How to Win the Lottery


If you are dreaming of winning bigtime in the lottery, then you should consider increasing your chances. All it takes is a dollar and a dream.

If you want to be wealthy and have as much success as possible, you need to put some thought into how you’re going to win each lottery. How can you know which lotto games are in your favour?

The best way to find out is studying the odds and checking out various techniques others have used to win.


Calculating lottery probability

There are many seemingly magical ways to win, but most of these don’t work out the way people expect. Some tell you to use speculative lotto techniques such as numerology and software to figure out which numbers have more energy and number patterns.

Others make outlandish claims about how their system miraculously works without any thought or planning.

There are a lot of ways to increase your chances of getting lucky.

Here are some tips that I’ve discovered over the years while playing lotteries.

How to increase the probability of winning the lotto

how-to-win-the-lotteryThere are many lotto winning techniques to consider, but sometimes they’re not necessarily the obvious ones. You need a good sense of luck, for one. But there are also some statistical factors you should consider when trying to find the right lotto ticket and increase your odds.

The most critical factor in any lottery is odds. If no one has won a lottery in a long time, then the odds are pretty good that someone else will later win it.

Here are some techniques to increase your odds.


Taking part in lotto syndicates

If you team up with others to pool your money together to buy more tickets, you will have more lotto numbers that could be drawn. If any of your friends win, he will share the prize amongst all members of the syndicate. It’s a great way of saving money and having more chances of winning the jackpot.

Buying more than one lotto ticket for each draw

Chances of winning with only one ticket are extremely low. However you can increase your odds of winning big time if you simply buy multiple tickets for a draw.

Taking part in additional lotto games

Many lotteries and European lotteries have additional games with smaller prizes being handed out for every match. With these extra draws, you’re only paying a little extra, usually $1, to gain more chances, thus you can get more bang for your buck.

Buying tickets from less popular lotto games

You are missing big opportunities to win, by not entering less popular lotteries. This is because your odds go up if you choose to play less known lottos, as there is less competition. One of the options is Australian lottos. There are more lotto games near you than you’d expect, luck favours the bold, so find all the lotteries and their different games.

Calculating lottery odds

We have calculated lottery odds from many of the world’s top lottery companies. Check out our table comparing different lottos and their odds of winning. It’s important to note that we are showing only their jackpot odds. Each match has many more divisions with their own odd probabilities.

Lottery Minimum Prize (USD) Odds of Winning Jackpot
Powerball $20 million 1:292,201,338
Oz Powerball $1.5 million 1:45,379,620
MegaMillions $20 million 1:302,575,350
Eurojackpot $11.8 million 1:291,000,000
Euromillions $17 million 1:289,838,160
SuperEnaLotto $2.4 million 1:622,614,630
La Primitiva $3.5 million 1:13,983,816
UK National Lotto $3.5 million 1:45,057,474
French National Lotto $3.2 million 1:19,068,840
Canada Lotto 6/49 $4 million 1:13,983,816
German Lotto 6/49 $1.2 million 1:139,838,160
MegaSena Lotto $380,236 1:50,063,860
ElGordo $8 million 1:100,000

The highest odds are in the Spanish El Gordo with 1:100,000 and the lowest are in the PowerBall game at 1:292,201,338. You can see that by choosing a less known game, your chance significantly increases. Despite these odds, it’s not impossible to win, the main thing is to believe, and perhaps one day you will be the lucky one.

Thing players should avoid when playing the lotto

To become a seasoned lotto player, there are certain things you shouldn’t do. Lottery players should stay away from the following things.

  1.  Betting on patterns

Drawing a random number from a hat isn’t exactly a scientific process, and our confidence in a particular outcome may be based more on our preconceived notions than reality. Every game is unique, don’t bet basing on the last lotto game.

  1.  Using strings of consecutive numbers

Consecutive numbers for example are numbers from 1 to 9 in order. Consecutive numbers in lottos are another form of betting on patterns. From a statistical standpoint, numbers in lotteries are chosen at random and are independent of the last number chosen. There is no bias, so your chances are extremely low.

  1. Using numbers with the same last digits

We’re often led to believe that choosing attractive lotto numbers in a long sequence will bring good luck. This is just speculative guessing.

  1. Using numbers from the same groups

Choosing numbers from the same groups (20s, 30s, 40s) is similar to betting on patterns; your odds of winning the lottery will be very low.

  1. Choosing numbers with the same multiplier

Betting on numbers with the same multiplier doesn’t increase your odds of winning the lottery. Each number is not connected to the other by any means.

  1. Following lotto fever

If you are buying lotto tickets with a high jackpot, there are many players already with the same ticket. Huge multi-million jackpots have usually been pooled from past ticket costs that no one has won. So don’t choose a lottery that everyone else is betting on; it’ll be more competitive.


Play smart to win the lottery

Every year hundreds of millions of people on this planet spend countless dollars trying to win the lotto. In the United States alone, lotteries raise billions of dollars per year. People burn money for the sole reason that they want to get rich quickly (or perhaps that is because they are just wasting their money)

You could spend your time looking at the design of a lotto game, how the numbers are arranged, the pictures on the ticket and calculate your own ways on how to win the next lottery game.

However, the lottery is based on chance, and your odds may be small, but by using our strategies you can better your chances of winning.

More importantly, just be calm, relax and don’t overthink it.

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