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Pisces are known for their softness and a little shyness, but have an adventurous spirit on the inside. They have a natural ability to get along with anyone as they have excellent visions and imaginations in life. People born between February 19th and March 20th are Pisces. This zodiac sign is known for having a sympathetic approach and single-minded thinking in everything they do in life.

When it comes to playing, are you curious what makes Pisces the lucky ones in the lottery? Then let me show you the wonders of astrology. You may think about it before playing. Remember, there is no harm in believing some lucky guides to win. We will never know your luck if we never try, right?

Who knows these astrology tips could be your ticket to become the next lottery winner?

Pisces Lucky Numbers, Days and Time

Most lottery players choose numbers because it has significant value to them. Some people believe their lucky numbers probably depend on dates that are so special to them, or maybe it is just their favorites. However, some people prefer to use the numbers recommended by numerology.

Whether you believe or not the magic of astrology, if you are a Pisces, you may want to try your luck with these Pisces lucky numbers, times, and days based on your zodiac sign.

Below are the factors you need to see and learn first. Try to take a look at these Pisces lucky numbers and lucky days and memorize them.

Lucky numbers: 68,60,33,24,18,14

Lucky time: between 12:00 to 7:00.

Lucky days: Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays

Is there a Specific Lottery Game Pisces Should Try Playing?

Pisces are known for their creative mind, which makes them appreciate unusual lottery concepts. With that, playing Italy Lotto and EuroJackpot would be advisable as these are lottery games that give excitement. It has a unique concept as well that no one can find in other national lotteries. This sign could also try their luck playing MegaMillions.

What are the Unlucky Numbers that Should be Avoided?

Number 39 is a number that numerologists would never recommend using as this could be a digit that is an insignificant choice for Pisces. It is said to be associated with Afghanistan’s bad luck. Though it might not have a clear explanation why they find it an unlucky number, it will still be a good reminder to take note of because this could be another key for a possible win on lottery games.

Are you wondering what Lottery Playing Style of a Pisces?

pisces lotto winnerPisces are also known as generous persons, and this good characteristic shows up when they are playing the lottery game.

It is rare for a Pisces person to stick only to one ticket for a draw. They will always choose to purchase a bundle of slips to maximize the fun. As mentioned, they are creative thinkers which is why they like to mix and match different ideas and tactics when assembling the tickets. You’ll find them using numerous strategies, trying to rely on Pisces lucky numbers, and other points they find extra interesting.

Moreover, this sign is also emotional in extreme lengths when watching the lotto. If they watch the live draw, they will wait for every next number with more anticipation and that makes playing the lottery with Pisces more fun.

Whatever game we play, understanding the rules and instructions first is the most important thing to do. That involves checking your winning chances as well. Also try the Lottery Odds Calculator because this could be a help to determine the exact chances you have.

5 Helpful Tips to Earn the Most from Your Pisces Lucky Numbers

Now that you know the lucky numbers and lucky days, here are some extra tips and formulas to use:

  • Don’t take things too far

As mentioned, Pisces is a very giving type, and may often spend enormous money on the lottery. With that said, never ever forget that the primary reason why you are playing is for entertainment purposes. Otherwise, too much attention and overly spending playing the lotto has a chance to turn you into a gambling addict.

  • Stick to your Pisces lucky numbers 

As a Pisces, you are indeed a creative human being but do not let too much creativity hinder you from winning the lottery. If you have personal lucky numbers, stick with them multiple times when playing.

  • Buy tickets whenever you have the chance.

This is a trick that never goes out of style. The more tickets you have, the more chances of winning.

  • Identify the games you enjoy playing 

Exploring a new game once in a while is not bad. But, if you found the kind of lottery game that suits you the most and it is something you enjoy, then better to play it for the long run.

  • Learn the odds before the draw 

Before you choose a particular lottery game, make sure to understand its rules. That includes checking the chances of winning. You can use the lottery odds calculator to determine the exact chances.

Is it worth playing with Pisces Lucky Lottery Numbers?

Pisces lucky numbers will never put you in danger as they are just numbers after all. Remember, there is nothing wrong with trying these numbers. This may not give you complete confidence in victory, but it will add extra pleasure during the game. Try using these Pisces lucky numbers and see if it brings you good fortune.

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    1 year ago

    I knew pretty well that it was only luck that could help me win a lottery. I was in search of a way to have luck my way. According to my horoscope, I am Pisces. I thought that if I used my lucky numbers, I could have luck my way. Based on my horoscope, I chose numbers for this star-based lottery game. I must mention that this article was really really helpful in taking part in this lottery.

    kishor C baran
    8 months ago

    i want to win lottery i am not a lucky guy

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