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Have you ever wondered how the Kerala Bumper lottery can change your life?

This is one of the greatest money deals offered by the government of Kerala to its people. They have played a major role in changing the lives of people. Want to know how?

Read this article to know the facts!

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What is Kerala Lottery?

The Kerala Lottery is a program that is run by the Indian Government. There are many types of amazing Kerala bumper lotteries offered to society by the government.

These lotteries are run by the state’s government to help people prosper. You can also win exciting lottery prizes by participating in these Kerala bumper programs. Money draws are made every day. Some bumper draws by Kerala are specifically made on special occasions.

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Types of Kerala Lotteries

Kerala bumper lotto tickets sales

The government offers two different types of Kerala Lotteries for the residents. They are:

  1. Kerala Weekly Lotteries
  2. Kerala Bumper Lotteries

The Weekly Lotteries by Kerala

In such a weekly lotto game, draws are made all 7 days. Each lottery has different prizes and . The ticket fees are also not expensive and prices vary depending upon the size.

There are 7 different types of Kerala lotteries that are drawn every day.

  1. The Win-Win
  2. Sthree Sakhti
  3. Akshaya
  4. Karunya Plus
  5. The Nirmal Weekly
  6. Karunya (This is different from the Karunya Plus)
  7. Bhagyamithra (This takes place on the last Sunday of every month)

We’ve compiled a table for you. You can get a better understanding of what are the usual Kerala packages with our customized table:

Draw Days Name Ticket Price Winner Award

The Win-Win

30 50 — 65 LAKH IND Rupees

Sthree Sakthi


30 50 — 65 LAKH IND Rupees



30 50 — 65 LAKH IND Rupees

Karunya Plus


30 80 — 1 CRORE IND Rupees

The Nirmal Weekly


30 50 — 65 LAKH IND Rupees
Saturday Karunya


30 80 LAKHS — 1 Crore IND Rupees
Sunday Bhagyamithra



100 1 CRORE IND Rupees

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Kerala Bumper Lotteries

The Kerala bumper ones are different from daily lotteries in the way that these are held only 4 times a year. The bumper lotteries of Kerala are held on four special occasions of the year.

Check the table below to know more about Kerala bumper offers:

The month of Draw Name
January Christmas New Year
March Summer
May Vishu
July Monsoon
September Thiruvonam
November Pooja

We’ve also gathered all core facts about each of Kerala bumper offers below to help you understand them better.

The New Year:

kerala bumber lottery tickets

The special New Year Christmas lottery is the first one of the year. It is held in January.

  • Ticket’s price: Varies upon the size of the lottery (usually between 200-300 Indian Rupees)
  • Prize Bond: Rs. 12 crores.
  • This takes place in January of every year.

The Summer Bumper

The second Kerala bumper lottery of the year is held in March. It is known as Summer Bumper.

  • Ticket’s price: 150
  • Prize Bond: Rs. 6 crores.
  • This draw takes place in March of every year.

The Vishu Bumper Jackpot

This is the third Kerala bumper lottery of the year. It is held in May.

  • 250
  • Prize Bond: Rs. 10 crores.
  • The draw takes place in May but can be delayed due to uncertain issues.

The new results will be announced on 18th July 2021.

The Monsoon Kerala

The fourth Kerala bumper lottery of the year is known as Monsoon. It is held in July.

  • Ticket’s price: Entry ticket price varies from year to year. (Rs. 100 to Rs. 200)
  • Prize Bond: Rs. 5 crores.
  • It takes place in the month of July.


kerala lottery summer bumperThe thiruvonam is the fifth Kerala bumper lottery of the year. Its lucky draw is held in September.

  • Ticket’s price: Entry ticket price varies from year to year. (Rs. 100 to Rs. 200)
  • Prize Bond: Rs. 12 crores.
  • It takes place in the month of September.

The Pooja Bumper

The Pooja Bumper lottery is the sixth and last Kerala bumper lottery of the year. It is held in November.

  • Ticket’s price: Rs. 150
  • Prize Bond: Rs. 5 crores.
  • This occurs in late November of every year.

BONUS TIP: The New Year’s Christmas package is a great chance of rocking your year.

What are the rules of Kerala Bumper Lotteries?

There are 3 certain rules and regulations of Kerala. These should be considered while playing any Kerala lottery online or offline.

  1. Your collected tickets should be presented within 2 months (60 days) from the final draw’s date.
  2. Each ticket is eligible for one prize in a draw.
  3. If a ticket wins more than one prize, it will be eligible for the highest prize declared to it.

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How can you play Bumper Lotteries of Kerala in India?

You can play the lottery both online and offline

Here’s how you can play:

  • Search for online websites that sell bumper lottery tickets. Visit the most reliable website of best sellers.
  • Decide how many Kerala bumper tickets you want to buy. Select the number of tickets on the website. Then, choose the numbers to play and enter your data. Once you’ve provided all of your data, it’s time to pay for your tickets.

There are various payment options available to choose from. A credit card is the most reliable option to pay by.

  • Now, all you’ve to do is wait for your results. As soon as the results are announced, you will know the numbers that have won.

If your numbers have won, you’ll receive the winning prize.

How to check lottery results?

You can check your results online. There are no issues with it. You can visit the official website of Kerala to see your results.

If you want something even easier, then head over to our website Lotto Thrill and check the status to know the results.

How to Claim Your Prize?

There are convenient rules for both online and offline players to claim their winning money. Read below to know the detailed steps to claim your money.

Offline Prize Claiming Method

Kerala bumper lottery winnersIf you’re playing offline. Here’s what you need to do to claim your prize:

You must submit your winning ticket to the Director of State Lotteries along with your name, and address on the backside of the ticket with.

  1. Claim application with a photocopy of both sides of the ticket. The ticket must be attested by you.
  2. Two passport-size photographs.
  3. Receipt for the prize money.
  4. If you’re a winner but a minor, attach the guardianship certificate.
  5. If it’s a joint claim, one member of the claim will be provided with the prize bond.
  6. A PAN card self-attested copy.
  7. Self-attested ID Document to verify the official identity. The ID verification document can be a NIC, driver license, or passport.

As an alternative, you can also claim your money from the national banks of the state. For this, you have to submit all the above documents to any national bank. Then on your behalf, the banks will submit the claim to the Director of state lotteries. You can download copies of the 3 important certificates from the official website of the Kerala Lottery. The 3 certificates are:

  1. The letter of Authorisation from the prize-winner
  2. The certificate from the receiving bank
  3. The certificate from the collecting bank

Online Prize Claiming Method:

Claiming your prize online is very easy.

You can receive your prize online from the website that you’ve played on.

If you win a larger prize, you will be invited in person to collect your price in the Kerala State at director’s office.

So, now you Know all about Kerala Bumpers!

Kerala bumper lotteries are played widely both online and offline. The upcoming bumper lotteries are a great chance to win the bumper prizes. These are one of the most reliable and safe lotteries that you can play. Make sure to follow all the rules and regulations to play the lottery and avail your lucky draw.

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