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Imagine being a multi-millionaire by only doing a few matching for the counts. It is so much more attractive than other things, and that is what we call Euro Millions HotPicks. This is the game where you see options and play matching numbers to win top offers.

This is a game based in the UK, and it is based on the mains. These are offering numerous awards that are valued one million of pounds.

The HotPicks is organized by Camelot. They are running a UK Lottery and the Thunderball with a distribution of all tickets to this. Here we use increasing the Lotto and Euro Millions, and this will be the base point we are mainly focusing on this game.

It has a way cheaper access than EuroMillions. You will enter this as a player in the UK, and it is mainly tying on the draws.

Difference between Euro Millions HotPicks and Euro Millions

The main question to be asked here is this worth it? Those depend on the draws you perform. For many instances, Hot Picks are saying more than this.

Suppose the maximum rewards paid on five counts is more than £1,000,000. If you select five numbers (Pick-5) and only match four, you win nothing. You have to match every number you choose if you are trying to win a certain prize in the game.

Euro Million Hot picks are using only 5 main numbers from the draw of Euro Millions. In here, the Lucky stars are not going to be counted. Four numbers of the Euro Millions are returning for €100 average, and it will be €200 if you can match the bonus numbers.

How Can We Play?

euromillions hotpicks

There are a total of five games for playing. They are all costing £1.50 for every turn and will be named Pick one, two, three, four, and five. For example, a player will ask to select a count for pick one, and pick five will ask to choose 5.

Your goal here is to choose counts that will be drawn from the main draw. All chosen ones have to be similar to each to have an offering, and this is increasing based on the amount.

If the selected ones are viewed on the primary draw of Euro Millions, pick one is paying £10, and the same as pick two will pay €100. If the players decide to go for all five, they earn up to €1 million.

Playing steps are as follows:

  • The 1st step is on deciding how many points you need to play along with. Select a one from 1 to 5
  • The second step is to pick your numbers between 1 to 50, or you can go with a Lucky Dip for the randomly selected.
  • Choose the drawing days and the week numbers to play.
  • Then go

Rules for the Game

  • The drawing days – there are only Tuesday and Friday available for the drawing
  • Top prize – it will be €1 million on each draw, and you can share it
  • Saving time – you can play up to 4 weeks


Euro Millions Hot Picks range their awards from €10 for a pick one and to £1 million for the five picks.

Game Rules to win Winning Chances Prize £/₹
Pick 1 Guess a main number and match for the winning 1 from 10


Pick 2 Guess two main numbers and match them for the winning 1 in 123 £100/₹10000
Pick 3 Guess three main numbers and match them all for a winning 1 in 1960 £1500/₹1.500.000
Pick 4 Guess four main numbers and match them all for a winning 1 in 46060 £30000/₹30.000.000
Pick 5 Guess five main numbers and match them all for a winning 1 in 2118760 £1000000/₹

How to Play Euro Millions Hot Picks from India?

There are multiple ways that an Indian can participate in the Euro Lottery draw. The first method is to visit the participating country where the Euro lottery is played. What makes this process hard is that you have to prove you are in that country if you collect the earning.

The next method is to sign up for a site like Lotto247, Lottoland, or Playhugelottos. Once you create a profile and have your first deposit, you will start to purchase your first ticket.

This is how this process is working:

  • Visit a betting website and sign in there with your choosing
  • Select the game you wish to play
  • Pick the numbers, and you will have the chance to play several lines at a time
  • Select if you want to bet a single draw or to subscribe
  • Register on a new account or log in to an existing account
  • Deposit your funds and pay for the entries

Cross your fingers for a best luck! 

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