La Primitiva

Like most countries, Spain has a varied number of national lotteries that keep its jackpot-hopefuls occupied. The oldest and most popular of these lotteries is without a doubt its La Primitiva Lottery.

This lottery has been a popular draw in Spain since its birth in 1763. It is the oldest lotto in Spain, and is among the oldest lotteries in the entire world.

La Primitiva was established during King Carlos Ill’s reign by the Minister of Tax. Its original purpose was to act as a financial buffer for a government that was struggling to find alternate cash flows for its failing economy, aside from taxes.

It was shut down in 1862 due to lack of public interest, but after its rebirth approximately 100 years later, it quickly regained traction and remains one of the most popular lottos in the country. In 1985 it was declared the official lottery of the country of Spain.

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When Does La Primitiva Draw?

La Primitiva is hosted by the Spanish capital city Madrid. It is held twice a week, with broadcasts announcing winning numbers on Thursday and Saturday nights. The draw numbers are randomly selected by the lottery using a Bombo machine. This ensures pure randomization of the numbers, although there have been attempts to sabotage it in the past that were ultimately unsuccessful.

With the minimum jackpot of La Primitiva starting at a whopping €2 million, there is no shortage of interested lotto players hoping for their chance at a fortune. If there are no winners of the bi-weekly draws, the amount rolls over automatically.

So far in the lotto’s history, the biggest jackpot ever won by a single lottery ticket holder was over €100 million in October of 2015, by an anonymous person in Barcelona. It was recorded to be a Thursday night. The second biggest pay-out has been recorded to be in Seville, August of 2013, with the winning ticket cashing in on a €67.1 million jackpot.

How La Primitiva Works

It is a remarkably simple game, possibly another reason for its popularity. Players must pick 6 numbers between numbers 1 and 49. For someone to win, the lottery players must successful match all 6 chosen numbers with the draw numbers.

In 2012, a “consolation prize” system was added to the game. On every ticket there is now what is called a “Reintegro” number, which is randomly assigned. Tickets with a matching “Reintegro” number can win a consolatory €1 per line played. So, even if your numbers don’t match the draw numbers, if a ticket’s Reintegro number matches, you’ll get some money back.You canwin the jackpot and also matchReintegro numbers, giving you an extra prize on top of your jackpot win.

Single or Multiple Bet Options

Both single and multiple bets are available in this game, unlike some other lotteries.

The ticket itself has a table of 49 squares, all numbered. To make a single bet, you can play as many columns as you would like, but only choose 6 numbers. To make multiple bets, you used only the first column, and choose from 7-11 numbers.

With every added number, the bets multiply, and your chances of matching a draw increase proportionally. For example, 7 numbers equals 7 bets, 8 numbers equals 28 bets, 9 numbers equals 84 bets, and so on. You pay for the ticket according to how many bets you place.

Where and How to Buy La Primitiva Lottery Tickets

Until Internet use began to rise, La Primitiva Tickets were available only to players within the country, but now you and other lottery players have access to tickets from around the globe. Simply access the Lottery’s official website, or go through lotto selection channels that will help you select a winning ticket. Other lottery sites such as offer players the chance to buy tickets internationally. There are many ways to play this Spanish lotto online.

Beware scamming sites that offer you unrealistically good deals for lottery tickets. When making an online lottery ticket purchase, make sure that the channels are properly licensed and regulated so that your cash isn’t being wasted.

To buy the tickets offline, if you are in the country, check out local lottery stores or bars that sell lottery tickets. Sometimes kiosks on the side of the street will pop up close to the announcementweekdays for last-minute ticket purchases. Beware of scams and fake tickets, which can easily trick those not familiar with the lottery system.

Winning La Primitiva Lottery

When you understand that your ticket has won the lottery jackpot, the first step is simple. You must first take your ticket down to a Lottery Office and register your win. When you register, you will be asked for your personal details. You will need to give the lottery office your bank account or credit card information. Some may even ask for other personal details.

As soon as your win has been processed and registered, the lottery will let you know by email or SMS. The winnings are then directly deposited into the winner’s bank account following more detailed instructions.

Overall odds at winning any sort of prize are estimated at 1 in 54. Due to La Primitiva Lottery’s unlimited jackpot rollover system, the longer it goes without a winning ticket being drawn, the more the jackpot builds up, and there is no limit to how big the jackpot can get. And, as the jackpot builds, the odds of choosing a winning combination of numbers increase, as well. It’s natural that the excitement in the air is palpable when the jackpot isn’t hit for weeks.

One bonus feature of this lottery is that it has two jackpots. One regular jackpot, and one “special” jackpot. The regular jackpot can be won simply by matching a bet of 6 chosen numbers to the numbers drawn by the lottery. The “special” jackpot is won if the person’s ticket matches also the bonus R number, which is also known as The Joker.


The amount you will be taxed depends on the size of the winnings. If your winnings do no exceed €2,500, you will be not be taxed. If your winnings do exceed that amount, and you reside in Spain, you will be taxed 20% of the gross amount. If you reside outside of Spain, you may be able to get back your taxed amount as a tax return.

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