even offer you the choice of buying in advance, saving your time by letting you sort out your weekly purchases today.

Buying Tickets In-Person

There is also the option of in-person purchases, for those who do not have credit cards today, etc. The old-school method of playing the lottery is still thriving.

With thousands of vendors that are approved for selling tickets today, you won’t have to search far for a store or vendor near you.

The rules apply the same as when you purchase online. Keeping the original ticket for when you claim your prize results, as well as the other rules you must follow when claiming your winnings.

Claiming Nagaland Lottery Prizes

If your winnings are below 10 000 rupees, you can claim your winning results from approved stores and vendors, making the process simple and easy.

Keeping the original ticket is essential today, and following the steps laid out on Nagaland’s official website will see you claiming your winnings in no time at all. All the relevant details for claiming are explained, and what documents you will need to provide.

Prizes above 10 000 rupees are collected from the Nagaland Lottery Office in Kolkata, with all the relevant details listed out on the Nagaland official website.

How To Check Your Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Sambad?

This is a step by step guide to check your Daily Morning results and stay informed with the latest sambad:

  1. Visit Lottothrill, and select the blue tab “Dear Lotto Results” on the top of the page.
  2. A drop-down box will appear – click on “Dear Morning 1 P.M Today Result” and go into the lottery sambad page.
  3. Scroll down to view the table of winning number results. You will see the original sambad document on the top of the page, published by Nagaland State Lotteries.
  4. Take your ticket number and compare it to the winning results, if you want to check manually.
  5. There is also a checker below the table of lottery sambad, where you can input your ticket numbers and a check is automatically run for you.

Are there any tips for winning the lottery?

Much like any lottery, most of the power lies in luck and fortune. However, there are ways you can follow that will improve your odds of winning and seeing results.

For the Dear Daily games, you can spend some time going through the past lottery sambad, finding recurring number results that have been repeated in the past. Some number sequences seem to be drawn more often over the course of a few months.

Playing more frequently will also raise your odds of winning. Like almost anything, the more you do it, the stronger the results will be.

Play Today, Win Tomorrow

With games for every day of the week, and amazing prize results for them all, there are very few reasons why you shouldn’t play. With cost effective ticket prices and ease of access when buying them, playing has never been easier today, or better.

Buy your tickets today, you could be a winner tomorrow.

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