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Do you know those people who seem to have it all in life, including an endless supply of luck? I bet they are Gemini’s. Not only does Gemini’s seem to have a lucky streak in them, but they are also a restless sign. So, settling for something that isn’t working for them isn’t something a Gemini will do. This trait will keep them moving around until they find some luck and then move on when the luck runs out. Playing various types of lotteries isn’t uncommon and could be what contributes to such luck.

Common traits of Gemini

Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac and consists of people born between May 21st and June 20th.

Characterised by the twins, Gemini’s are known to have two sides to them. This is the zodiac’s most emotionally intelligent sign, a great communicator, and considered the chameleon of the zodiac due to their ability to fit into any group or situation.

People born under the Gemini sign are lifelong learners and highly witty;  intellectually they will move on to someone who can very quickly.

A few fun facts about Gemini:

  • Flower – lavender and lily of the valley
  • Gem – tiger’s eye and emerald
  • Money planet – moon
  • Characteristics – adventurous, restless, sociable, thoughtful, excitable, and versatile.

Why you should trust your lucky numbers and check them daily

Every zodiac has lucky numbers that change on a regular basis. Your lucky numbers are calculated by a numerologist and carry certain energy with them. Checking back daily to stay on top of your lucky numbers will help to create a winning strategy when it comes to winning the lottery.

Everything has a frequency, and staying on top of your lucky frequency will increase your odds of hitting the big jackpot.

gemini lucky lotto winner

Gemini’s best bet

All-around lucky numbers are 4, 5, 11, 19, 52, 68.

Your lucky days of the week are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Taking your lucky number and lucky days of the week into account when choosing which lottery to play will increase your odds of winning. When choosing a lottery to play, it’s good to select a lottery that will draw on your days, as the Euromillions draws on Fridays and the Powerball draws on Wed and Sat. What day you pick your lottery numbers matters as well, be sure it’s a lucky day for you, as well as the time you play, Geminis seem to have increased luck between 3 pm and 5 pm.

If playing in a lottery pool is something you enjoy, Gemini, be mindful of who you’re playing with, and what their zodiac signs are. Some good fellow zodiac signs to join a lottery pool with are:

Gemini naturally makes you a lucky person, be sure the people you pool your lottery tickets with aren’t going to bring your luck down.

Unlucky numbers for Gemini

With all the good luck that is naturally attached to the Gemini sign, there isn’t a number that holds bad luck for Gemini folks. However, people born under this sign can be a bit superstitious and may avoid the number 13.

Any number you feel is personally unlucky for you should absolutely be avoided even if that number shows as a lucky number for the day. It is always best to follow your intuition and avoid anything that feels unlucky.

Being a restless sign which is constantly on the lookout for new experiences and adventures, Geminis are not likely to tie themselves down to one lottery. Depending on their moods, they may play a new lottery every time they play, or they may play the same lottery a few times before inevitably getting tired of it and moving on.

This works for Geminis because you do carry that energy of good luck with you; no matter which game you end up deciding to play, you take your good luck with you.

Tips for the lottery

  1. Trust your instincts – Geminis can be indecisive. If you’re getting a gut feeling telling you to play a number or particular game, then it is best to listen. If you have a bad feeling about a number or a lottery, you need to steer clear. Trusting your instincts is important.
  2. Use your lucky days to your advantage – Wednesday and Saturday are very lucky days for Gemini. This is great news and can be used to your advantage since a lot of lotteries draw their numbers on those days.
  3. Check your tickets – Gemini’s can be a bit scattered-brained. A winning ticket that you forget to check isn’t going to do you any good. Set the alarm or a reminder of some sort to check your tickets.
  4. Keep track of your lottery tickets – using lottery software to track the lotteries you have played and the numbers played will give you a lot of insight and appeal to the Gemini, who always likes to learn and understand how things work.

gemini lucky numbers


Playing the lottery is something that appeals to a Gemini due to its excitement and various games that can be played.

Don’t forget to check back regularly to make use of your lucky numbers. Pairing up your lucky numbers with your natural luck is a good combination for winning those big jackpots.

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