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The ‘Kerala State Lottery’ was the flagship lottery ever established in India. It was formed with the purpose of providing non-tax income to the state and steady wages for the many underprivileged members of the population – not to mention the chance of wealth for players of the lottery.

Many other states of India have taken inspiration from the Kerala State, but this lotto is still going strong with 7 different avenues for players to participate in weekly, special offers throughout the year, and prizes ranging from 50 Lakhs to 12 Crore. A Kerala lottery ticket will not cost you over 300 rupees and depending on the specific lotto you will probably pay around 30 to 100. You are really spoiled for choice when it comes to options to play so, continue reading to find out how you can attempt to win your riches!

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Break Down of Kerala State Lotteries

The structure of the 7 main lotteries works as follows: there are 6 games that are drawn each week and one that occurs the last Sunday of each month. If you’ve entered any ‘Kerala State Lottery’ on the list below, including a Kerala Lottery online, the outcome is televised and distributed at 3:00pm. They break down as follows:

Day of Drawing Lottery Price (Rs/USD) Top Prize (Rs)
Monday WIN-WIN 30/$0,45 50 – 65 Lakhs
Tuesday STHREE SAKTHI 30/$0,45 50 – 65 Lakhs
Wednesday AKSHAYA 30/$0,45 50 – 65 Lakhs
Thursday KARUNYA PLUS 30/$0,45 80 Lakhs – 1 Crore
Friday NIRMAL WEEKLY 30/$0,45 50 – 65 Lakhs
Saturday KARUNYA 30/$0,45 80 Lakhs – 1 Crore
Sunday BHAGYAMITHRA 100/$1,25 1 Crore

Bumper Lottery Types (Yearly)

There are also Bumper Lotteries that give you as a lotto player even more opportunity to win.

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  • There is a Christmas/New Year’s Bumper Lottery every January where you can win up to 12 Crore
  • The Summer Bumper Lottery in March which boasts a 6 Crore prize
  • In July you can play the Monsoon Bumper Lottery to win up to 5 Crore depending on the year
  • Finally the Pooja Bumper Lottery with a prize of 5 Crore takes place in November.
  • In 2021 there has also been the addition of the Independence Day Bumper that will be drawn on the 13th of August, worth Rs 400,000,000 .


Lottery Jackpot Draw Month
Christmas New Year Bumper 120 million January
Summer Bumper 60 Million March
Vishu Bumper 60 Million May
Monsoon Bumper 60 Million July
Thiruvonam Bumper 120 Million September
Pooja Bumper 60 Million November

Outside of the weekly lottos, there are also several lotteries held throughout the year. The table above details the draw dates, the highest jackpots, and lottery names.

Rules for the Kerala State Lottery

  • Upon winning, you must be able to present the lotto ticket with the correct numbers as well as certain identification documents when collecting winnings.
  • The agent through which someone played and won the lotto is bound by the government to pay out any money as stipulated on the ticket.
  • You can receive your reward through demand draft, exchange of tickets, or cash.
  • There is no possibility of a ticket winning more than one prize in a draw, and in such cases, the prize with the largest sum is given to the player.
  • The Income Tax Department dictates tax and surcharge amounts on all awarded money.
  • Prizes that have been neglected for more than one month (30 days) after the drawing will be redirected to the Indian government.

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Places and Ways of Purchasing Kerala Lottery Tickets

Lotto enthusiasts are able to play any ‘Kerala State Lottery’ in India in one of two easy methods.

Retail Option

kerala state lotteries sellersThe first option is to go to one of the tens of thousands of registered liaisons and over 100,000 retail shops (you can look online to confirm with the districts lottery office) and buy a physical ticket. After you have paid the 30, 100, or 300 rupees, depending on which Kerala Lottery ticket you chose, you must write down your identifying particulars on the back of it and sign it, in order to prove that it was purchased by you.

Then, keep up to date with the outcome of the lotto drawing – the easiest way is through the Kerala lottery online platform. In most cases, it is easy to view the outcome at the registered liaison or in a local newspaper. Otherwise, there are ways of being present at the live draws in Kerala. If a player wants to see what the Kerala lottery online outcome was they will simply follow the link to the official website, find the ‘results’ tab and click it, scroll to find the exact ‘Kerala State Lottery’ that they played, and click ‘view’ to get the specific outcomes.

Online Option

The next method of purchasing Kerala lottery tickets is the fully online method. It is easy to find quite a few websites that sell lottery tickets for people in India, safely and legitimately ( provides details of many of them). Once you have found the Kerala Lotteries online you can make your decisions on the amount of tickets and the digits to select. Then you will need to fill in your identification and some other payment details so that the site can charge you. Once again, you will need to keep up to date with the outcome of the lottery on the official websites.

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Claiming Your Money

All winnings have to be paid out with transfers through a bank or with a cheque, and require documents for verification purposes. The details can be obtained through their website.

  1. Any winnings under 100 000 rupees can be obtained through any provincial office of the Kerala Lottery.
  2. Above 100 000 rupees, you will need to obtain your winnings from an official administration lottery office.

To do so, be sure to take the following required credentials to identify you and get the ball rolling with payment.

  • Claim application and both surfaces of the ticket copied
  • Two passport-sized pictures, verified by a Gazetted Officer or Notary
  • A receipt form
  • A certificate of guardianship in cases where the reward is owed to a person younger than 18
  • Joint declaration, if there is a joint claim
  • Copy of the PAN card
  • Identity document such as Ration Card, Driver’s License, Passport, or Election ID card

You are also able to go to a nationalised or district bank to receive your prize. This will require all of the above documentation and a letter of authorisation, a certificate from the receiving bank, and one from the collecting.

If a participant has won anything from being a player in the Kerala lottery online they should be paid out through that same channel where the ticket was acquired, which should also provide further information of the process of receiving lotto winnings.

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Taxes for Kerala State Lottery

A player of Kerala state lottery or Kerala lottery online is not exempt from taxes. Anything won that is above Rs. 10,000 is due income tax which will be to the sum of 30%. Requests made by representatives are liable to income tax at 10%. The district office can confirm what tax is due for your specific prize, so it is worthwhile to contact them in the event of winning.

Now that you are clued up on all you need to know, you can go and get started on your journey to playing a Kerala State Lottery and with a little luck, even winning!

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