Sikkim Dear Day 6 P.M Result 24/05/2024

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Dear Morning 1 Old Results Thursday- 2019-12-10
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Today Dear P.M. Results

Rank Ticket Numbers Prize Amount
1st Prize 69E 86042 ₹1 Crore
Consolation Prize 86042 ₹1,000/-
2nd Prize 04550, 23029, 25755, 30054, 42003, 44974, 50974, 77359, 80671, 92032 ₹9,000/-
3rd Prize 0674, 1344, 3176, 3357, 4367, 5887, 7922, 7953, 8248, 9467 ₹450/-
4th Prize 0674, 1344, 3176, 3357, 4367, 5887, 7922, 7953, 8248, 9467 ₹250/-
5th Prize 5th Prize 0001, 0151, 0261, 0262, 0485, 0650, 0779, 0815, 0907, 1124, 1149, 1169, 1216, 1346, 1497, 1683, 1858, 1907, 1983, 2077, 2167, 2354, 2429, 2620, 2632, 2985, 3166, 3275, 3596, 3698, 3826, 3888, 4178, 4185, 4246, 4436, 4530, 4616, 4723, 4836, 4929, 4961, 5064, 5299, 5323, 5336, 5500, 5525, 5556, 5816, 5862, 5892, 5935, 5974, 6096, 6177, 6275, 6288, 6398, 6535, 6682, 6897, 6914, 6943, 7180, 7181, 7217, 7246, 7366, 7531, 7609, 7617, 7696, 7872, 7936, 7955, 8109, 8125, 8177, 8185, 8196, 8243, 8251, 8259, 8331, 8390, 8415, 8516, 8527, 8802, 8918, 8960, 9141, 9301, 9367, 9380, 9407, 9422, 9874, 9949 ₹120/-
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Today Sambad of Dear Lottery

Playing lotteries is obviously a great way to make some instant money if a player has a bit of luck. Yes, that is all that is needed, a bit of luck. On this page, players can check the results of the Nagaland Dear Day Lottery.

States where Sikkim State Dear Day lottery is played

In Indian states, Nagaland, Sikkim, and West Bengal, this is played. Those who are from these states and are keen to play this can go ahead playing.

Who operates this Sikkim lottery?

If anybody has any kind of doubt about the reliability of this Sikkim lottery, there is nothing to worry about. It is officially operated by the government.

Daily Draws names

It is a notable fact that there is a different one every day for the Sikkim State Dear Day lottery that comes in a different name. And here are those names for the afternoon lottery draws:

  • Dear Sun Day lottery
  • Dear Moon Day
  • Dear Mercury Day
  • Dear Venus Day
  • Dear Earth Day
  • Dear Mars Day
  • Dear Jupiter Day

How much does one of these Sikkim Afternoon Lotteries cost?

It is pretty important to know the cost of one ticket. It is just ₹6.

When can players buy tickets?

So, where can players buy Sikkim State Dear Day tickets? This is an important thing to know. Of course, players can buy it from agents all across the states it operates in. This would be a very convenient option for anybody who is from these states. Plus, it is possible to purchase these lotteries online too.

The 1st prize in this Sikkim lottery

For some, this could be the most important thing out of all. Anyway, let us tell you about it. ₹1 crore is what players can get as the 1st prize for this.

From where can players get their winnings?

Players must submit the Sikkim State Lottery Prize Claim Form. Players can collect their winnings in the nearest lotto distributor shop. The jackpot can be claimed in the Dear lottery Head Office.

What are the essential things that a player needs to know about this? This section is about that. Let us make a table so that our readers can understand the content better. This may include some information that we already discussed. But this is a table to put everything together.

Name Nagaland State Dear Day Lottery
First prize ₹1 crore
Days of draw Everyday
Times of draw 6 PM
Price of a ticket ₹6

Sikkim Dear Day Lotto Jackpot

We are pretty sure that our readers would like to know more about the 7 lotteries for the 7 days. Here is a table to explain about that.

Lottery Day 1st Prize
Sikkim Dear Sun Day lottery results Monday ₹1 crore
Sikkim Dear Moon Day lottery results Tuesday ₹1 crore
Sikkim Dear Mercury Day lottery results Wednesday ₹1 crore
Sikkim Dear Venus Day lottery results Thursday ₹1 crore
Sikkim Dear Earth Day lottery results Friday ₹1 crore
Sikkim Dear Mars Day lottery results Saturday ₹1 crore
Sikkim Dear Jupiter Day lottery results Sunday ₹1 crore

Checking if one has won

To check of today Sikkim State Dear Day lottery results or results of any other day, players can follow the steps below. These methods will assist you in obtaining the results in a timely manner.

  1. Find a Sikkim State lottery ticket result checker at the end of the page
  2. Enter you ticket number
  3. Afterward, select the date on which the results are needed
  4. Check with the numbers
  5. See your winnings

Tips to win the lottery

Most of the time, there are no tips to win lotteries. It is just a matter of luck. Although it is mainly about luck, there are a few tips that players can try in order to increase the chances of winning. Let us discuss a bit about them.

  1. As soon as possible, place the bets. Arriving late and betting as the game’s timer expires will result in being eliminated from the competition. So, play the game right within time. If one gets late, he or she might not be able to play the game and that might be a missed chance.
  2. The trick to winning the lotto is to keep playing even if one loses most of the time. Do not let hope go by the wayside. If one could not win this time, calm down and try the next time. So continue to play. There will surely be a lucky day.
  3. Relatives or friends must never be asked to place bets for someone else. Do not rely on others. If someone borrows, he or she may find himself or herself in trouble unable to repay if the lottery was not won.
  4. Ignore the maze of tipping systems that offer information and numbers to everyone. If one still wants to utilize these devious services, go ahead, but keep in mind that there will be no use for that.
  5. Try to purchase many bets at once and pick different numbers from each of them to increase the ability to win the Sambad lottery. In this manner, players can have some assurance that there are more and more chances. Of course, it is never enough. The more one tries, the more chances he or she potentially has.


We hope that all our readers out there could grab a good understanding of what we talked about through this. Whatever happens, it is not possible to win a lottery without luck. Because of that, undoubtedly, it is indeed necessary that the players are lucky enough. All that we can do is wish everyone the best of luck!

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