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Do you find yourself regularly daydreaming about winning the lottery, and not just a small prize, but you fantasize about the jackpot? More than the money, you want the recognition and fame that comes with hitting that big jackpot. You will be infamous and the topic of people’s conversation. People will write about you; news reporters will be chasing you down to talk about your big win: all the glamour, all the glory.

Does this sounds like a dream come true to you, I’m willing to bet that you are a Scorpio.


Why not put your natural good luck to work for you, Scorpio? It may lead to hitting it big.

Grab your lucky charm, check your lucky numbers above, buy a ticket and take a chance.

 You can’t win if you don’t play.

Common traits of a Scorpio

Before we get into Scorpios’ details and play the lottery, let’s take a quick look at the Scorpio sign.

Scorpio places eighth sign in the zodiac, and it consists of people born Oct 23- Nov 21.  Scorpios are water signs and represented by the scorpion. This sign is generally lucky, even though that fact is usually not noticed by a Scorpio themselves. Whether a Scorpio recognizes their good luck or not playing the lottery is an excellent way to direct that lucky energy.

A few fun facts about Scorpio’s

  • Flowers – geranium, marigold, chrysanthemum, amaranth, peony
  • Gem – red jasper
  • Money planet – Jupiter
  • Character – Passionate, steadfast, stubborn

Should you trust your lucky horoscope numbers, and why its important that you check them daily?

Today 39 43 56 5 45 32

Bonus Numbers 15 1

Tomorrow’s lucky numbers 7 45 62 39 64 47


Bonus Numbers 1 9

If following your horoscope is something you’re into, using your sign to help pick your next set of lottery numbers may just have you thanking your lucky stars. Choosing lottery numbers based on your zodiac sign has been used for a long time and is calculated by an experienced numerologist. When attaching positive energy to a set of numbers, those numbers are sure to get the universe’s attention and bring in that win. So be sure that you check back here on a regular basis for your daily dose of lucky numbers.

Scorpio’s best bets

Circling back to your elevated luck Scorpio, you have four days of the week that are particularly lucky. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday’s. When choosing which lotteries to place your luck, try to select lotteries that draw on your lucky days. An excellent lottery to try your luck would be the Mega Millions which has a draw on Tuesdays.


successful numbers of the zodiac sign-Scorpio

Since you’re already playing the Mega Millions, why not grab a Megaplier to increase your odds of winning even more. Finding a lottery you enjoy playing is important, Scorpio. Once you find a game you enjoy, stay mindful of the day that lottery is drawn, and what day you pick your numbers on. Picking your numbers on one of your lucky days will give a little extra luck.

On top of being mindful of your lucky days, playing your favourite lotteries during Scorpio season is a sure-fire way to increase that good luck; even more, be sure to get in on all the big jackpots. Playing during Scorpio season, Oct 23- Nov 21, will add that extra razzle-dazzle to your already stellar luck.

Scorpio does have general lucky numbers 1, 7, 10, 21 and 35 seem to hold some good fortune for this zodiac sign. Your daily lucky numbers change regularly, but these numbers seem to hold a bit more luck than other numbers.

If you are someone who enjoys joining lottery pools, there are some ways to increase your luck in the lottery pools. Be mindful of other people’s zodiac signs. Partnering up with certain signs will add to your good luck. Try to join forces with Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo Cancer and of course, other Scorpio’s.

 Unlucky numbers for Scorpio’s

Scorpios aren’t generally a superstitious sign, and you don’t really associate lousy luck with any particular number. However, it is a good idea to steer clear of repetitive numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44; you get the idea. These repetitive numbers don’t seem to be so lucky for Scorpios. If you get a gut feeling about a number being unlucky for you, it’s a good idea to steer clear of that number.

numbers to avoid Scorpio

How does Scorpio play the lottery?

When a Scorpio has found a lottery that they enjoy it is impossible to change their mind.

The ever-so-passionate Scorpio will faithfully play their favourite game over and over again without missing a game. Incorporating your lucky numbers on your lucky days of the week into your favourite lottery is a lot of energy attached to that lottery ticket, making a solid recipe for a win. Be sure to check back often ensuring you are utilizing the very luckiest numbers.

Tips to make the most of your lottery numbers

Suppose you are new to the lottery playing world or are in search of some tips to boost your lottery game. Here’s a short list of some tips to help up your game.

  • Lucky numbers – your lucky numbers will change daily. Make sure you are visiting this page regularly. If not every day, at least on the days you are buying your tickets to find your lucky numbers for that day. When it comes to hitting that jackpot, you can never have enough luck.
  • Calculate your odds. It is typical of a Scorpio to love figuring out the odds of something and then planning strategically. Utilizing this skill will be very beneficial when playing the lottery.
  • Trust your gut. If you have a gut feeling about a number to play or a lottery to try your luck at, listen to your gut. The same goes for any numbers that have sentimental meaning to you that you find lucky, don’t be afraid to trust your intuition.
  • Don’t lose your ticket. When you win the lottery, whether it’s the jackpot or a smaller prize, you will need your ticket to claim your prize. Keep your ticket somewhere safe and easy to find.
  • Play the extra games. Some lotteries, like the Mega Millions mentioned earlier, have add ones to their games, increasing your odds of winning a prize. Don’t shy away from those extra odds, you may not win on the big jackpot, but you may win with the extra you bought. A win is a win.
  • Play. I know this seems obvious, but some people just talk or think about how they would love to win the lottery. Take all that positive energy that you are stirring up by thinking about it and put it into actually playing the lottery instead of just thinking about it.


Every zodiac has lucky numbers. Keeping on top of your Scorpio lucky daily numbers will increase your odds of winning that jackpot and propel you into the fame and fortune you are daydreaming about. Check back here daily for your lucky numbers for today and tomorrow. Playing the lottery regularly can be a lot of fun. With all the anticipation, setting out a winning strategy and using your natural Scorpio good luck to win that big jackpot.

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