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Online Lotteries in India

The exciting world of lotto is not only a fascinating place for local players but can also be a thrilling opportunity for newbies and pro-gamers from all over the world. Thanks to the world wide web revolution, it is now possible for people from different countries to find their favourite international lotteries online with just one click – and all without having to look for the nearest ticket store.

Seeing that it sometimes can be overwhelming for people from India to choose between the horde of options given to find the best foreign lotteries, Lottothrill found the resolution.

In this post, you’ll find helpful reviews of world lotteries online, which can be played online in India and, furthermore, we put together some helpful tips & tricks on how to master the game of world lotto out there like a pro.

Rating of the Best Websites to Play Lotto

To find out which one of the thousand other websites out there is the best for you to play world lotteries in India, different features, such as bonuses, price variety and customer satisfaction, need to be considered. After hours of in-depth research, reviewing community critiques and testing the authorized sites ourselves, the winners stand clear.

To lift the weight off your shoulders, here’s a summary of the best websites on which to play the international lottery easily online.

Company Rating Pros Cons
Lotto Agent 4.6 many discounts,

good service,

easy to use,

buy 1 get 1 free for first purchase

restricted in many countries,

no app for Apple phones

TheLotter 4.5 offers Payout in rupees,

great variety of international games,

good customer support

high prices
Lottoland 4.2 great selection of games,

inviting bonuses,

sports betting

Support could be better

Many negative reviews

Multilotto 4.0 Casino options,

covers a wide variety of different games


fees on winning,

little payment options


Lotto 247 3.9 offers all the big international lotteries,

easy to play,

good customer support

no syndicates and bundles
LottoGo 3.9 supports UPI,

great deals,

Casino games

customer support can be improved,

not much variety in games

PlayHugeLottos 3.4 more than 20 years in business,

many international games

high prices
Lottokings 3.1 good bonuses,

real lottery tickets


fees on winning,

only web version,

doesn’t cover many lotteries

Jackpot.com 2.8 30+ lotteries,

proof of licence


quiet a young site,

no app,

barely any bonuses

GiantLottos 2.5 ticket scan,

raffles, bundles and syndicates

only web version

little deposit options

Wintrillions 2.2 has been in the business since 2007 no reports on how much people win

operates in LatAm

What are the most popular international lotteries in India?


Being the most famous lottery in the world, it is no question where this mind-boggling game finds its origin: America. An Powerball world lottery online ticket costs between $4 – $5 and can easily be bought online through a lottery agent website. Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10:59 pm (CET), you have the chance to win the renowned jackpot, which is set to a minimum of $20 million and, thanks to the invention of rollovers, can reach billions. This is clearly one of the best games to play world lotteries in India.

Mega Millions

With a Mega Millions ticket for the amount of $2, you can win big in the second most giant American lotto game. Draws are made every Tuesday and Friday, and on both of these days, you get 9 chances to win. The jackpot amount varies by the number of tickets purchased for the week of the draw but is currently estimated to be a minimum of $40 million. If you’re looking for an amazing world lottery game that is already pre-programmed for great fun, don’t miss out on playing America’s Mega Millions.


People from India not only like the skyrocketing numbers-game of Americans but comprehensively also have a thing for the international matches in Europe. For a ticket of 2.50 Euros, the International lotto game Euromillions provides you with two draws per week held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 pm (CEST). To win the jackpot, which is capped at 220 million Euros, you can easily purchase an international lottery ticket online through sites like TheLotter or LottoAgent.


Eurojackpot was formed by seven European countries in 2011 to out beat the famous lotto game Euromillions and nowadays has reached its goal. Every Fridays and Tuesdays at 9 pm (EET), draws are made and can be comfortably joined from home through an online international lottery from India for the price of only 2 Euros per docket. The jackpot can only get as high as $90 million but once won indeed saves you the long life struggle of an average 9-5 job.

La Primitiva

“El Juego de números” is also a prominent thing in Spain and therefore has a spot on our list of the most famous international lotto games to play from India out there. The La Primitiva jackpot starts at 2 million euros and rolls over every time the pot’s not claimed. Every Thursday and Saturday draws are held at 21:40 pm (CET) and crown a winner who bets on the game for just 1 Euro. So don’t miss out to play one of the cheapest world lotteries out there!

El Gordo

The last game to mention on our popularity list is the Spanish game El Gordo de la Primitiva. Every Sunday at 21:30 pm, you get the chance to win an astounding jackpot of a minimum of 5 million Euros, making it the highest pot to succeed within a state lottery. A single world lottery ticket costs 1.50 Euros and can be securely bought from India through an online retailer like all the other international lottery tickets.

How to play international lotteries from India?

Seeing the bigger picture, in the end, it doesn’t matter which international lottery you pick to play from India because the instructions for playing the right way are similar on every world lotto platform out there.

You don’t have to worry about legalizations nor restrictions when playing world lotteries from India as global lotteries online don’t really belong to any government and therefore cannot be seen as an “only national thing”.

By sticking to the following steps, playing the lottery world from India will be as simple as a Sunday:

  1. Sign up on the website of an international lotteries ticket seller and fill in the personal data required. Don’t forget to use a valid and correct email address, as this is needed to receive notifications if you win a prize.
  2. Decide which global international lotteries you want to bet on and make sure you’re about to purchase a ticket in time before the draw
  3. Choose how many tickets or lines of numbers you’d like to buy for your picked game.
  4. Select the numbers you want to play with, and don’t forget to use add-ons if possible. Either pick the numbers yourself – may your lucky number fulfil its purpose here -, or get them randomly selected on the website.
  5. Pay for the tickets via credit card or choose another option if available.
  6. Wait for the draw to be made. Different world lotteries also offer live streams of the upcoming game. You can easily follow online or check the game via a mobile app and the internet.
  7. If you picked the correct numbers and won a prize, the money gets transferred to your online account on the lotto agents website, where you can withdraw it within a few simple steps.

Tips & Tricks on Playing Lotto Online

As the lottery world in India is full of different options, games and ways to play, it might benefit you to get some helpful information from us to increase the joy of winning.

  • There is an incredibly high number of world lotteries out there, and that’s why occasionally, you should aim for the smaller lotteries as well. Their chances of winning are higher than the big ones out there but, of course, leave you with a smaller prize. It might be worth the try!
  • Instead of playing an international lottery online from India with your own chosen numbers, get them selected by the random number generator on the website. This can help you avoid selecting consecutive numbers and therefore increase your chances.
  • Make use of Syndicates and bundles! They are there for a good reason and can help you increase the odds when being used for a game while playing the world lotteries from India.
  • Check your emails weekly for bonuses. Some international lotteries providers offer fantastic bonuses and deals to people who sign up on their website. So make sure you can receive messages from the lotto website and check them constantly for incredible game boosts or vouchers!
  • Before you start playing the world lotteries out there, make sure to set yourself a monthly budget for your games. No one likes to wake up one morning realizing there is a big black hole in their bank account. So get down on the numbers and stick to a limit.


Is it legal to play international lotteries in India?

Yes, it is 100% legal to play international lotteries in India! As an Indian citizen, you’re legally allowed to play lotto online anywhere inside and outside the country. Because the international draws take place outside of India, they’re not subject to local restrictions on lotto.

Which world lotteries can I play?

This depends entirely on the online ticket provider you choose. Most of them offer the most common ones, such as EuroMillions, EuroJackpot or Powerball, but the primary lotto agents usually provide you with lotteries from every country.

What do I need to play international lotteries online?

All you need to do is fill in the required information once you sign up. This may include proof of identification, a valid email address and general personal data. Furthermore, you should be of legal age to play lotto online.

Can I play Indian lotteries online?

Yes, you certainly can! Lotto India can also be played online through an international lottery agent.

I have won an international lottery. How will I receive my winnings?

You will receive the money via your online account on the lottery agent website from where you can easily withdraw it. Depending on how big the prize is, let’s say if you win the jackpot, you might be asked to collect the money by yourself at the closest lottery office.

Do I need to pay any taxes from my international lottery win?

This depends on the country or state from where you bought a ticket. Some governments have tax-free lotteries that allow you to receive the full amount of your winnings.

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