How to Receive EuroJackpot Winnings

eurojackpot-taxesEurojackpot is a popular European lottery played in 18 European countries at this time. The lottery may still spread to more European countries. The minimum jackpot in the lottery is €10,000,000 and if it is not won, the amount will be rolled over until it hits €90,000,000 where the figure will no longer increase. Playing the game will cost you €2 for each line.

The lottery draws are done in Helsinki, Finland, every Tuesdays and Fridays at 9pm local time. To play, you will select 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and you will also select additional 2 numbers from 1 to 10. This makes it a total of 7 numbers. If you are able to match all the 7 numbers , you will win the main prize. This implies that if the 7 numbers you selected are the winning numbers, you will win the main prize of €10,000,000. However, there are other 11 consolatory prizes that you can target. This is the second largest European lottery after Euromillions.

Eurojackpot cash payout vs annuity

When you win EuroJackpot lottery, you have the option of taking a lump sum of money or annuity payment. If you bought the ticket physically, you will be informed of the annuity schedule (which is not stated publicly) and if you are comfortable with it, you can accept it. However, players who played online have no choice, they will receive their winnings in a lump sum. It will be transferred into their accounts without deducting any tax as online winnings are not taxed.

Taxes on Eurojackpot lottery winnings

For those that played offline, Eurojackpot winnings are not taxed in 11 countries. In the remaining 7 countries, winnings are taxed differently. That means the payout percentage in each of the 7 countries is different.

  1. In Spain, there is 20% tax on Eurojackpot winnings of any amount that is more than €2,500. If you are based in Spain, get a calculator and find out what you will eventually get after taxes. 
  2. Croatia offers different tax rate for different winning amounts.
  3. In Hungary, tax is deducted only from the winnings of only the highest two prize levels.
  4. In Italy, 6% tax is deducted from Eurojackpot winnings that are more than €500.
  5. Winners of any amount that is either €450 or more in The Netherlands will pay 29% tax from their winnings.
  6. In Slovenia, it is 15% on any winning that is more than €300.

Sites like Thelotter will pay you what is left of your winnings after taxes have been deducted.

How to receive your winnings

While there may be slight differences in different countries, winners have 180 days to redeem their winnings or forfeit it. Most agents usually ask for proof of identity to avoid paying impostors. If you play online, your winning will be paid into your account but the account has to bear the same name in your Identification document for anti-money laundering reasons.

Eurojackpot is more popular than a lot of lotteries because it is relatively easier to win. It offers more attractive winning odds and 12 winning levels. The jackpot may be very hard, the other lower levels are much easier to win.

The site where you played the game also matters. A reputable and one of the best sites to play Eurojackpot is Lottoland. The fact that 97 lottery games are played on the site is an indication of integrity, transparency and honesty.

When you win any of the secondary prizes (2nd to the 12th prize tier), your winning will be transferred to your account immediately they receive it from the official operator. Their customer service team will put you through on how to receive your winning. Jackpot payment options are agreed with a winner personally.

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