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Pick 3 strategies give players the sharp edge of statistics to guide their number selection, and it works. Find out which method will work for you.

Learning these ever evolving strategies is highly recommended. In this article, you’ll learn how to play a Pick 3 lottery so you can learn how to win a Pick 3 lottery, and everything else you may need to know.

Because the lottery is an inherently chance based system to create fair outcomes, it will always be majority luck. However, the winning figures over time show patterns that can’t be ignored.

With a simple formula and absolve basic math, you can create a system that allows you a sharp edge when playing and boost your odds greatly with Pick 3 strategies to win lotteries.

What Is Pick 3 Strategy?

The Pick 3 strategies give players a much sharper edge, giving far greater odds, making winning a science. The basic strategies and math that can be counted with our hands, or even apps that work the details out for you, the window of winning has never been wider.

Using the results of winners in the past, a set of strategies have been created to give players more control and much higher odds of winning.

The generated results give players CONFIDENCE when playing and choosing their own numbers.

Many states around the US and the world have their local Pick 3 games, and with online betting, the world is your oyster.

Understanding How The Pick 3 Strategy Concepts Works?

Before jumping into Pick 3 strategies to win and their concepts, you’ll want to be familiar with the expressions used. Refer back to the details listed below.

The formulas do involve some basic math, but fortunately it’s been kept simple and minimal. These strategies help players learn how to play Pick 3 successfully.

Strategies for Pick 3 also work best if you backtrack before playing, by testing the methods and seeing which ones provide decent results in your states area.

There is also some brilliant software that calculates everything for you, and you can find more details in the section further on that will help you learn how to win Pick 3.

List of Pick 3 Strategy Terms

In order to fully follow the strategies detailed further below, you can use this list to get familiar with the terms often used.

This will help you learn how to play Pick 3 so you can learn how to win Pick 3.

Reference numbers

pick 3 lottery strategyTaken from past winning combinations, this creates a reference point to establish a strategy that would have worked then.

Hot numbers

These numbers are commonly drawn figures from the past. They’re, you guessed it, hot numbers.

Cold numbers

Figures that don’t often appear in recent draws, and best to avoid. This method is part of the Pick 3 strategies to win.

Mirror numbers

After adding 5 onto a figure and using lottery-calculation, the result is a mirror number. Also sometimes called sister-numbers. This method is part of the Pick 3 strategies to win.

For example:

  • 3 + 5 = 8

The mirror number of 3 is 8


Applying the strategies you’ll learn to some of the recent draws. With those figures on hand, you can use the different protocols and see which system resulted in the winning draw.

Date sum

Using lottery-calculation, add the month and day without the year, of the current lotto draw.

Detailed sum

When you add 2-digits, if necessary, onto a Pick 3 Sum.

Pick 3 Sum

The figure that’s the result of adding the winning figures of a draw together (with standard math).


When either adding or subtracting 2 figures, any 2-digit number has the first figure dropped, making it a one-digit number. For example, 5 + 6 = 11. The result will then be 1.

Lottery Strategies For Pick 3

Pick 3 strategies to win and strategize have different formulas that can be used to play the lottery with exceptional odds. The methods are built off many trials and studying various statistical factors, and aren’t based on a random person’s theory.

Broken down into various Rundowns, each category produces different number sequences, and used together, many players have started mastering this system.

These methods are part of the Pick 3 strategies to win, by learning how to play Pick 3.

+1 -1 Rundown

This method is slightly more lengthy than the 111 Rundown.

Find the last Pick 3 draw results. Add one onto each figure and write it below the original. Repeat this addition 4 times. Then, take the original draw figure and subtract one from each number, and do this 4 times again.

If your state’s winning combination is 291, then your first written number is 302. Continued to 413, 524, and 635. Your subtraction group will look like 291, then 180, 071, 160, and 251.

You then use the last figures of each and have two combinations to work with. With the example above, your combinations are 635 and 251.

To increase the possible pool of figures, you can make mirror/sister numbers for both figures. 635 = 180 and 251 = 706

111 / +1 Rundown

lotto strategy pick 3The Rundown 111 method is quite a simple method.

Find the latest draw results for your state’s Pick 3 lottery. You add 1 onto each figure below the draw’s figure. Keep adding the single digit onto each number until you reach the original draw figure again.

If your state’s Pick 3 lottery winning combination is 573, then the number below that will be 684. Continued to 795, 806, 917, 028, 139, 240, 351, 462, 573.

Those 10 figures are now possible winning numbers. Many go further, and find the hot numbers and select the figure that has the highest hot numbers.

317 Rundown

Find your state’s latest draw results. You add the number 317 onto the winning draw, and continue this process until you reach the original draw number again.

Let’s say your state’s Pick 3 lottery combination is 709. Your column of numbers will be 016, 323, 630, 947, 254, 561, 878, 185, 492, and 709.

These 10 combinations are now possible figures to use. You can even increase the odds of winning by selecting the combinations that have the highest count of hot numbers.

This method is part of the Pick 3 strategies to win.

123 Rundown

Much like the Rundown 317, find the state’s winning draw combination and then 123 is added onto the original. Continue the 123 addition until you reach the original draw figure. The 10 possible combinations are now part of the pool.

You can also apply the Detailed Sum or Date Sum. You can even use the different sums and hot numbers to create Backtrack.

This will let you find patterns of winning within each category, making Backtracking important to see if the strategy is working for you.

238 Rundown

To calculate, you find the previous draw’s figure and subtract 2 3 8.

If your state’s winning combination was 579, then that number minus 238 will result in 341. You can further mirror the number, or use it as is.

Don’t forget to Backtrack and see which strategy seems to work in your state.

Tic-Tac-Toe (Mirror and Hot Numbers Method)

The tic-tac-toe method is a favoured method among players of the lottery. This method is quite different from the other methods, but it is also easy to work out.

Find the last 3 winning draw numbers from your state. Then work out the mirror numbers for those 3 figures. Draw out a grid of 3 columns and 3 rows.

Let’s say the past 3 draw combinations of your state were 952, 467, and 259. The mirror numbers for those would be 407, 912, and 704.

4 0 7
9 1 2
7 0 4
  • The diagonal combinations are 414 and 717.
  • The vertical combinations are 497, 010, and 724.
  • The horizontal combinations are 407, 912, and 704.

Just follow the exact same method shown above if you want to do this, but with hot numbers instead of mirror numbers, until you have the combinations that can be used to play.

You can take these combinations and further modify them using different methods and Rundown strategies.

Automatic tools | Software, Websites and Apps

Software and technological tools just keep getting better. And that includes the lottery tools. Apps and websites that track statistics and help highlight patterns in winning combinations.

There are many apps and websites that will help form your strategy to win the Pick 3 lottery and help with the backtrack for area and state lottery.

Many don’t even consider these apps as they have the idea that they all cost ridiculous amounts of money, or are a waste of time. This is definitely not the case.

Pick 3 Sniper

One of the best providers is Pick 3 Sniper. This software takes the history of winning figure draws and creates statistical figures and combinations and gives you a concise list of possible numbers to play.

It also comes with an explanatory manual that guides you through the layout and instructs you on how to easily utilise the application. It also has a reliable and helpful support channel accessible via email.

Available 24 hours a day with access all throughout the year, you can connect to their platform from any device or computer worldwide, depending on your country’s gambling laws.

Affordable and cost-conscious, Pick 3 Sniper is the go-to for many due to the time saved and the reliable generation of numbers with the best odds.

Pick 3 Sniper does not boast to have guaranteed winning numbers like other services, but their results are reliable and effective enough that many are still signing on.

Making the selection of your Pick 3 numbers has become an easy and quick thing with this software, and despite the simple maths, having a single site with all the details you need makes this app desirable.

3 pick lottery strategy

Other Pick 3 Lottery Strategies

If you want to broaden your use of strategies and seek out other methods, or use more than one in a given game, there are other options out there in the world of Pick 3 lottery.

Here are a few names of the other Pick 3 lottery strategies:

  • Alphabet Pyramids
  • 1 number guaranteed
  • Frequency Analysis
  • Even Odd Pairs
  • positional tracking
  • And more

What is the best strategy for Pick 3?

The best strategy all depends on your state’s history of winning numbers.

Backtracking is a useful tool for players to utilize before officially betting, as some methods may bring no results while others are highly productive for producing winning numbers.


Here, we answer some important questions that are frequently asked.

Is It Possible To Win Pick 3 Every Day?

Due to the nature of lotteries and any game of chance, it is impossible to win every single one. But with Pick 3 strategies, you can take more control than a person playing with random digits and increase your chances of winning exponentially.

Remember, joy is in playing.

How to Win Using a Pick 3 Strategy?

Winning with Pick 3 strategies requires a little bit of time to calculate which methods work best for you and your area. By backtracking, you can establish all the possibilities, which figures to exclude such as cold numbers.

The key is persistence and backtracking.

Finding your strategy to win the Pick 3 lottery is simple, and once you’ve got the methods worked out, easily applicable.

Is it safe to use Pick 3 strategies?

It is definitely safe to use, and has been tried and tested by many players, yielding great results.

The trick is to test as many as you can to find the method that works best for you in your area, which will increase your odds of winning by a very large margin.

Enjoy the Thrill of Playing

After all the facts and statistics have been applied, and your research is done, it’s important to remember the underlying reason for playing: It’s about the fun.

Don’t let the figures bog you down, and try to enjoy the process of playing and waiting.

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