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The Oz Lotto, more commonly known as Oz Lotto 7, was Australia’s very first national lottery where all you had to do was match 7 digits to win big.

This lottery started back in February 1994. Since then, it has been deemed a popular choice among many people who love to play this lotto.

The main reason for this is because of the attractive prizes to be won from any game of Oz Lotto that is played by winning the jackpot. The Oz Lotto also boasts a base jackpot of 2 million AUD and has rollovers up to 9 figures until a winner is picked!

How do you play it?

Playing Oz Lotto is super simple. All you have to do is pick a total of 7 digits that ranges between 1 and 45 for the regular entry. To go a step further in potential rewards, you can also pay extra to select even more digits to boost your chances of claiming the glorious prize(s).

When the draws are made, there will be 2 extra digits chosen, which then totals to 9 digits as the winning number. This gives players a better shot at actually winning a prize when they get matching numbers. The more digits you match, the more extravagant prize you get!

Rules to play the game

Whether you have played digit-matching lotto games before or not, here are some must-knows before choosing to play the Oz Lotto game:

  • Ensure you are at least 18 years old and provide proof for eligibility to play
  • You can join a regular entry by selecting 7 digits of your choosing from a pool of 45 digits that range from 1 to 45
  • You will also have the option to take it up a notch by paying extra to be able to select more digits
  • Place and confirm your selection and select add to cart to make your final purchase
  • Make your payment and input the necessary details
  • Wait for the Oz Lotto results day and time
  • Match your numbers and hope you get to win any of the available prize tiers
  • Claim your winnings (if any).

As long as you have all the boxes ticked, you should be all set to play and (fingers crossed) take home some cash!

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Drawing day and time

Draws occur every Tuesday at exactly 9:30 PM AEDT. The drawing result will be announced on TV Channel 7 in Melbourne and their official site,  so be sure to lock in your ticket purchases from wherever you may be in the world.

Cost per ticket

Buying a ticket should only cost you 1.45 AUD for a shot at the 2 million AUD jackpot. A fair trade, we would say.

What time do Oz lotto ticket sales close?

The last call to buy an Oz lotto ticket is any time before or at 8:30 PM AEDT on Tuesdays. So, for example, tickets at 8:15 PM AEDT are still up for grabs.

Can Indians play Oz Lotto from abroad?

Of course! You can play Oz Lotto online from anywhere you may be as long as you have a registered account on one of lottery sites like Thelotter or Lotto247, set up with all the essential documents and information in place.

Winning numbers: Does Oz lotto have them?

oz lotto tickets shopTo cut the suspense short, the answer is yes, there are the best Oz lotto winning numbers out there, and knowing them is simpler than you think!

To find out whether you have these winning numbers or not, you have these digits, simply have your purchased ticket ready in hand, wait for the drawing day and time.

Once the numbers start rolling in, the digits on your purchased ticket will be automatically verified and cross-checked with the winning numbers that were drawn on the screen. If you match at least 4 digits (including the bonus ones), congrats!

Any prize amount from the prize tiers below will be transferred to your registered account for you to claim, cash out, and enjoy! It really is that simple.

Odds of winning Oz lotto: At a glance

Winning numbers matched Chances
7 1 to 45,380,000
6 AND 1 or 2 bonus 1 to 3,241,000
6 1 to 1 to 180,000
5 AND 1 or 2 bonus 1 to 29,600
5 1 to 3,400
4 1 to 1,150
3 AND 1 or 2 bonus 1 to 90

Obviously more than one person can win the same prize. Sometimes two or more players match all winning numbers in the same draw and then the amount is shares among all the jackpot winners.

Prizing structure

This lottery has a total of 7 prize tiers, where the higher up your matched digits are, the greater the prize pool. The initial jackpot amounts up to a whopping 2 million AUD, but this amount rolls over up to a maximum of 25 times if there were no winners in a given draw until one is found.

If there are no winners after 25 draws, then the amount resets itself, and the cycle repeats until a winner emerges. The greatest jackpot ever won in Oz Lotto history is a staggering 112 million AUD that was won by 4 lucky souls in 2012.

Here is the main prize breakdown structure:

Winning numbers matched Prize amount (AUD)
7 1,870,000
6 AND 1 or 2 bonus 903,700
6 6,825
5 AND 1 or 2 bonus 356
5 50
4 23.6
3 AND 1 or 2 bonus 14.6

Claiming your lottery payouts

Once the draw occurs and your numbers match at least 4 or more of the winning digits, you will be immediately contacted by the customer service team either by phone or email, so be sure to check them regularly.

As a standard procedure, you will be required to verify yourself as the legitimate ticket holder and have supporting documents to ensure you are a valid winner and ticket holder.

oz lotto winner

As soon as everything checks out after the team cross checks, the transfer will be made to your registered account and eventually your bank account.

Now the payout option you will be getting is called the lump sum, which essentially means your windfall (prize won) is transferred at once.

In addition, you will also be asked for permission to share your info with the public as the lotto winner. You have the right to say yes or no as privacy is the utmost priority for all Oz Lotto players, where you will be kept anonymous if you choose not to.

Note: If you were playing online from abroad and won a huge prize amount, we highly encourage you to consult your local accountant to avoid any unwanted additional tax fees or penalties and make the most out of your well-deserved cash winnings.

Tax on winnings

oz lotto ticketWe are pleased to inform you that all winnings from the lottery are deemed tax-free income, so you won’t have to worry about any significant cuts from your Oz lotto winnings.

However, whether you play from abroad or in Australia, it is crucial that you do your due diligence on the tax laws that apply to your region. As some may charge taxes may apply to any interest earned from your lotto winnings.

We highly recommend consulting with your local tax officers and local accountants on how to best handle the prize amount you get and complying by paying any necessary tax fees you are subjected to.

Play the Oz lotto today

There are all sorts of reasons to play the Oz Lotto — whether it’s for fun, to try and score a three number or four number line, or monster payout. It’s easy fun, and there are all sorts of ways to win.

So for all those people who haven’t yet taken a chance on the Oz Lotto, now’s the time to do so — and hopefully, you’ll be joining us in celebrating increased jackpots in Australia very soon.

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