How to Choose Lottery Numbers

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No matter how you obtain them, may it be through birthdays, careful data analysis, or by randomly pointing at a numerical figure on a paper, picking can come in more than just one way!

While draws are entirely random, and any draw has an equal chance of hitting that jackpot, there are people who still believe a few methods up their sleeve helps leverage their probabilities of winning. How, you may ask? Plenty. The real question should be, “How many ways of getting them are there?”

That’s what this article is for! Here, we go through various and most popular ways to choose your lucky figures.

Everyone has a personal preference, like the clothes we wear, the commutes we ride, and the meals we eat. This is why we have compiled seven different ways to choose them just for you. Which include the following methods: 

Analyze Charts and Patterns

how to choose lottery numbersIt is infamously known as the go-to way! This is where your analytic skills come to extra good use, as it involves assessing draws in the past and then keeping track of the most drawn combo.

Some may argue its pointlessness for all the hard work to get an equal chance as any other draws but think again. There are indeed specific ones drawn more frequently compared to others.

This creates the trend of hot (appear in the most winning ones), cold (rarely), and due numbers (have not been drawn for an above-average number of draws).

Use Numerology

Numerology is the exact opposite of using statistics or mathematical means, as instead, it solely rests on faith in the universe. Obtaining these figures is a personal journey where you discover your personal, true, or lucky numbers (if you will).

These can come in the form of birthdays, anniversaries, or any other important dates you can think of. Though there has been no scientific evidence that numerology works, some have won using these combinations!

The Lucky Combo

This is where you typically like or place a sentiment on a particular numerical figure or two and use it as your lottery draw. These can be attained in various ways.

They may come from either your football jersey, birth date, car plate, shoe size, or just oddly catching a specific number that pops up in your daily routine (e.g., in the train station, when you check the time, etc.)

Again, no concrete evidence points out any leverage in doing so, but it has been a long-time used method by many. It’s pretty simple yet can be effective for some people!

Random Picks

With everyone’s numbers getting an equal chance of getting drawn, plus the completely random draws, opting for random numbers may not be such a bad idea! Think of it as a quick and effortless way to pick your numbers.

Whether it be blindfolding yourself and randomly pointing in any direction at the calendar or writing down any number that first comes to mind, the possibilities are endless! These are just a few of the zillion ways you can go about this, and remember, there are zero wrong ways to pick numbers this way.

Find and Choose a System

If you thought horoscopes were odd, then this one is about to get a whole lot odder when it comes to setting up your lotto-winning plans. While there are tons of systems you can find with a few simple clicks on the web, the Delta System is one of the most popular ones.

choosing your lucky lottery numbers

To make things as simple as possible, here’s how it works in a nutshell:

  1. Pick a number between 1 and 3
  2. Then pick two more between 1 and 8.
  3. Pick another one that’s near 8.
  4. Then choose two numbers from 8 to 15.
  5. Scramble them up to displace them out of order.
  6. The first lottery number is the first Delta number.
  7. The second lottery number is the addition of the first two Delta numbers.
  8. The third lottery number is the second lottery number added to the third Delta number.
  9. The fourth lottery number is the third lottery number added to the fourth Delta number.
  10. And so on, until you reach the sixth lottery number, you add the fifth lottery number with the sixth Delta number.

If it seems like a tongue twister to understand, don’t worry! As long as you simply follow the instructions, you should be able to use the Delta System just as well as anyone else!

Let the Good Old Lottery Machine Decide

If you don’t want to spend an ounce of energy dealing with the whole picking process, then letting the lottery machine decide your fate might be your best option!

Many lotteries are out there that enable participants or players to get a random set of machine-picked numerical figures.

All you have to do is pick an option, get your ticket with a selected set of numbers, and voila! You’re good to go. This has been a favorite method of choosing numbers in a handful of countries. If you can’t beat the machine, why not leverage it, right?


Whether you believe in horoscopes or not, there have been instances where they might just play a part in picking winning combos. May it be from dreams, psychic consultations, or horoscopes.

This is commonly known as a mystical and old method that is still used up to this day! Again, this method has no proof of increasing your chances of winning, as all the wins have been proven by nothing but sheer luck.

To Wrap Up

As you can see, there are quite a handful of ways you can choose your lottery numbers! Please remember that the “best method” to win doesn’t exist.

Whether it be consulting the stars above, throwing a dart on cardboard of randomly placed numbers, or using your anniversary date, they all work the same to give you a set of numerical combinations.

So long as the method you choose suits you best, you should have a fair shot at winning that jackpot.

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