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The game has been played in India, and other several Asian countries, since the early days of computerized game betting. It is a simple popular game where players choose 5 digits of their liking (in a range of 1 to 42) and hopefully match them with the result of the winning numbers.

The Malamaal daily, often called a Malamaal by players and Indian betting companies, has become one of the most famous Indian daily games that can be played offline and online at Lottoland asia website.

Drawing Time Day and Cost

The cost for entry starts at a minimum fee of only 40 Rupees for a shot to become the winner of the 72 lakh Rupees.

This lotto draws every day of the week at precisely 1:10 AM GMT in India or 9:40 PM CEST, so be sure to take note of your ticket draw result time.

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Malamaal Daily: Winning Odds

Here is a rough estimate of your odds of claiming any of the prize tiers available.

Winning digits matched Winning Malamaal Daily Odds
5 1 to 851,000
4 1 to 4,600
3 1 to 130

Malamaal Daily lottery jackpots

When it comes to the bare minimum and maximum prize of the game, this entirely depends on how many tickets were sold, so these prize amounts can vary from time to time.

Roughly speaking, if you were able to get all 5 of the winning digits, then you can snatch up to 72 Lakh Rupees as the main jackpot! But if you don’t, then fear not.

You can also get two other prize tiers where you can get 15,000 Rupees for matching 4 digits, and the lowest prize tier at 300 Rupees if you match at least 3 digits.

No matter how big or small you win, a win is still a win, and the lottery is obliged to fulfill the prize to you. All payouts are a hundred percent guaranteed, so long as you are legally eligible to play and have provided the supporting documents to claim your well-deserved prize money.

Are there any tips to boost winning chances to claim the jackpot?

As a matter of fact, there is! In a game of luck, it is imperative to play strategically. There are a few simple strategies in Malamaal that can be applied when you sign up for the daily lottery, but a highly recommended tip to boost your chances is by using combinations of systems.

Due to its inexpensive cost per ticket, most typical Malamaal Daily players use this thing called “systems,” where they essentially boost your chances of winning by coming up with multiple digit combinations in a single line.

Play the Malamaal Daily

Even if you don’t necessarily believe in karma or destiny, there are still plenty of reasons to play the Malamaal Daily.

For one thing, it’s actually fun. It also offers advantages that no other lottery system can boast, such as its low cost at only 40 Rupees, something for everyone with many different prize tiers, and a random draw that doesn’t favor someone who spends more money in a game of chance.

Lottoland Asia also provides a service to the greater community by funding important local needs while having a user-friendly platform that enables anyone over 18 to easily play and enjoy on IOS and Android devices when you play online.

Malamaal Daily is not just a lottery. It could potentially give you many opportunities to make money online as a side income. You can play the lottery any day you like and increase your chances of winning.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free and start playing today!

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