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The time, date, and place that you are born will determine your zodiac sign. If you were born between January 20th and February 18th, your zodiac sign is an Aquarius. They are often known for their intelligence and their need to be intellectually stimulated. Apart from that, this zodiac sign is great at thinking outside the box, and taking a well-thought-out risk is not uncommon for them, making their chances of winning a lottery bigger.

The Numbers That The Zodiac Sign Aquarius Should Choose

As mentioned above, an Aquarius will not do something without thinking. Once they research what will make their chances of winning more significant, they will use this to their advantage. So why not let your zodiac sign help you?

The Lucky Horoscope Figures

  • Aquarius Lucky Number
    There are a few lucky numbers. These are 6-7 -16-27-31-34-47. Making these numbers the Aquarians daily winning lottery numbers. The Aquarius absorbs information, and while others write down their lucky numbers on a piece of paper, the Aquarius will remember them by heart.
  • Aquarius lucky dates and days of the week
    This specific zodiac sign thrives on multiple days a week. These days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. When playing the lottery, it would be advised to play on those days.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the Mega Million Lottery is played which makes this an excellent choice for the Aquarius to participate in if they want to win big.

As mentioned before they are good at using their intelligence. Spreading their winning chance in the week is an example. Therefore they often choose to play Powerball. Powerball has its drawings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

If your lucky gut feeling pulls you towards the end of the week, then playing EuroJackpot would be your best bet. Eurojackpot will name their winners every Friday.

Mega Million, Powerball, and the Eurojackpot all have in common that they give out grand prizes. Sharing is in Aquarius’ nature. So the more the merrier. Price-wise and People-wise.

The Numbers That This Zodiac Sign Should Avoid

aquarius lucky winnerAs you can read above, an Aquarius has many lucky digits but also some unlucky ones. These numbers mentioned below should be avoided.

  • Unlucky number
    13 is globally known to be unlucky. Has your intuition always told you to stay away from this number? Then that most likely has to do with your zodiac sign. As the number 13 is not a match for you.
  • Unlucky days of the week
    Aquarius likes to spend time by themselves. You will notice this on Sundays, where the need to have some time after a busy week grows. Therefore, Sundays  don’t fall in this zodiac sign of lucky lottery days.

Lottery Playing Style

They naturally want to share, outthink and play unpredicted. They are encouraged by their intellect to think outside the box. They tend toward a bit of risk but never do this without thinking. The past has shown that Aquarius is not averse to winning big.

The Aquarius can be stubborn and impulsive at times. They don’t like to get told what to do. Therefore, they prefer playing alone, without anyone else telling them what to do. Once they have made a decision, they will stick with it.

Tips On How To Make The Most Money On Your Lucky Numbers

Aquarius should always follow their gut feeling and use their intellect and need to be challenged to their advantage while playing the lucky lottery. They should trust their daily lucky numbers, dates, and days, which means they play with what has been proven to be lucky for them in the past. Even though they like to take a risk, they know that they shouldn’t play with what is unlucky for them (see paragraph above).

Is It Worth Playing Based on Luck?

Playing with what makes you lucky is worth it! Lucky horoscope numbers have been researched for decades. In life, sometimes things just need to fall into place at the right time, at the right moment. What makes an Aquarius luckier is based on numerology and astrology. Of course, there are no guarantees, but who doesn’t want extra luck winning the lottery?

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