Play Mega Millions Online

Mega Millions lottery is one of the biggests USA game. It has a big prize and a big number of fans. It is open to everybody who is 18 years and above despite where they are located.

Non-US residents have been given a chance to play and get their price just like US residents.

How to Buy a Mega Millions Ticket and Its Price

Everyone can buy a Mega Millions ticket online for only two dollars. There are different platforms that you can use to buy your lucky ticket. You can use a service known as Lottery ticket messenger. They sell them worldwide.

You can also buy the ticket at This platform has been in existence for sixteen years. It has more than twenty offices worldwide. Its staffs will buy a ticket in your place from official retailers of the lottery. They will stamp, scan and store it in an online account that is encrypted. It is safe there because it is only you who can see it. They will charge you a small fee for this service which will be added to the ticket price.

Suppose you become the winner they will inform you through a text message or email. You will fly to the United States to collect your mega prize. They will pay for your air ticket.

You can bet Mega Millions online at You participate by placing a bet on winning numbers. Suppose you get the numbers right, you win the same way like those who participated officially. Here you are free to choose from 5 numbers. They are then combined and placed on various lines. You increase your winning chances for other prizes except for the jackpot by choosing a mega ball.

When you become the winner they send you an email to inform you about it. They deposit your prize in your account; you can transfer the money to your bank account.

  • They have an insurance cover towards the jackpot outcome.
  • The amount of the insurance is added to the ticket prize they sell you. They are licensed by various commissions that regulate them.
  • This includes Ireland Revenue Commission, Gambling Commission of United Kingdom and Commission for Gibraltar Gambling.
  • Giant Lottos will give you a free Mega Millions ticket. This is after filling their registration form and details of your credit card.
  • They activate your account and give it a free ticket for Mega Millions.

How to Play Mega Millions

You play by choosing any five numbers between 1 and 70. You then choose a mega ball between numbers 1 and 25.

The sale of Mega Millions ticket takes place until one hour before the draw. There are exceptional cases where in Texas they sell until 10.15 p. m. Ensure you buy yours early.

  • You can purchase the ticket with your debit card.
  • It’s only in twenty states where you can use your credit card to buy it.
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