Japan Lotto 7

Description of Japan Lotto 7

The Japanese lottery has one of the most historically dense backgrounds of all of the world’s lotteries. With easy rules and huge tax-free prizes, the Japan Lotto 7 is a game that you’ll want to play no matter what country you’re in.

List of titles

  1. History of the Japanese Lottery
  2. Draw and Ticket Information
  3. Rules for Japan Lotto 7
  4. Overall Odds and Probabilities of Winning the Japanese Lottery
  5. How to Play in India or Countries Other Than Japan
  6. How to Collect Winnings
  7. What is the Difference Between Japan Lotto 7 and Japan Lotto 6?
  8. Can I Play This Game as Someone Living in India, and Should I?

History of the Japanese Lottery

Lotteries in the beautiful country of Japan date back all the way to the 15th century. People living in villages would come out and give money to play a game, hoping to win an amulet or jewelry piece that was promised to bless the wearer with happiness or good fortune. Similar to many lotteries today, the original Japanese lottery system was created to help raise funds for good causes. Needing money for construction or repairs, temples and shrines relied on these funds.

information about Japan Lotto 7

The popular game was made illegal during the 1840’s and then brought back during 1937, as the country struggled to fund the war.

Fast forward many centuries after the initial shrine lotteries and this old system has been replaced by something new. In 2013, the Japan Lotto 7 was created and to date it is still the most recent, and largest, lottery game in the country.

Draw and Ticket Information

A single play for the Japan Lotto 7 will cost you 300 yen. You may play as many times as you’d like, though there is advisement to play within responsible reason. There is no age limit for play.

how is the Japan Lotto 7 drawing going

The Japan Lotto 7 results are uncovered every Friday at 8:15 PM IST.  Prizes for the jackpot start at ¥600 million, or €5.1 million, and max out at ¥1 billion, or €8.4 million. This is a HUGE difference from other lotteries in Japan, which offer much smaller prizes.

Rules for Japan Lotto 7

The game is simple, which is why it has become a popular lottery game among both Japanese citizens and those who live in other countries but want a chance to win the huge jackpot prize.

To play the Japan Lotto 7, players must choose numbers between 1 and 37. Each player is required to choose nine numbers total, which includes seven chosen numbers and two bonus numbers. These numbers can all be hand chosen, or you can simply use the quick pick button for a faster play.

To win the big jackpot, you have to match all seven numbers. Regardless, there are prizes for many other combinations of matching numbers.

Overall Odds and Probabilities of Winning the Japanese Lottery

The Japan Lotto 7 has the lowest overall odds of winning out of all of the Japanese lottery games, but it has the overall biggest potential jackpot. Because of this, it is a worthwhile game that is played across the world. The 1 in 10,295,472 chances of you winning the jackpot is worth it because you could be that one!

what you can win Japan Lotto 7

And remember, that one is walking away with a minimum of ¥600 million, or €5.1 million.

Below is a table with your odds of winning every single prize in the game. Note that as the Japan Lotto 7 relies on ticket sales for final prize payouts, the table does not indicate prize values. This is determined at the time of the draw and can be different every time.

Prize Number Amount of Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Percentage Odds of Winning
Jackpot (Number 1) 7 1 in 10,295,472 0.00001%
Prize 2 6 and 1 bonus number 1 in 735,391 0.0001%
Prize 3 6  1 in 51,528 0.002%
Prize 4 5 1 in 1,127 0.09%
Prize 5 4 1 in 72 1.4%
Prize 6 3 and bonus balls 1 in 42 2.4%

How to Play in India or Countries Other Than Japan

Are you living in India or another country but interested in participating in this huge lottery system? Never fear! Thanks to the internet and technology, there are many ways that you can be a part of all the action.

where to buy tickets Japan Lotto 7

To play in a country other than Japan, follow the below instructions.

  1. Visit a official Lottoland website of a known lottery seller.

It’s important to research this website before inputting any credit card information, to ensure that you are avoiding scams and giving your money to a legitimate business operation.

  1. Choose the number of tickets.

There is no limit here so buy as many or as few tickets as you want!

  1. Choose numbers to play.

As a refresher, your numbers must be between 1 and 37. You’re choosing seven numbers and two bonus balls, for nine numbers total.

  1. Input your personal data.

Again, make sure this is a website that is trusted and secure!

  1. Pay for your ticket.

They are 300 yen each,

  1. Wait for results.

Draws happen every Friday, so be sure to tune in and check for your numbers!

  1. Receive winnings.

If you win, you’re a lucky one! Collect your winnings and bask in the glory.

How to Collect Winnings

Claiming your prize to the Lotto 7 is very straight forward and simple, which gives you more time to enjoy your money!

how to win Japan Lotto 7

All players have exactly 12 months to claim their winnings. If they don’t claim them before this time is up, they forfeit the money completely. There is no payment schedule and because the funds are awarded tax-free, they are given in lump sum format only.

You can receive your funds through authorized lottery retailers or anywhere that you could purchase a lottery ticket, at least for most of the smaller prizes. For the bigger prizes, going to a bank is the best option. Players directly and specifically involved in the Japanese Lotto 7 game will be paid by direct deposit into their bank account, but that’s only if they paid for their ticket with bank information.

Though the winnings are tax-free in Japan, many other countries have their own tax laws on lottery winnings abroad. It is important to check them when you win any sum of money to avoid heavy penalties and fees that threaten to take a huge chunk of your prize!

What is the Difference Between Japan Lotto 7 and Japan Lotto 6?

If you’re familiar with the Japanese lottery system at all, you may have heard of the Japanese Lottery 6. As this version of the lottery game came out in 2000, it has been around for longer and is more widely known internationally than Japan Lotto 7.

The odds of winning this game are better than Japan Lotto 7, but the prizes are smaller as a result. As a comparison, the jackpot starts at ¥200 million, or €1.8 million. If you’ll remember, the jackpot of lotto 7 starts at ¥600 million, or €5.1 million. The max of lotto 6 can only reach the minimum of lotto 7. There’s a huge difference and when playing for high stakes, it’s important to note.

The primary difference between these games is that there are six total numbers chosen and the numbers are chosen between 1 and 43. This is different from lotto 7 as the seven numbers from this game are chosen between 1 and 37. There are six normal numbers chosen and a single bonus number.

The Japan Lotto 6 draws take place twice a week instead of once a week. They happen every Monday and Thursday at 8:15 PM IST.

Can I Play This Game as Someone Living in India, and Should I?

how to play Japan Lotto 7 from india

Yes, and yes!

The Japanese Lotto 7 can be played by anyone in any country, especially India! The rules are simple and easy to follow, the prizes are some of the biggest of any lottery in the world, and the history is the most unique of almost any lottery out there!

International lottery agents like TheLotter and PlayHugeLottos allow to play Japanese Lottery and much others from India.

There are tons of reasons to play the lottery and it’s a personal choice, but just know that with a good strategy on your side anything is possible!

Good luck!

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I transform my interest in lotteries to useful articles.
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    As an Honors Humanities graduate in University of Brighton I have excellent report writing and presentation skills. I transform my interest in lotteries to useful articles.