SuperEnalotto in India

SuperEnalotto lottery is Italy’s most popular lottery game due to its high prizes and high odds of winning. Big jackpot draws draw massive local and even international attention, and many pay close attention about any winners immediately after each draw.

If you want to be an instant millionaire, here are the things that you need to know about SuperEnalotto.

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  1. Rules of SuperEnalotto Lottery
  2. How to Play SuperEnalotto from India
  3. Odds and Prizes of Winning SuperEnalotto Lottery
  4. How to Claim Won Prizes at SuperEnalotto Lottery
  5. Payouts – Lumpsum vs Annuity?
  6. Taxes on the Winnings
  7. Common Facts about SuperEnalotto

Rules of SuperEnalotto Lottery

superenalotto-winnerPlayers who want to participate can buy ticket either from retail outlets or online. There is even a SuperEnalotto app where you can buy SuperEnalotto lottery tickets and can play other types of online lottery. Here are some of the rules that you should know if you want to play SuperEnalotto lottery.

  1. Players must be at least 18 years of age before being permitted to play. The same age restriction has USA Mega Millions lottery.
  2. To Play SuperEnalotto lottery you have to choose 6 numbers for 1 to 90, with one additional number which will serve as a Jolly number.
  3. Jolly number is not chosen by the player.
  4. Players can also get the Superstar option, which allows the player to choose another number for an additional 0.50 euro cost. Note that, while the Jolly number cannot be the same as your six numbers, the Superstar number can.
  5. Tickets cost 1 euro each, and players can choose how many times they would like to play their ticket.
  6. Draws take place during the following days of the week:
    • Tuesdays
    • Thursdays
    • Saturdays
  7. In the event that draw days fall on a public holiday or for any other reason, these would be rescheduled.
  8. Draws can be viewed on TV at 8:20PM of the draw date, and it can also be seen online at the SuperEnalotto lottery website.
  9. Take note that sales are being closed 30 minutes before the draw.
  10. Those who match all 6 nubers become a jackpot winner

How to Play SuperEnalotto from India

One of the options for Indians who want to try their luck at SuperEnalotto lottery is to log into lotto portal such as Lottosmile and Lottoland. These sites provide those with the desire to bet for upcoming draw with the facility to do so. It’s like actually playing SuperEnalotto lottery without ever setting foot in Italy. It is very easy to make a bet through these sites, so it is advised that you visit and give yourself a try at the jackpot.SuperEnalotto in India image

How to get SuperEnalotto Winings in India

For players who have won the SuperEnalotto lottery online, payments will be made directly to their accounts for winnings of up to 5,200 euros. The amounts larger than that can be transfered to India via Bank Transfer after taxes in Italy are paid. Taxes payment process is made by the company you bought the ticket in.

Also, players should take note that the SuperEnalotto lottery forfeits any prizes let unclaimed 90 days after the draw.

Odds and Prizes of Winning at SuperEnalotto Lottery

SuperEnalotto lottery provides players with tons of ways to win. These include:

  1. Main Prize
  2. Superstar Prizes
  3. Instant Win
  4. SuperEnalotto Raffle

SuperEnalotto Odds

Main prizes mean that the ticket matches 3 or more numbers drawn. Main SuperEnalotto Prize Fund consists of 60% of all tickets sales. With the possible combinations at 622,614,630, SuperEnalotto lottery is one of the hardest jackpots to win. Here is the list of the major prizes and the odds of winning them:

Matches Odds % of Main Prize Fund
2 1/22 47%
3 1/327 14%
4 1/11,907 4.2%
5 1/1,250,230 4.2%
5 + Jolly 1/103,769,105 12.8%
6 1/622,614,630 17.4%

Superstar prizes occur when winner match the Superstar number as well, even if they do not get any of the main numbers. This is one of the best positions to be in when playing SuperEnalotto lottery as this allows you to multiple your earnings up to a hundred times. For those who get the 5 + Jolly combination along with the Superstar number, SuperEnalotto lottery will add an additional 1 million euros to the prize. For six matches, an additional 2 million euros will be given. If you want to play the lottery with highest chances, you can try EuroJackpot.

SuperStar Rules and Odds

The SuperEnalotto lottery website provides tables to let you see the odds of winning, along with a more detailed discussion regarding the corresponding prizes.

Matches Odds % of Main Prize Fund
0 matches + Superstar 1/138 18,2%
1 number + Superstar 1/303 21,7%
2 + Superstar 1/1,936 17.5%
3 + Superstar 1/29,404 14%
4 + Superstar 1/1,071,626 4.2%
5 + Superstar 1/112,520,716 4.2%
5 + Jolly + Superstar 1/9,339,219,450 12.8%
6 + Superstar 1/56,035,316,700 17.4%

Instant Win Game Rules and Odds

Instant Win, on the other hand, is another way that you can with at SuperEnalotto lottery. Also known as Vincita Immediata, Instant Win currently guarantees 1 win for every 500 tickets. Once your ticket has been purchased, you will receive four random numbers. If all these numbers matched the numbers that you have picked – even for multiple entries – with the exclusion of the Superstar number, you will instantly be able to claim 25 euros directly from the retailer.

Those who are playing SuperEnalotto lottery online may also get Instant Win prizes. Winnings will be automatically credited to their accounts.

Of course, SuperEnalotto lottery retailers have placed limiting measures so that this would not be abused by playing more than 80 numbers as well as by having the authority to change odds of winning.

All in all, players have a 1 in 16 chance of winning at least something at SuperEnalotto lottery, so the chances are pretty high that you will walk away with something should you buy a ticket.

Raffle rules and odds

The SuperEnalotto Raffle, on the other hand, is different from SuperEnalotto lottery as the former is only held from time to time whereas SuperEnalotto lottery draw events occur on a regular basis. Often, these raffles are done to commemorate a special event. The latest raffle was held last December 22, 2018 as a way to celebrate and commemorate Christmas. You also may take part in Spain Christmas de Navidad Lottery.

The SuperEnalotto raffle provides guaranteed prizes for a preset number of draws during an event. Players need only match the codeprinted on their SuperEnalotto lottery ticket with the code that was drawn in order to win. Claiming any winnings from the raffle is similar to winning at the regular SuperEnalotto lottery draws, the details of which are discussed below.

How to Claim Prizes Won at SuperEnalotto Lottery

Winners of SuperEnalotto lottery can claim their prizes in different ways. These are:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bank Transfer

This will depend, of course, on where you have bought your ticket and how much you have actually won. Winners will either claim their winnings at the retailer where they bought the ticket, any SuperEnalotto lottery retailers of which 40,000 are scattered nationwide, dedicated payment centres (a list is available at the SuperEnalotto lottery website), or at Sisal offices.

The SuperEnalotto lottery website provides a clear table and illustration on how winners can claim their prizes. Also one of the places you may purchase SuperEnalotto tickets is Lotto247 website.

Payouts – Lumpsum vs Annuity?

SuperEnalotto lottery jackpot winners can have the option to get their prize either in lump sum or in pre-arranged frequencies and amounts. Which payment method will be used is entirely the decision of the jackpot winner and details can be found under their terms and conditions.

Lump sum means that the entire prize will be given to you in one go, but you will have to pay more taxes.

The latter scheme has its pros and cons as one disadvantage is that you will not be able to hold onto your money as you would have to wait for the next installment should you run out. Also, you may not get to enjoy all of your earnings should something untoward happen to you. However, bear in mind that the lottery does pay out the remaining balances to the beneficiaries should the ticket holder die during the course of payment.

Under the annuity scheme, the lottery will pay you over thirty years the total amount of your jackpot prize.

On the other hand, paying via annuity does have its benefits. First, you will have forced control over overspending as you would not have all of your money all at once. Secondly, installment payments will balloon over time as these would grow interest, which is equal or higher than what most banks give.

Taxes on the Winnings

Speaking with regards to prizes, players should also take note that you might have to pay taxes for your SuperEnalotto lottery winnings.

  • Winners will receive their prizes with the tax already removed.
  • Under the law, winnings up to 100 euros are not taxable
  • The amounts between 100 and 500 are taxed by fixed  amounts
  • Tax rate is 12% of your total winnings more than 500 euro. In exchange, they will be provided with a tax certificate signifying proper payment.

Full information about taxes on SuperEnalotto winnings you can read here.

For Indian players who win, their prizes may also be taxed depending on their home countries’ tax laws aside from the taxes that will be incurred in Italy as mentioned above.

Common Facts About SuperEnalotto

The SuperEnalotto lottery traces its origins to the 1950s, but it was not until 1996, when the company SISAL changed the format of the game to better cater to the public. Initially, one number was taken from the first number of each participating cities’ respective draws, these cities were:

  • Bari
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Naples
  • Palermo
  • Rome
  • Venice (for the Jolly number)

Measures were taken to prevent duplication of numbers, but they did happen from time to time.

The first SuperEnalotto lottery draw occurred on December 3, 1997. With the first jackpot winner claiming the prize worth over 11 billion lire about a month and a half later. In the year 2002, the SuperEnalotto lottery dropped the lire currency in favor of the Euro, with the transition process having taken place since 2000.

In 2006, the Superstar number was introduced, which allowed players to earn even bigger winnings. In July of 2009, draws became centralized, with Rome being chosen to pick the numbers. Also Italians can play Euromillions as alternative to SuperEnalotto.

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