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Pick 5 numbers between 1 and 69, and an extra Powerball between 1 and 26.
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Select 5 numbers 1-70 and 1 Mega number 1-25
9 Prize Tiers
Creates at least 2 Millionaires weekly!
$240 000 000
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The biggest jackpot ever won in the EuroJackpot was €90 million
12 Prize Tiers
Creates more than 1 million Winners each draw!
€73 000 000
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Lotto Agent

lotto agent logo

With the world coming to a halt due to the pandemic, online lotteries have become the new normal. They’ve also opened up a world of new possibilities for lottery enthusiasts. Participation in lotteries is no longer dependent on location or nationality. Physical tickets are a thing of the past.

All of this has made international lotteries popular in India as well. The jackpot for most International Lotteries is higher than any lottery in India.

One of the most popular online lotteries websites is agentlotto.com (Lotto Agent). The website offers 20+ state lotteries. Some of them are renowned names in the lottery industry like Powerball, MegaMillions, El Gordo, La Primitiva, BonoLoto, and Super-Enalotto. The variety agentlotto com offers makes it a one-stop-shop for lottery enthusiasts who like to spread their bets across lotteries.

Here’s what makes Lotto Agent stand out from the other lottery websites.

Play the best lotteries in the World online on Agent Lotto at low prices!

User-friendly platform

Lotto Agent scores full marks here. For any portal to do well in India, the User Interface has to be lucid and self-explanatory. The internet users in India vary more than any other country in attributes like education and digital awareness. Therefore, a website that’s easy to use will capture a larger market than a complicated one.

agentlotto homepage

Here’s why Lotto Agent’s easy User Interface is a customer delight:

  • All the information regarding a lottery available in a single scroll
  • All the options of buying available on the same page (Standard, Syndicate, etc.)
  • Less loading time
  • Absolutely zero lags
  • Chatbox assistance if you get stuck anywhere

Play the best lotteries in the World online on Agent Lotto at low prices!

Mobile Apps

agentlotto mobile appAgentLotto offers a mobile version of the lottery for Android users who can’t wait to play on their phone. 

It’s a perfect way to play your favourite lotteries on the go and always be up to date on what’s happening. From here, you can buy tickets for all the lotteries Lotto Agent offers on its website and get the results delivered to your phone within no amount of time. In case of a win, you will also receive an instant notification. 

You can only download the app manually via the Agent Lotto website –  it’s not available in app stores like other apps usually are. The App is just an exact copy that has all web site features you would find if browsing online at home, such as buying tickets or picking your numbers.

You’ll never miss out with Agent Lotto’s portable app that goes wherever you go – no need to carry your laptop!



Agent Lotto has been authorized and given a license by the Government of Curacao. They’ve cleared all the checks and have the license to run a lottery facilitation business.

agent lotto license

How does the Lotto Agent work?

When playing Lotto Agent online, there are 4 easy steps to follow:


Sign up and create an account on the AgentLotto website. Out of the 34 options, decide on the lottery game you want to participate in and choose your numbers.

There are two options for playing on the site: a real ticket and a bet. Scan copies will be available only for the ticket option, when choosing a bet there will be insurance in case of winning, prize payments are carried out by insurance companies cooperating with Lotto Agent.

Depending on the game you’re playing in, you sometimes have to choose main numbers and also additional ones that will be your lucky digits.


When buying your tickets online, you can purchase as many as you like and also have the option to select dockets in advance for further plays. On your behalf, a lottery agent will then buy the slips for you.


To give this whole purchase a legitimate touch and proof to customers that the game is valid, you then will receive a digital copy of your ticket. This will prove your rightful ownership in case you have to make a claim for the prize one day.


If your luck prevails by winning the jackpot or coming close by winning in the lower price classes, they’ll notify you via email or will give you a call right away. Then they will transfer your money to your online account, where it is stored safely until you withdraw it.

Any large wagering prize will be paid out to the player’s means of payment without the need to travel anywhere.

How to create an account on Lotto Agent

agentlotto register accountYou can create an account on LottoAgent in just a few short steps.

All you need to provide is your full name, address, date of birth and a valid email or phone number so that they can contact you if there’s any winning news!

They will also require a copy of your passport as well as a recent bank statement, a picture of you and proof of residency for validation purposes. You’ll have the option to upload copies of these documents with ease using their secure file transfer system, which protects against outside access!

Plethora of options

For any aggregator website, anywhere in the world, one of the main USPs is the variety it offers. Lotto Agent scores high marks there as well.

  • 34 State Lotteries from different countries
  • Different buying modes:
    • Standard
    • Systematic (Calculative)
    • Syndicate
  • Has all the big global names
    • Euromillions: European Unions (Max Jackpot: € 200 Million)
    • SuperEnalotto: Italy (Record Jackpot: € 233 Million)
    • MEGA Millions: USA (Record Jackpot: $ 1600 Million)
    • Powerball: USA (Record Jackpot: $1568 Million)
    • La Primitiva: Spain (Record Jackpot: € 98.4 Million)
    • El Gordo: Spain (Jackpot: € 56 Million)
    • Lotto 6 aus 49: Germany (Record Jackpot: € 45.5 Million)

lotto agent play lottery

Play the best lotteries in the World online on Agent Lotto at low prices!

Which games are allowed?

Lottery Single line price Syndicate share price
MegaMillions $5.29 100 lines/137 shares


US Powerball $5.29 100 lines/150 shares


EuroJackpot $6.24 100 lines/148 shares


MegaSena $4.00
Lotto 6/49 $6.37 100 lines/147 shares


SuperEnalotto $3.18 50 lines/56 shares


Mon & Wed Lotto $2.40 100 lines/90 shares


SuperLotto Plus $1.95 50 lines/67 shares


LaPrimitiva $3.30 100 lines/147 shares


Oz Lotto $2.71 100 lines/117 shares


EuroMillions $6.71 100 lines/134 shares


Powerball Australia $1.98 100 lines/121 shares


SuperStar Italy $2.50
New York Lotto $1.00 for two lines
El Gordo de la Primitiva $5.24 50 lines/79 shares


New Jersey Pick 6 $2.00
Lotto Texas $1.00
BonoLoto $4.00
Saturday Lotto $1.61 200 lines/136 shares


Austria Lotto $2.94 50 lines/70 shares


Thunderball $3.47  
Ireland Lotto $5.89  
Australia Powerball $6.71 100 lines/121 shares


Dedicated Syndicate Page

agentlotto syndicateLotto Agent has a page dedicated only to syndicates. Quite a few frequent lottery buyers want to be part of syndicates as it increases the chances of winning. You can see the number of available shares of syndicates of each lottery, along with the price of a single share. They also keep launching new syndicates as per the customer feedback.

Lotto Agent is doing quite a neat job running the syndicates. Most of the time, you’ll find barely any shares left in most of the syndicates before the draw.

Why syndicates?

  • You’ll be able to buy more lines.
  • The chances of winning are high.
  • More cost-effective than betting on a lot of numbers individually.


AgentLotto’s Bundles

Lottery bundles are a great way to make your dreams come true. These special packages from some of the major lottery sites give you access to both regular and syndicate games, which means that with one purchase, you can pack in multiple winning chances! The best part is that a bundle will cost less than buying these tickets separately.

lottoagent bundles

Here you can find an overview of all the bundles you can purchase on LottoAgent online:

Bundle Lotteries Lines + Shares Total price
Touch the Legend! Powerball

Mega Millions





Affordable Exotic! Powerball Australia

Saturday Lotto





Daily Pleasure Mega Sena






Let’s play big! US Powerball






Good old Europe! SuperEnalotto






Europe’s greatest Jackpots SuperEnalotto






Crazy Mix! FranceLoto 


Lotto 6/49




Viva Espana!  ElGordo






The Best Odds Ever! OzLotto

Saturday Lotto






How to play on Lotto Agent from India

LottoAgent has a fun process for Lotto lovers and fanatics and has easy to understand guidelines which are great for newbies. If you follow these simple steps when playing AgentLotto online from India:

  1. Register on the website by creating an account for yourself and provide your email address or phone number, so a lottery agent can reach you in case of a winning
  2. Buy a ticket online by choosing the desired game and how many slips you’d like to play. Depending on which lottery you’re playing in, sometimes you can get a great discount if you play a certain amount of slips.
  3. Decide on which payment method you’d like to use and purchase your tickets online.
  4. check the results on the AgentLotto website, or simply check your inbox for updates regarding your draw
  5. If you’ve won something, you will get the money transferred to your bank account, where you can easily withdraw it. In case of a bigger win, a Lottery agent will contact you in person and discuss any further steps with you to claim your prize.

Play the best lotteries in the World online on Agent Lotto at low prices!

Is it legal to play LottoAgent in India?

Yes, it certainly is! India is on the list of countries that are allowed to play the AgentLotto online.

The Indian government has no bearing on online lotteries that sell international (foreign) lotto tickets because they’re based outside of India’s borders. All Indians can use these websites safely and legally for their next ticket-buying adventure!

Ease of transaction

Buying a ticket is easy:

  1. Pick the lottery, pick the numbers.
  2. Lotto Agent will buy the ticket on your behalf.
  3. The scanned copy will appear in your account.
  4. Even if you forget to check the results, Lotto Agent will reach out to you via phone/email.

Lotto Agent offers multiple modes of payment to buy tickets. Even if one doesn’t have a bank card, they can use Skrill, Sofort, Trustly, POLi, GiroPay, Paysafecard, iDeal, Nordea, ESP (Netpay), Neteller, CartaSi, PostePay, Dankort, ePay.bg, Przelewy24, etc. The timer on the lottery page keeps showing the cut-off time, i.e., the deadline to buy tickets.

There are not many speedbumps before buying the ticket. Just register online, and start buying. To claim your winnings, you’ll have to submit proof that you’re 18 years and above. Winnings get deposited in the personal account of the buyer within three hours of the draw. If someone wins the jackpot, then Lotto Agent calls them up to discuss further action.

In addition, a betting option is available on the site, where prizes are paid out by independent insurance companies, including jackpots. The user does not need to go to the country where the game is held, the prize will be paid to the player’s bank account.

For winnings other than the jackpot, money gets deposited in your Lotto Agent Account, which you can withdraw anytime you like. Lotto Agent doesn’t charge any commissions on the winning. The only deductions from your winning amount are the commission charged by the payment gateway and the applicable tax rate of your country.

Play the best lotteries in the World online on Agent Lotto at low prices!

How do you receive winnings?

Lotto Agent has its finger on the pulse of each and every draw in all games, including those just announced by official lotteries. 

As soon as you purchase a ticket from the site, it is automatically scanned into your account, where you can keep track of your status anytime. Within 3 hours after the roll down happened, you can find the drawn numbers in the “Results” section.

There are also notifications of all the updates, you’ll receive an email if you land any prizes. 

If this is the case, your money will be sent directly into your account and stored safely until you withdraw it with one of the options mentioned below.

For jackpots and large prize wins, the lottery agent might refer you to an insurance company where they have policies in place for winners like yourself. This transaction process takes more time but provides reassurance through additional identification verification paperwork.

Afterwards you will get the money transferred directly to your bank account.

Note: All prizes over $100,000 need to get special treatment from Customer Support, who’ll help out on claiming that new riches for you.

Taxes, Deposits and Withdrawal

Lotto Agent is the best way to win, and they don’t take any commissions from your winnings. However, depending on which lottery game you play, there may be taxes or bank transfer fees taken out of their prize money before getting sent to you.

Jackpots and other winnings can be a subject of taxes. The rates are depending on a lottery home country tax laws. Read more about taxes on lottery winnings here.


LottoAgent offers 14 different payment methods to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Deposits are free of charge and settle instantly with any option chosen – all transactions in the platform go through immediately.

The minimum amount for a deposit is $15, and the maximum is $350.

Here you can find all the options for a deposit:

  • Visalotto agent deposit
  • Skrill
  • VISA
  • Master Card
  • RuPay
  • PhonePe
  • PayTM
  • MobiKwik
  • Freecharge
  • Molamoney
  • HDFC Bank
  • AXIS Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • South Indian Bank
  • kotak
  • Indian Banks

The list of payment methods is different for each specific country, users can get acquainted with the available methods after registration or check them in the support service.


In total this are 6 options to withdraw the money from your account:

Withdrawal option Transaction Fee Minimum amount Maximum amount
Bank Transfers Varies $1.000 $100.000
Skrill 2% $15 $3.000
MasterCard 5% $15 $3.000
Visa 5% $15 $3.000
Maestro 5% $15 $3.000

The biggest wins on Lotto Agent

On Lotto Agent’s homepage, you can see statistics that indicate around 7 million winning tickets were played through this provider until 2021. In total, the Lottery Agent has paid out more than $89 million to players around the globe since 2012.

lotto agent winners

On the 10th of August, 2021, LA player Maxim G. claimed 11893.89 AUD ($8.474) in the Australian Saturday Lotto by winning the second category “5 + S”.

Also Sergey from Moscow was fortunate enough to make a big win in a Powerball draw and won $35.000 on the 2nd of December in 2020.

LottoAgent has been providing their lottery players with up-to-date information on their website, listing the latest winners every time a draw was made. This way you can see who were the lucky champs of the last games and how much they won.

Promotions and bonuses

You’ll never be disappointed when playing Lotto Agent online, as they offer many discounts for new players as well as other awesome incentives to increase the odds at striking it rich.

Here are the 7 bonuses you should not miss out on when playing:

10% Discount Welcome Bonus

For newbies, this is the perfect chance to start playing LottoAgent and to dare a leap into the refreshing waters of online lotteries. Using the WELCOME coupon when buying a ticket will guarantee you a 10% price reduction on your next purchase.

Win contests

By participating in the AgentLotto contests you can win amazing bonuses, prizes and discounts for your next game. All you have to do is follow the lottery’s newsletter and regularly check it for invitations.

Play the best lotteries in the World online on Agent Lotto at low prices!

Buy One, Get One Free

This is another great welcome bonus you should definitely use! When starting off as the next big lotto player, you can easily get a free ticket by just trying out one game. After buying your ticket, LottoAgent will send you another one for free!

Reward for a Review

When trying out the LottoAgent, you can also let others know about your personal experience online. It doesn’t matter if you just started playing or have been in the lottery business for a while – when leaving a review, you can get a nice reward for sharing your opinion with other people.

Invite a friend and get $5

You can also invite one of your friends to try out the LottoAgent online and receive a 5$ voucher as soon as they make their first ticket purchase. This way, you and your friends can both take advantage of the unlimited option you can find when playing the Lottery Agent.

Discounts on multiple lines

When playing your next game, you should definitely consider the amount of lines you want to play for your selected match. The more lines you choose to play, the higher the discount on them will be:

  • 3 lines – 6% off
  • 5 lines – 9% off
  • 10 lines – 10% off
  • 15 lines – 11% off
  • 20 lines – 12% off

So it is definitely recommended to use more lines in your next game not only to have a better chance at winning, but also to take some profit from a nice discount.

Also, using the subscription option is an amazing way of saving yourself some money. On AgentLotto, you will get your 10th entry for free!

Email Promo Codes

Just by providing your email address when signing up on the website, you can take advantage of receiving some nice promo codes that will be sent to you from time to time. So playing AgentLotto for the long run is definitely worth it!

Lottery Results

agent lotto results

Some customers buy multiple lotteries and thereby want to check the results of multiple draws at once. They also want to keep track of the dates of the draws. Having a page that shows the results of all the lotteries, from Powerball to El Gordo, definitely enhances the user experience, and also gives them a teaser of the options Lotto Agent has to offer. The draws are arranged in the ascending order of the dates, so the user gets to see the most recent draw on the top.

The results get published on agentlotto com within three hours of the official announcement.

Play the best lotteries in the World online on Agent Lotto at low prices!

Social Responsibility

Agent Lotto has an entire page titled ‘Responsible Play’ advising the users to engage in lottery responsibly. It also gives the users to pause their account and put lockout periods during which they’ll not be able to access their account. It has also tied up with Gamble Aware, an organization that helps addicted gamblers. The link to their site is on agentlotto.com. Gamble Aware offers guidance and counseling to those looking to fight their gambling addiction. It also helps users identify whether they have an addiction so that it can be taken care of before it gets worse.

On the website, there is no option for people under the age of 18 to register. The only way a minor can register is by putting a wrong DOB, but the Lotto Agent asks for the age proof before depositing the winning amount in the user’s account.


This company has been in the online lottery business for over 8 years now and is a safe and secure way to play the lottery online. Its unique and innovative service allows you to purchase official entries into your chosen lotteries, which are all legitimate state-run games.

  • McAfee has labeled the site as safe
  • Norton Rating of the website is Ok
  • The website has passed PCI DSS Security Scan, which means that the payments made by the users are secure
  • The website has the SSL Certificate from Comodo, which means that the user information is secured as well

Agento Ltd., a legal company, based in Belize, operates the Agent Lotto website and has staff in big lottery nations like the USA, Germany,UK, Brazil, Australia, Italy, and Spain. The games are licensed by the Curacao government, so you know there will be no funny business happening here, and it also carries a Curacao gaming license, which makes it compliant across all countries running lotteries on their site.


What makes Lotto Agent a great platform and portal is that it’s information-rich. Everything is descriptively explained. There is a FAQ section that takes care of most of the doubts a first-time user will have.

There are How-to Guides that help users with various aspects of the transaction. Most portals that engage in similar businesses are unable to take care of the customer’s apprehensions in the first go. Lotto Agent does well on that front.

  • The site barely has any loading time.
  • The text is not scattered. Everything is well-defined and concise.
  • It’s rich in content but doesn’t exhaust a first-time user with information.
  • The layout seems old fashioned but is effective.
  • Easy Registration: Name, Date Of Birth, and email ID.
  • The information is well placed, not cluttered at all.
  • The individual pages of each lottery are very informative.
  • A wide variety of offers (vouchers, discounts, cashback) to entice new users and retain the regular ones.
  • The website so far has mostly rave reviews by the existing users.
  • A lot of times, people ask us this question about a lottery portal. Is it a scam? No, it isn’t. It has cleared all the necessary legal checks and, the portal is secure.

Customer Support

They’ve got a live chatbox on the bottom right corner of the website. The users can ask any kinds of queries there regarding the procedure and lotteries. For first-time users who’ll have questions other than the FAQs, it is helpful. The feature might lose its effectiveness as the number of users increases, but for now, it makes the portal all the more user-friendly.

They also have a call center in place, but most users find chats to be more comfortable. There is also a form available wherein you can drop a query that is not urgent.

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