Taxes on Mega Millions

Mega million ​taxes ​ on winnings: The essentials you need to know!

Winning the ​Mega Millions lottery ​ in USA is a dream for many but few know the tax implications of such a lottery. Whichever option you choose annuity or lump sum, the final decision should only be taken after a tax analysis.

Winners need to fill up a tax form for lottery winnings to deposit the Mega Millions State Tax that goes into funding federal education and welfare programs. Taxes on ​Mega Millions of lottery winnings ​ are a Federal tax and these Mega Million lottery taxes vary from state to state.

The exact cash value of Mega-Million after taxes is much less as there are a plethora of state taxes that are levied. You need to be a brave heart to be in the lottery business as losing can be painful. Surprisingly more poor people are ready to take risks on the lottery than rich people do as they are busy making money. And they do not have the confidence, time, knowledge or expertise to deploy their skills in TheLotter​. Use the best tools on the internet How much tax on the 1-million-dollar prize is a popular question on search engines as people want to know how much their net worth has changed over time after winning games like ​Lottoland, Playhugelottos ​ after taxes calculator that offers a Mega Millions tax breakdown? On the internet you also get tools for calculating the following:

  • Cash value calculator
  • Annuity Calculator
  • Mega millions lump sum calculator
  • Prize calculator

Betting on the ​Lottoday lottery​ becomes easy if you use these tools so that you know where exactly your money is going. How much you are going to win and how much the government will demand taxes on winnings? The trick is to bet small in the beginning and as your earnings increase, you can play bigger bets. These are games where one gets better with experience.

Cash pay-out vs annuity

This is a hotly debated issue in the ​Mega Millions winner ​ community with opinion sharply divided regarding the annuity payment for Mega Millions which rise over time considering the inflationary pressures. The annuity paymentschedule is a very well thought over document designed to protect the winner from running short of cash during the 30-year pay-out.

The lumpsum cash option amount given after​ Mega Millions results ​is also available but anecdotal evidence shows that most people fritter away the money in four to five years due to excitement. And the net result is that they are back into a life of penury. A jackpot-won through the annuity option is a victory against poverty in the real sense. You are no longer middle-class, and you propel yourself in the high society. As a player you will cherish such a winning and so will your family.

The actual math

Investing a million dollars in debt like bank deposits will attract capital gains tax and a better option is to invest your windfall gains in the equity market wherein you will get far more returns than what you would get in bank fixed deposit or company fixed deposits.

  • Texas and California do not tax winnings and it would be great if you win there
  • Non-US citizens are taxed at a higher rate of 30% as compared to the 25% rate that is levied on local citizens
  • Some states like Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah do not sell Mega Millions tickets.
  • Only 14% people have gone in for annuity option, rest prefer to enjoy their winnings by having lumpsum cash in their accounts.

Winning and losing is part of life but the real fun is in playing the game.

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