Summer Bumper Lottery

what you need to know about the Summer Bumper Lottery

The Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery is a unique lotto held once a year in March by the Kerala State of India. The first Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery can be traced back to 2010, with each year increasing the total jackpot prize amount.

The winning ticket holder can take home a fantastic jackpot worth millions of rupees. The draw itself is viewed as a national event, with millions hoping to win a share of the prize and allows anyone to enter the draw if their state allows them to.

The Summer Bumper Lotto draw usually takes place at 2 pm and finishes at 3 pm around the second week of March, after which you’ll be able to check your state’s lotto website to see the full results.

Anyone can begin purchasing their tickets for Rs 100 when the Summer Bumper Kerala Lotto buying period opens in February.

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  1. Rules of Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery
  2. What are the Summer Bumper Kerala Lotto Prizes
  3. How to play the Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery Online and Offline in India
  4. Where to check the Kerala Summer Bumper Lotto results?
  5. How to claim your prize

Rules of Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery

If you’re unfamiliar with the Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery rules, here’s how it works.

In a nutshell, the Summer Bumper Lotto tickets come in 5 game series or divisions, each with corresponding letters; SA, SB, SC, SD and SE.

You can purchase a ticket book for Rs 100, which comes with 5 tickets for each game series.

Players can win if they match their ticket numbers with the last 4 winning digits in any game division.

For instance, in 2020, the runner-up numbers were; SA208304, SB 208304, SC 208304 and SD 208304. You just needed to have one of those four combinations to have won a runner-up division share prize of ₹1,00,000.

What are the Summer Bumper Kerala Lotto Prizes

The jackpot prize increases each year, giving you more reason to play.

Here is a table summarizing the 2020 Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery prizes, which took place on the 31st of March.

Game Division Winning Number Combinations Total Game Division Prize Money (INR) Maximum number of winners
1 Same as all game divisions ₹6,00,00,000 1
2 2 Prizes from each game division ₹25,00,000 5
3 1 Prize from each game division ₹5,00,000 10
4 Last 4 ticket numbers drawn 5 times ₹1,00,000 1
5 Last 4 ticket numbers drawn 10 times ₹5,000 11250
6 Last 4 ticket numbers drawn 10 times ₹2,000 15750
7 Last 4 ticket numbers drawn 20 times ₹1,000 29250
8 Last 4 ticket numbers drawn 30 times ₹5,00 54000
Runner Up 1,00,000 4

what can you win in the Summer Bumper Lottery

Unlike other Kerala state-run lotteries, the Kerala Summer Bumper rewards the lotto agent with a commission from the winner’s prize money from any game division.

Thus it is vital to choose a registered lottery agent that you can trust, to easily settle a large prize money when you claim your prize money with the Kerala Lottery bureau.

How to play the Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery Online and Offline in India

Here’s how you can secure your ticket either online through your states lotto website or offline at a retail lotto store, and go in the draw to win what most consider a life-changing amount of money.

  • Visit your state’s online lotto website

To get started buying a Kerala Summer Bumper ticket, you can check out your state’s lottery website to find information about the Summer Bumper lotto. If you can’t find any information about this lottery, that means it won’t be offered in your state, and you won’t be able to enter.

  • Choose the number of tickets.

Suppose your state allows you to enter the Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery. In that case, you can register online or at any licensed lotto retailer in person to buy a ticket book. For each ticket you buy under your name, the higher chance you will have, of winning a prize.

  • Choose the numbers to play.

When buying a ticket, you can either select your own numbers to play or receive randomly generated numbers.

  • Enter your contact information

how to play in india

When purchasing, you will need to enter your personal contact information. Make sure you enter your own details or use a secondary contact of someone you trust such as a family friend, or close friend to claim your prize if you win.

  • Pay for the ticket

You should know that if you purchase your ticket at a licensed lotto agent store in person, the agent will receive a commission of the prize money.

Paying with a verified payment option can ease your risk of the prize being stolen or misplaced because a card receipt will be on file with the banks. Using cash can be risky if there are miscommunications with your lotto agent, and there’s no evidence to prove when you purchased your ticket offline in a shop, as paper receipts can be easily be lost or destroyed when you need to claim your winning prize.

  • Wait for the lotto results

You should store your lotto ticket in a secure place until the Kerala Summer Bumper Lottery numbers are drawn and sit back until the results are published.

  • Receive your winnings, if you believe your ticket has won

The Summer Bumper Kerala Lottery is usually drawn around the second week of March every year. If you think your numbers match the winning numbers, you should verify this online or at a registered lotto agent shop. If your numbers match, you should claim your prize within 30 days of the draw to receive your winnings.

Where to check the Kerala Summer Bumper Lotto results?

Let’s look at three ways to examine the lottery results to check if you have some Summer Bumper Lotto winning ticket number combinations.

  1. Using an online Kerala Summer Bumper lotto checker
  2. Checking results through your state’s lottery website
  3. At an authorized lottery retail agency, ideally where you made your purchase

Summer Bumper Lottery: How to claim your prize

The government is mainly in charge of the Kerala Summer Bumper lottery, and after verifying that you have a winning combination, you will have 30 days to collect your prize.

When claiming, you should bring your proof of identity documents and, ideally, a receipt of ticket purchase to claim your prize.

where to pick up prizes

Furthermore, your lotto agent can also accept the prize money on your behalf and distribute your money accordingly if the prize is equal to or less than Rs 5000.

Otherwise, your prize may be surrendered to the Kerala Director of State Lotteries, registered insurance post or a national bank.

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I transform my interest in lotteries to useful articles.
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