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Scratch and Win Cash

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Scratch cards are a type of instant win game and one of the easiest games to play. As the name implies, all you have to do is scratch and win cash.

Scratch cards are an increasingly popular type of gambling done online or via telephone, as they allow players to participate worldwide from their own homes with little or no hassle.

Are you interested? Read on to learn all the fundamentals you have to know before you scratch and win cash.

How the lottery scratch card works?

scratch cards in indiaThese cards can be bought online or in casinos and then scratched off to reveal if any prizes have been won, and if you’re lucky, win the jackpot! Any prizes you win will be added to your signed-up account.

Where can I play Scratch Cards?

It is available to play online through casino websites or lottery sites like Lotto247, PlayHugelottos and Lottoland Asia. Here, you can choose various types of scratch-cards games, which we will get to in a bit.

Price per ticket

It depends on what game you choose to play, but the price per ticket generally ranges between 40 and 800 Rupees. The prices are similar to the USA lotteries available to play from India.

Best Scratch Cards, Prices, and Odds

Scratch Card Game Price per Ticket
Elephant Rs 4
777 Rs 40
Fruity Flurry Rs 64
₹80,00,000 Cash Rs 80
33 Chances Rs 160
10 Lucky Years Rs 160
Everyday Payday Rs 160
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Rs 240
Instant Millionaire Rs 320
16 Crores Rs 400
Red Ruby Rs 800

Winning Odds

Scratch Card Game Odds to Win 1st Prize Amount
Elephant 1 to 4 Rs 40,000
777 1 to 3.5 Rs 77,777
Fruity Flurry 1 to 2.2 Rs 40,00,000
₹80,00,000 Cash 1 to 3 Rs 80,00,000
33 Chances 1 to 3.6 Rs 16,00,000
10 Lucky Years 1 to 3.5 Rs 4,00,000 a month for 10 years
Everyday Payday 1 to 3.5 Rs 1,20,000 per day for a year
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire 1 to 2.9 Rs 80,00,00,000
Instant Millionaire 1 to 1 to 3.3 Rs 80,00,00,000
16 Crores 1 to 1.7 Rs 16,00,000
Red Ruby 1 to 3.5 Rs 72,00,000

Tips on playing the game

Plan out and allocate a budget

When planning to play scratch cards, the first thing you should do is decide on a budget. Decide how much you want to spend and stick to it.

Nobody wants to waste their hard-earned cash away by buying scratch cards that don’t give them the winning jackpot they could have won if only they had planned properly. This way, you will ensure that you will not be spending more than you can afford.

Understand the rules of the game

Different casinos mean different policies surrounding the game(s) you play. Therefore, it is always wise to read and understand how the game is played before you play to earn a scratch card. Otherwise, you can then turn a scratch to cash in no time!

Scout for casinos that offer the greatest bonuses

scratch cards playing indiaEvery casino has bonuses available to all their players, but some might just have the upper hand over the others, and that’s what you should be after. Opt for casinos that offer an excellent bonus on both your deposit and scratch cards. This sets you up for the big prizes.

Test various games out on the free mode

The sole purpose of testing out these different types of games is to understand how each game is played and see which one suits you the most. These scratch and win cash games essentially have the same fundamentals, each with a unique twist in its features.

Not every game will be for you, and you are not meant to like all earn scratch card games, and that’s okay! Try out as many as you’d like, and take note of the ones you enjoy the most. A good rule of thumb is to always go for the scratch to cash games that you love playing most.

Not only does this ensure you have the best chances to scratch and win cash prizes, but it also gets you to have loads of fun to earn those cash prizes.

Leverage your prize wins

When stockholders receive dividends or a return on investment, they tend to reinvest them back into their investments; the same goes for when playing these games. When you scratch and win cash prizes, use them to win even more.

However, always keep your budget in mind and know your limits. It’s better to win a good amount than to lose a great amount in the process.

Scratch Cards Description


In association with the name itself, 777 has seven winning tickets with a great winning of 77,777 Rupees! These seven tickets are randomly placed among every 4,000,000 cards, but if you didn’t get any of the 7 top prizes, don’t worry!

The game has eight winning tiers that start at 20 to 77,777 Rupees at only 40 Rupees for one card. With various ways to win good and great, it is undoubtedly worth the go!

Odds 1 to 3.5
Top Prize Rs 77,777


It is known as the tiny but mighty scratch card out there, as one scratch card only costs Rs 4 for a chance to snatch that 40,000 Rupees jackpot. To win, all you have to do is simply scratch and win cash by getting three identical symbols on your card.

Odds 1 to 4
Top Prize Rs 40,000

Fruity Flurry

At only 64 Rupees to scratch and win cash for a card, this game gets you a shot to claim the grand 40,00,000 Rupees victory! In addition, there are five other prizes to claim if you missed the jackpot, that is two 16,00,000 Rupees prizes and another three 4,00,000 Rupees to potentially snatch.

Fruity Flurry’s return-to-player percentage stands at 63.4 percent.

Fruit Flurry
Odds 1 to 2.2
Top Prize Rs 40,00,000

₹80,00,000 Cash

As the name suggests, that’s exactly how much you can win! At only 80 Rupees to scratch and, hopefully, claim glory, you’ll get the chance to win Rs 80 lakh in cash or any of the ten winning tiers available.

All you have to do is match three out of the nine numbers to win. It should be worth the shot with a 58 percent return to the player. The game is available on various online casinos, so be sure to check out the ones available for you.

80,000,000 Cash
Odds 1 to 3
Top Prize Rs 80,00,000

scratch cards winners india

33 Chances

33 tries are how many times you get to grab that jackpot potentially. Like most scratch card games, just match the three numbers and say hello to sweet victory! With only Rs 160 as your cost to scratch, you can even play to up your chances by not three but ten times!

Aside from 33 chances, you’ll also have 33 prize tiers, starting at Rs 10 to Rs 20,000! The game is available on any PC with up-to-date web browsers and a speedy Internet connection. With all that, it’s pretty fair to say it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot.

33 Chances
Odds 1 to 3.6
Top Prize Rs 16,00,000

Ten Lucky Years

As long as you have Rs 160 in your spending budget, you’ll get a shot to claim Rs 4,00,000 monthly for ten years!

It mimics a regular salary, making Ten Lucky Years a favorite game among players. And don’t worry, there are other tiers you can win as well, in case you didn’t get the jackpot.

The ease of playing the game, by just matching all three numbers, and its availability on the official Lottoland site, smartphone apps (Android and IOS), makes it worth the play!

10 Lucky Years
Odds 1 to 3.5
Top Prize Rs 4,00,000 a month for 10 years

Everyday Payday

Getting a chance to get paid Rs 1,20,000 every single day for a year is what makes this game one of the top-rated scratch cards to date. Simply match three icons, at only Rs 160 per try, to hopefully claim the grand win or Everyday Payday’s other available prizes!

Everyday Payday
Odds 1 to 3.5
Top Prize Rs 1,20,000 per day for a year

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Like the classic scratch card, you will be given nine digital cards and a digital coin. The aim is to move the coin with the cursor and select three of the nine with the same values, and voila! Alternatively, you can always choose the “reveal all” button.

Unlike the TV show, all you need is a few taps on your screen, and you’ll get a chance to win Rs 80,00,000 at only Rs 240 per ticket.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Odds 1 to 2.9
Top Prize Rs 80,00,00,000

16 Crores

Though 16 Crores is slightly higher-priced at Rs 400 than others, its prizes do not disappoint as you can win up to 16,00,00,000 Rupees! It’s either that or the other ten prize tiers you can get a fair share from if you didn’t win the jackpot.

16 Crores
Odds 1 to 1.7
Top Prize Rs 16,00,000

Red Ruby

The game offers a glorious first prize of Rs 72,00,000, along with ten various tiers of prizes to take home. These prize tiers have a range between 160 and 40,000 Rupees.

The cost per ticket may be pretty high at Rs 800, but it does offer good odds at 1 to 3.5 each time you play.

Red Ruby
Odds 1 to 3.5
Top Prize Rs 72,00,000

scratch cards playing india

Why you should play Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a simple and inexpensive way to win thousands of pounds potentially. They offer players anonymity, which helps assure them that there are no strings attached to their wagers.

In what else would you be allowed to buy a random card, scratch it, and hope you win? The amount you can win is also appealing because it is relatively high, especially if you are lucky!

Scratch cards are ideal for anyone seeking a bit of fun with the potential to win big sums of money. They appeal to everyone from the young at heart to those looking for a hobby they can chase until the end of their days!


Can I Play Scratch Cards from a smartphone?

Absolutely! Since it is available online, you can also download their app on the Google Play store. Otherwise, you can simply play it on a web browser.

What is the highest jackpot ever won?

The highest winning amount ever gotten is Rs 80 Crore, and the best part about it is that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

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