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Everyone could do with some extra cash these days.

If you are looking for a way to participate in global lotteries online from India, is one of the best sites you can find to assist you in this goal. This licensed and safe platform is widely used and renowned, most likely due to the high success rate of the players of the many lotteries it gives users access to. This review will tell you all you need to know about using WinTrillions and winning big!



General Information on WinTrillions

WinTrillions is a website that provides the option for people to play many different popular lotteries and raffles online, with so many opportunities to win. It is owned by and licenced through Bulleg Eight Limited.

This platform provides a service that makes it easy and efficient for you to acquire the tickets to the lottery of your choice and then distributes your potential winnings to you. There are over 20 lottery games available to you, and also variants and extra ways of increasing winnings. The highest paying and most played lottery games on WinTrillions include:

Lottery Price (for 1 line play)
US Powerball $5.50
US MegaMillions $5.00
EuroMillions $12.00
California Super Lotto $4.00
Italy SuperEnalotto $6.00
Australia Saturday Lotto $3.00
EuroJackpot $8.00
Brazil Mega Sena $3.50
Canada Lotto $11.00
German Lotto $8.50
French Lotto $12.00
La Primitiva Spain $14.00
Australia Powerball $5.00
UK Lotto $12.00
UK Thunderball $6.00

But you can also find a few other lotteries easily on the informative and transparent platform.

How Does WinTrillions Work?

The WinTrillions platform is not a lottery site itself, it simply buys a lotto ticket for you in the state or country that lottery exists, sends you a secured email with the ticket details, and if you are a lucky winner, WinTrillions guarantees full payout to your account. You are able to see the probabilities of winning for each lottery on the site and make an informed decision.

Here are the easy instructions that you will follow:

  1. Register on (it is a free sign up!)
  2. Add your banking details in order to stock money for lotto ticket purchases.
  3. Log in and pick any lottery game that you would like to try your luck at.
  4. Select your lucky digits or place that decision in the hands of the system with the ‘random’ option.
  5. Finalize and submit.
  6. Take note of when exactly the drawing is, tune in or check the results after on the WinTrillions website.

Registering for WinTrillions

wintrillions loginNow even though the steps above are very simple, we are going to take you through exactly how to sign up for the free account on WinTrillions to make sure the process is smooth as can be.

On you need to first click on the “Open an Account” option (it should be at the top of the homepage). Then you will fill in the required fields with your details. Take note of which sections of the form are mandatory (these are indicated by a star) and feel free to leave out any that are not mandatory. As soon as you are finished filling in those details, check that the mandatory sections are filled in accurately and then you can select the “Sign up” button.

Now you are officially registered on WinTrillions! You can press the “sign in” button to login the next time you want to play your preferred lottery.


What is on Offer?

On Wintrillions you will find a variety of products and services that allow you to become a seasoned lottery or raffle player.

The company is widely known for the lottery option – where you can pick any lottery from a variety of countries, select your numbers to play, select how many lines you wish to play, and you are on your way.

wintrillions lotteries

There is also the syndicate or “lottery team” possibility, allowing the WinTrillions user to buy tickets with a group of lotto players. Buying multiple tickets together increases the possibility of success, though you do not get to pick the numbers being played and your prize will of course be split with your fellow members of the syndicate.

Another option for syndicate playing is the multiple lottery syndicates. The “One-Dollar Syndicate gives you access to play the US Powerball and Mega millions for 1 dollar; and the “Power Combo Syndicate” allows you to participate in the Powerball, the Mega Millions, and the SuperEna lotto.

wintrillions lottery team

Another product on offer on the WinTrillions site is the Millionaire Raffles. There is a winner of each raffle that is done through the site and entering these raffles is very easy since the numbers are pre-selected unlike a lottery. There is also a variety of games to try and win your very own millions.

WinTrillions Coupons, Promotions and Discounts

If you intend to be a regular lotto player, it will be worth your while to become part of the VIP members on WinTrillions. Members of this program accumulate loyalty points each time they spend $2 on any product as soon as they sign up for WinTrillions and become a VIP member. Once you have racked up 25 points these are redeemable for other incentives and options such as free plays and special deals and offers on the site.

For truly committed lottery players, WinTrillions also offers four special membership levels: gold, diamond, platinum, and titanium, each with significant rewards and perks, most significantly in level titanium.

  • Gold: particular weekly offers, three discounted syndicated plays each month, free access to the eBook, “The Secrets of Winning Lotteries.” Free participation in the Gold Syndicate, California’s SuperLotto, and USA Hot Lotto.
  • Diamond: all of the offers and perks of gold members as well as free participation in Canada’s Lotto 6/49, opportunity to play in reserved games that have limited tickets like Super Summer Draw, £5 credit each month in addition to subscription credit, prioritised assistance when contacting customer service.
  • Platinum and titanium memberships on WinTrillions are particular and reserved for the most experienced and loyal players. It is easiest to discuss these levels and what is needed to join them, with the dedicated customer service line which you can find on the website (a more in-depth description of the customer service is also discussed within this review).

WinTrillions offers gift cards that others could send to you or that you could send to a friend.

There are no special offers for joining as a new member of WinTrillions. However, there are new special deals and discounts every day so keep your eye out!

Rules to play

Participating in lotteries is a lot of fun, but it is important to protect yourself from breaking any of the WinTrillions participation rules. Full descriptions of the rules can be found on WinTrillions com, however we have summarised them for you below:

  • You must be 18 years old or above to use this website to play lotteries.
  • Cancellation of your subscription will result in a cancellation fee.
  • WinTrillions is not able to display the lottery laws of each country it is used in. Each user is responsible for being aware of the laws in their own country.
  • Any taxes that may be incurred from your winnings are your own responsibility.
  • Becoming a user of the WinTrillions platform is at your sole decision, discretion and risk.
  • Using multiple accounts that belong to the same user is strictly against the rules and could result in termination of winnings and closing of your account.

wintrillions play

Important Information on Payment

Payment on WinTrillions follows an easy process and is totally secure. Your many deposit options include Visa, JCB, Skril, Ukash, DineroMail, AstroPay, Giropay, EPS, WebMoney, ToditoCash, Mail Check, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, American Express, PostFinance, Entropay. The maximum amount for a deposit within a 24 hour period is € 25 000, or the equivalent in whatever currency that is relevant.

wintrillions payment methodsWithdrawal of funds is also versatile as you may use bank wire, cheque, and debit or credit card. There are withdrawal limits on WinTrillions having to do with sums that are equal to or greater than five times your lifetime deposits. If this occurs, you will be limited on how much you can take out in a single week. There are also limitations on withdrawing within the same 24-hours. WinTrillions reserves the right to pay prize money in instalments at its discretion.

Safety and Legality of WinTrillions

wintrillions gaming licenseWinTrillions is a government licensed and secure lottery website, licensed under the Legacy Eight Curacao group. Any purchases, deposits of withdrawals that are made are encrypted by the industry standard 256-bit SSL encryption.

The service is tried and tested by over 480,000 users worldwide since 2005. The website “GoDaddy” has also confirmed the security of WinTrillions by awarding it the ‘Verified & Secured’ award.

WinTrillions places safety and legitimacy as a top priority, guaranteeing 100% of any prize money going straight to the winner.

As mentioned, it also does not go against any lottery laws in India as the lottos are played in the country of their origin and are licensed through their individual governing bodies.


Customer Service and Satisfaction

The WinTrillions website is very user-friendly and simple to use. After landing on the homepage you will easily locate the different game options on the top left of the page – Lottery, Lottery Team, Raffles, Results. It is also very clear where to click to sign up for a free account, and which lotteries are dubbed as highly popular at the moment.

WinTrillions is totally accessible for lottery players worldwide as the website can be viewed in various languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Deutsch, Polish).

The 24-hour customer care on the website is available and ready to assist with any concerns, problems or questions that might occur while using WinTrillions. There is a “Chat” option on the WinTrillions website at the bottom of the page, which puts the user in touch with customer care staff. There is also the option of selecting the ‘contact us’ page on the site and filling out the form, or you can write an email to, or calling the customer support line on either +442031399052 or +525547772359. Please be aware that these are not toll-free numbers.

WinTrillions Jackpot Success Stories

There are many instances of players winning big on the lotto games that you can play on WinTrillions. Here are some of the lucky participants that have joined WinTrillions in order to become prosperous lottery players:

  • An Australian lotto player was a successful winner of the US MegaMillions and won $250K
  • A player participated in the EuroJackpot and found himself €30K richer.

Pros and Cons of using WinTrillions


  • This is an easy, efficient, smooth website that allows the user to purchase lotto tickets from anywhere in the world.
  • Widespread access to lotteries around the world.
  • Rewards for people who are return lottery customers.
  • Daily deals and other special rewards.
  • The WinTrillions website is mobile-friendly and simple to access and use. You just need to go to on your internet browser on your smartphones, tablets, or any other devices.
  • You also have the option to download the WinTrillions app on an Apple device from the App Store
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No deductions or commission at all, on any rewards from a lottery ticket bought using WinTrillions
  • WinTrillions is a company that places huge importance on leaving a responsible legacy behind them. A share of all of the profits go to charitable organisations that benefit underprivileged communities in Latin America.


  • Cancelling or editing existing subscriptions can be difficult.
  • Some users have indicated that it is difficult to keep a reliable record of regular withdrawals from Wintrillions out of your credit card, and recommend using a money card, cheque, or other deposit methods.
  • There are no bundle options other than the syndicate options mentioned above
  • The mobile app is not available for Android.
  • There are no rewards or special offers for new customers of WinTrillions, only frequent customers
  • Phone numbers for contact support are not toll-free
  • Ticket prices are slightly raised in order to support the platform.
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    1 year ago

    There are countless articles on wintrillions review, but little to none provide anything in-depth that I can apply. I was having difficulty registering on this site until I somehow searched this article on lottothrill.
    I don’t usually say this, but thank you so much to whoever came up with this piece! Registering for wintrillions review was not as hard as I thought it would be after reading this fantastic piece that has everything you need to know aboute it! Highly recommended!

    11 months ago

    I will not recommend the service. First you are betting not buying a ticket. Meaning that even if you are the only one who matched the number (let take a major lottery like powerbal) you aren’t guaranteed the full amount because you didn’t paid for the full amount of what they call shares on the bet. Which mean even you were the only bettor who won. You will not be getting the whole Jackpot but just a fraction. Regular lotteries if you purchase a ticket and win then you will get the whole Jackpot. Not with them. And additionally, let say such lottery (Powerball as example) has only one winner doesn’t mean thru Wintrillions will be the same. The number of winners thru the local lottery not necessarily will be same as thru Wintrillions. Meaning that if Powerball in USA only one person won but in Wintrillions might be the case that 300 people won. And based on the share concept (which if you don’t read carefully will confuse you) you might be just getting 50cents (hypothetically speaking). My advice find a different provider.  

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