How to play Euromillions

features of the Euromillion game

EuroMillions is an excellent way to have a little fun and enjoy the toss-ups. The best part about laying likelihoods on EuroMillions, other than scoring, of course, is that its rules are easy!

It’s no surprise that people have been spending their free time betting on the game online or offline too!

But before hitting up those lottery terminals around town and on the web, make sure to familiarize yourself with how this unique lotto works and know the importance of the rules to follow, so your experience is as memorable as possible – just like any other exciting activity should be.

So here are some must-know rules for beginners.

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How to play Euromillions

how to win the Euromillion

The Euromillions rules are simple:

  • Participating citizens get the alternative to pick seven numbers at least on one panel on the play slip to play. Overall they are free to bet on as many panels as there are on the play slip
  • Every player has to decide on five numbers, from 1 to 50, as well as two Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 12 on every line that he decides to play on the play slip
  • You can either pick your lucky numbers by yourself or let the system do it for you. When using Quick Pick, the lottery’s computer will generate a random set of seven numerals that could be yours!
  • Once you fill out your ticket and bring it to your retail sales agent, he’ll enter these digits into the lottery system for your good luck.
  • While wagering on Euromillions, it is additionally fundamental to settle on the draw you want to take an interest in, either the Tuesday play or on Fridays.
  • The players can likewise choose the Advance Play alternative on the play slip to lay cash on 2, 4, 6, or 8 games they are interested in playing before the desired date of play has come up.
  • Select the Euromillions Plus choice if you want to join the added option to win higher prices.

Do you get anything for matching only 2 numbers in one game?

Let’s give an answer to this very popular question:

Euromillions lotto has become more interesting by expanding the wagering possibilities. With odds of winning at 1 in 13, there are plenty more opportunities for prizes too! Even when you don’t achieve the jackpot requirements, which possibilities are 1 in more than 130 million, matching just 2 can get your money back.

This means it is almost inevitable for you to walk away with a prize with 2 equivalent ciphers.

Euromillions Plus Rules

Euromillions Plus is a game variant of Euromillions that allows many people to win an extra 500.000 euros on every game they decide to enter. Here we need to mention that people can only engage in it if participating in Euromillions.

It comes to the expense of 1 euro for each additional ticket and can only be played in Ireland.

Whether you are playing online or live in a place where in-store participation is allowed, the following rules apply:

  • Pick the seven numbers composed of 5 primary digits and 2 Lucky Star numbers you want to play.
  • Tick the Euromillions Plus option to play your Euromillion Plus numbers alongside the standard game.
  • Like in the standard game, you have to decide how many lines you want to use on each card. The winning price you can get in the additional game will be multiplied by the number of games you choose.
  • The 5 essential numbers will enter a separate Euromillions Plus drawing. Lucky Star numerals are excluded here.
  • Euromillions Plus tie will be made minutes after the primary Euromillions lottery drawing. This way, it will not take much for you to know if you are one of the lucky ones who won.
  • Note: You can only play Euromillions Plus alongside the original game and get a shot at winning more money.

what you need to know about euromillion lotto

Euromillions famous Millionaire Maker

Resembling Euromillions Plus, only citizens from the UK can use this lottery variant.

The exciting thing about Millionaire Maker is that it comes without spending more money on it. However, it allows people to win extra money. Sounds like a dream that came true!

Millionaire Maker Rules

  • A Euromillions pass comes with one free token for playing Millionaire Makers as well.
  • The token is a printed code on the back of a docket, and the system makes them up, so you can’t choose them yourself!
  • The Euromillions dockets are then thrown into a tossup for selection at random by the computer program behind each single draw.
  • One lucky player will be chosen to win the sum of 1million euros.

Important note:  Your Millionaire Maker token is only legitimate for the days your Euromillions docket is assigned. So if you chose to give it a go at the Euromillions lottery this Wednesday, you would also be in the MillionMaker game on this day.

How to play Euromillions in India

Suppose you are residing in one of these places that are listed as the members of Euromillions. In this case, all you have to organize is to go to a retail sales agent that will insert your numbers in a terminal and submit them for the draw you have selected.

But what are the rules to follow if you are a foreigner to play Euromillions?

If you live in India and can’t wait to try your luck on EuroMillions, it’s essential to know that the rules are slightly different yet simple to follow.

You can play this awesome game from India too by following these easy steps:

  1. Visit an online ticket retailer website like LottoLand or TheLotter (also known as LottoSmile) and choose the EuroMillions game.

where to buy euromillion tickets

  1. Select your personal digits in the “Play” section on the website. Pick five essential digits between the numbers 1 and 50 and two Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 12. (pick them yourself or generate them with Quick Pick).
  2. Decide how many lines you want to play. You have to play at least one line but can play multiple at a time.
  3. Decide on the draw and when you want to play your numbers. Here you have the option to gamble on the Tuesday game and on Fridays, or both.

Remember:  with the Advance Play, you can also play up to 8 draws ahead of time.

  1. Now, after selecting your numbers, you can review your order. Log into your account or register a new one and provide all the necessary information needed.
  2. Pay for the order by credit card and wait until the tie is made. You can follow the game and the results online. If you win, you will instantly be notified through the email address you have provided when registered.


Description of euromillion

When first implemented, Euromillions quickly became popular across all continents following its conception by European countries with enthusiastic players for generations. Lotto is the lifestyle choice for becoming a millionaire. Incredible winnings await you in this lottery game that you can play from anywhere in just minutes! Easy rules to follow, affordable prices, and excitement in its highest form. In Euromillions, one thing is guaranteed: it will change your life.

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