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The Canada Lotto Max is one of Canada’s three national lottery games and has been prevalent among Canadians of various age groups for its cheap ticket prices and big rewards to snatch and take home. The very first draw occurred back in 2009, on a historic Friday.

This lotto used to be known as Lotto Super 7 until the organization decided to introduce a greater maximum jackpot of up to 70 million Canadian dollars back in 2019. Since then, it has retained its title as one of most popular lottery games as well as Canada 6/49 Lotto.

Drawing time and day

The Lotto Max Canada draws every Tuesday and Friday at exactly 9:15 PM ET. Depending on where you are playing from, ticket sales may close at various times, so be sure to do your due diligence in your local area.

Cost per ticket

One of the reasons many loves to play this lottery is its affordability at only CAD 5 per ticket! As always, ensure you plan your budget ahead to play smart.

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Minimum and maximum jackpots available

The baseline jackpot amount starts at 10 million CAD. It will continue to roll over until someone matches all 7 winning digits (from 1 to 50) displayed in the lotto max result today Canada page. The rollover will stop when it reaches the cap amount of 70 million CAD.

Who regulates Canada Lotto Max?

The lottery is run, maintained, and regulated by the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, as it is, in fact, one of Canada’s most prized national lotteries. In short, it is controlled by government officials.

Multi-draw option and add-on games

Aside from the standard entry for a single draw, they also enable you to play multiple draws! All you need to do is indicate the draws you desire on the Selection Slip provided.

On top of that, there are also add-on games available for you to play, including Tag (Atlantic Canada), Encore (Ontario), and Extra (Quebec, Western Canada, and British Columbia).

This game’s rules are simplicity at its finest, but be sure to know the following details before you play.

To play, players must at least be 18 years of age to be eligible for ticket purchase. Each purchased ticket will have 3 sets of 7 number combinations, each between a range of 1 and 50.

You are only allowed to self-select the digit combinations for the first set, while the other 2 sets of digit combinations will be auto-picked by the computer. Though you can also enable the computer to pick the first set of digit combinations through the Quick Pick function.

The starting jackpot is CAD 10,000,000 and will roll over to a cap of $70,000,000 when someone matches all 7 lotto max winning numbers. If there is more than one winner, the prize amount will be evenly split among the eligible winners, so take it as a win-win.

What is the MaxMillions game?

Once the lotto max jackpot Canada rolls over to above 50 million CAD, MaxMillions will become playable to all players. Essentially, every time CAD 1 million gets added to the prize pool, you are autmotatically entered to play a separate draw that gives you a shot to win a CAD 1 million prize. As long as you have already bought a Canada Lotto Max ticket, you can play Max Millions also.

However, if there are no prize winners at any given point in time, the amount will be rolled over until there is one or when the jackpot caps at CAD 70 million.

Winning odds and prizes

Matched Digits Winning Odds Prize amount
7 1 to 33,300,000 87% of the prize pool
6 with Bonus 1 to 4,760,000 2.5% of the prize pool
6 1 to 113,000 2.5% of the prize pool
5 with Bonus 1 to 38,000 1.5% of the prize pool
5 1 to 1,840 3.5% of the prize pool
4 with Bonus 1 to 1,100 2.7% of the prize pool
4 1 to 83 20 CAD
3 with Bonus 1 to 83 20 CAD
3 1 to 9 One free play

Where to purchase tickets?

There are two ways and places to purchase your ticket(s), either through an official Canada Lotto Max ticket-selling site online or through a local lotto vendor available in your local area if you live in Canada.

If you live elsewhere, such as in India, you can only buy them online like any other international player.

Playing online: A step-by-step guide

If you choose to play online, here are the exact steps on how to play for the win, simply:

  • Search and click any legitimate lottery-ticket-selling site
  • Select the number of tickets you want to buy
  • Pick your digits (by hand or through Quick Pick for the first set)
  • Input your personal data through their secure page
  • Make your payment
  • Sit tight and keep an eye on the results
  • Match your digits and (hopefully) snatch your well-earned prize

How to check results from India?

To check your results from India, you will have to ensure you are logged online and wait for the announcement at 9:15 PM ET sharp. Please note the timezone difference and adjust accordingly.

Claiming and receiving prizes in India

canada lotto max winnersAs long as you have an online account registered and personal details linked on the official site, the amount won should be transferred to you shortly. An agent should be contacting you after you receive the news of your won prize amount.

And of course, we would highly recommend seeking advice from your local tax consultants and accountants on how to receive your prize amount to avoid unwanted charges that may apply if you had done it without knowing the policies that apply.

Tax payments

Depending on where you reside, taxed amounts will vary from one country to another. For instance, India charges 30% on total lottery winnings as it is considered income tax, even if you earned them from outside India. So, as always, do your due diligence and consult your local accountant on how to allocate your funds accordingly and legitimately.

Play the Canada Lotto Max today

Winning the lottery is an exhilarating feeling! If you’ve ever experienced the rush of it or perhaps just dreamed of hitting the big win, there’s a good chance that you’d jump at the chance to win big once again. And now that dream can become a reality, thanks to the Canada Lotto Max.

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