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The Nirmal Lottery is a game series launched by the Government of Kerala. It was launched by Kerala State Lotteries which was founded in 1967.

  • The Nirmal Lottery is drawn each Friday.
  • Nirmal Ticket Price: it’s about Rs 40 but the price varies between states.
  • Biggest Jackpot in History on the Kerala Nirmal Lottery: Rs 7 Million

How Does the Nirmal Lottery Work?

  • nirmal kerala lottery winnersBuy a Nirmal Lottery ticket.
  • You don’t choose the numbers and letters. The tickets are pre-printed, you just have to buy them.
  • You’ll get a code that consists of 2 letters and 6 digits, starting with “N”. The Nirmal game tickets are made in 12 series.
  • Save your code and the receipt as it’s unique and you’ll need it later to claim the prize.
  • Wait for the drawing process which is held on Fridays at 15:00.

Who Can Play?

  • Age requirement: you have to be at least 18 to participate in the Kerala Nirmal Lottery.
  • Age exception: India allows minors (below 18) to play only if the ticket was gifted to them, but it’s super discouraged, in order to avoid forming a gambling addiction at such a young age.
  • Location: you don’t have to live in Kerala in order to take part in the game. You can play from any place in India. You can also play from abroad but make sure to check your country’s regulations regarding gambling.

Nirmal Lottery Prizes

The Nirmal Lottery Prizes range from the jackpot of 70 Lakhs to Rs 100. In case you have the same 6 figure combination but the ticket is from other series, you get the consolation prize of Rs 8,000.

Prize Category Amount of Prize Combinations
1 (Jackpot) Rs 7,000,000 Common to all series
2 Rs 1,000,000 Common to all series
3 Rs 100,000 One prize per series
4 Rs 5,000 The last 4 figures are drawn 18 times
5 Rs 1,000 The last 4 figures are drawn 36 times
6 Rs 500 The last 4 figures are drawn 70 times
7 Rs 100 The last 4 figures are drawn 120 times
8 (Consolation) Rs 8,000 11 series

How to Play the Nirmal Lottery in India?

You can participate in the Kerala Nirmal Lottery online or offline, there is no difference in any rules or regulations. All states of India that allow the sale of lotteries have their online website as well.

How to Play Online?

Here is the step-by-step guide for online gambling:

  1. Visit the webpage of the Kerala Nirmal Lottery tickets seller.
  2. Choose how many tickets you want to buy.
  3. Fill out the form with your personal information to make your identification easy.
  4. Pay for the ticket online by credit card.
  5. Wait for the drawing process and then check the Kerala Nirmal Lottery results.
  6. Claim your winnings online.

How to Play Offline?

nirmal kerala lottery tickets

Playing the Nirmal Lottery offline is just as simple as online.

Let’s go through the steps:

  1. You have to buy the Kerala Nirmal Lottery tickets from one of the authorized State shops.
  2. Sign your name on the backside of the ticket so that you can be identified when you win.
  3. Save the ticket and receipt.
  4. Wait for the drawing process and check the results.
  5. Don’t forget to take the receipt and ticket with you as you need them to verify your winnings and receive your prize.

Where to Check Kerala Nirmal Lottery Results?

how to play nirmal kerala lottery

The draw is held every week on Fridays, so you need to check the Kerala Nirmal Lottery Results. You have up to 30 days to claim the prize so don’t forget to check your results in time.

You can see the results on the official site or on our platform. You can check any results here, the past results of the Nirmal Bhaguakuri Lottery or the newest Kerala Nirmal Results from today.

There are also different lotto applications where you can see updated results at any time.

How to Claim the Prize of the Nirmal Lottery?

If you win the Nirmal Lottery you have up to 30 days to get your prize. You can get any prize below Rs 5,000 through an authorized shop or agency. But winnings above Rs 5,000 have to be addressed to a bank or an official authority in order to identify the winner.

Don’t forget to save your ticket and receipt, as you won’t be able to claim the prize without proper verification and proof.

Claiming the prize offline is very quick and simple but if you can’t visit the Government Lottery Office you can get the winnings online. You just have to send the tickets to the office by the Indian Post and you’ll have the money in your bank account in no time.


All winning prizes are taxed with a charge of 30% in India, just like any other gambling game.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how the Nirmal Lottery works you can feel free to start playing.

Buying a ticket is super easy both online and offline.

Make sure to check the results on time as you have 30 days to claim your prize. If you miss it, the winning will be nullified.

The game is a great opportunity to challenge your luck and have fun, but don’t stress about it too much, it’s just a game.

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