Sthree Sakthi Lottery

features of Sthree Sakthi Lottery

Winning the lotto couldn’t be easier in India, with many of their lottos available to enter over the Internet. The Sthree Sakthi lotto is one of the many lotteries available in Kerala and internationally.

With a jackpot of 75 Lakhs, you just need to buy a ticket by 3 pm on Tuesdays either through your state’s online lotto website or at a local lotto shop near you, as each week’s numbers are drawn at 3 pm sharp, and the lotto’s winning numbers are updated by 4 pm on each state’s online lotto website.

Suppose you match any of the lucky combinations. In that case, you can win a share of money from the 11 Sthree Sakthi lotto runner up prizes and 8 game divisions.

The Sthree Sakthi Lotto is more than just money. The money raised from each ticket sold goes towards helping women build stronger networks and confidence through Kerala government-led programs for women.

Rules of Sthree Sakthi Lotto:

The Sthree Sakthi Lotto is easy to enter and play, you just need to match the winning number combinations!

When you purchase a Sthreesakthilottery ticket, you will notice a set of letters and numbers printed on each lotto ticket. Each ticket has a letter called Sthree Sakthi, which is printed as ‘S’, and a second letter from A to Z. After both letters will be six numbers.

how to play Sthree Sakthi Lottery

By buying a ticket, you will have a chance to win from 9 divisions with a minimum prize of ₹100 Lakhs.

Below is a table detailing each prize in the Sthreesakthilottery.

Game Division Winning combinations Max. Number of Winners Prize Money IND/USD
1 Winning number from 1 Series 1 75 Lakhs /$7,500,000
2 Winning number from 1 Series 1 10 Lakhs /$1,000,000
3 Last 4 digits drawn 18 times 19,400 5000 Crores /$67
4 Last 4 digits drawn 10 times 10,800 2000 Cr /$27
5 Last 4 digits drawn 18 times 19,440 1000 Cr /$13.5
6 Last 4 digits drawn 48 times 51,840 500 Cr /$6.7
7 Last 4 digits drawn 45 times 48,600 200 Cr /$2.7
8 Last 4 digits drawn 120X 129,600 100 Cr /$1.34
Runner Up Prize Same as game division 1, but a different series 11 from different game series ₹8,000 /$107

The Sakthi Sthree Prize distribution has 1,08,00,000 tickets printed each lotto week, where only one person can win the grand jackpot where the odds of winning are 1 in 1,08,00,000.

How to play the Sree Sakthi Lotto in India

Anyone over 18 is allowed to play the Shree Sakthi lotto without restrictions. However, you should check your state’s laws if you are legally allowed to enter the Sthree Sakthi Lotto in India.

  1. Visit your state’s official lotto website

Each Indian state has their own online lotto website that shows all the running lotteries in the state. Suppose there is no information available about Shree Sakthi lotto, then it means that the Sree Sakthi Lottery is not running in your state.

how to win the Sthree Sakthi Lottery

  1. Visit the website or store of a registered lotto tickets agency

After confirming through your state’s online website that your state is eligible, you should purchase tickets from their online shop at any time of day or night.

  1. Choose the number of Sree Sakthi lotto tickets

The best way to maximize your chances of winning is to purchase as many tickets as possible before each weekly draw.

  1. Choose your lotto numbers

If you would like to choose your numbers, the Sthree Sakthi Lottery allows you to select your own numbers. However, you can also let the lottery system generate random numbers for you.

Each lottery game features a three-digit number, with and six numbers, all you need to do is choose the numbers you would like to bet on and fill out the ticket.

  1. Input your personal data

After purchasing your ticket online or in-store, you will need to input your personal details to be contacted if your ticket’s numbers are drawn. This will be the best way to claim your prize without hassle.

  1. Pay for the ticket

The best way of purchasing lottery tickets include using a credit card or cash, as each of the Sthree Sakthi Lotto tickets costs Rs 30. Credit cards are typically safer when purchasing a lotto ticket because if you wish to claim your prize, refund or file a dispute, it will be hard to track down your purchase information if you decide to pay with cash, without a receipt.

  1. Wait for Sthree Sakthi lottery results

After purchasing your ticket, the next thing you need to do is to keep your tickets in a safe place until the numbers have been picked on Tuesdays.

  1. Receive your winning if your numbers have won

If you have won then, you will need to claim your Sthree Sakthi lottery winnings in the next thirty days from the draw date from a lottery agent if the prize money is less than 5,000 Lakhs.

Where to Check the Sthree Sakthi Lottery Results

There are three ways to examine the results and see if you have won a share of the Sthreesakthilottery prize. Each week on Tuesdays, the Sthree Sakthi Lotto lucky numbers are posted online at 4 pm.

Sthree Sakthi Lottery finalists

  • Via your state’s lottery website
  • Use our Sthree Sakthi lottery online checker
  • At a registered lotto agency store near you

Sthree Sakthi Lottery: How can I claim my prize?

All of the prize distribution is handled by officials appointed by the government. These officials ensure that all winners are legitimate and can receive their prizes appropriately, with utmost transparency.

If you think you’ve won the Sthreesakthilottery, make sure you have documents such as identification before making your winning claim. After you have proven your identity and done the paperwork, you can claim your prize at any national or scheduled bank in Kerala.

If you win the 1st or 2nd lotto prize, you can only claim your prize at the Directorate of State Lotteries in Kerala, even you don’t reside in Kerala.

Do I need to pay any taxes?

In India, the Shree Sakthi lottery prizes are considered to be a type of income. The Kerala government runs the state’s lottery program because of the state’s finance bureau.

A 30% tax is imposed on a Sthree Sakthi lotto prize amount greater than Rs.10,000, with no further charges to win money through the lottery.

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