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The Keno lottery is a typical of your regular lotto or casino games but does work in a similar nature.

In a nutshell, it’s essentially like Bingo, where all you have to do is select a couple of digits from 1 to 80, and hopefully, claim your prize depending on how many of Keno winning numbers you match with the Keno results draw. Almost the same as in USA lotteries.

Here is a more detailed guide:

How it works

online keno indiaSpots are essentially the how many digits you will choose before the draw is made. Typically, you can select between 1 and 10 spots. However, this may be an exception for other casinos/providers as they allow you to exceed ten spots.

Select your numbers

This is where you get to choose the numbers you want for your selected spots that go anywhere from 1 to 80 in the average Keno lottery game.

So, if you go for a 5-spot game, you choose five digits from 1 to 80 (e.g., 1, 5, 16, 45, 77), and the same goes for a 10-spot game where you choose ten different numbers between 1 and 80. Otherwise, you can always let the machine pick those numbers at random on your behalf.

Decide how much you want to bet

The Keno lottery usually has a minimum bet (that is, your ticket price) and allows you to decide how much you want to wager.

You can bet twice or even ten times (at most) the winning prize amount. However, options may vary from one place to another, so always do your research before playing and filling the play slip.

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Ticket price

Depending on how much you choose to bet, a ticket usually starts for playing and filling Rs. 15, and of course, this may vary, depending on where you decide to play. Always remember to know your limits and play responsibly.

Winning odds

The odds to go big and go home with the jackpot is 1:8,911,711.

The maximum jackpot

Generally, for a 10-spot game, you can get up to Rs.15.5 lakh when you match all 10 Keno winning numbers! However, you can also win the maximum jackpot of Rs. 53.9 Crores! Though odds are fairly slim, it is possible to win big.

When do draws take place?

Keno lottery draws every day in every 4 minutes so that you can play at any time you’d like (e.g., 10:00, 10:04, 10:08, etc.)

Is it legal to play Keno Lottery in India?

Although the Keno lottery isn’t exactly considered typical casino games or other regular lotteries, it is safe to say that it is legal to play in India!

There have been no known associated legal issues with the Keno lottery. However, like all the games you participate in, play responsibly.

Rules of playing the game

keno lottery game in indiaAs daunting as rules may sound, playing Keno lottery isn’t as complicated as you think; in fact, it’s pretty simple. Here are some things you may want to keep in mind:

  • Choose a Keno lottery game for your reference. Among a couple of variations available, choose one and take note of the bettable numbers along with its payout system.
  • As soon as you choose your numbers, keep track of how many you can select. This is crucial as certain games enable you to select all the way to 20, while the rest limits your choices up to 15.
  • Prior to placing your wager, it is possible to clear bets and selected numbers or let the trusty machine pick random digits on your behalf.
  • Ensure you fully understand the paytable; that is, payout systems vary from one platform to another.
  • Bet actual money for your draw.
  • As soon as the bet is made, you can either “Play One” or “Play Five.” “Play One” validates your selected numbers for a single game only. Whereas “Play Five” basically enables you to go on five game rounds in a row with the exact bet and numbers you started with. Choose wisely.

Keno lottery variations

There are plenty of Keno lotto variations, and although they all may differ slightly, their fundamentals are the same. Here are the top few Keno lottery variations:

Circus Keno

In Circus Keno, all you have to do is select between 2 and 10 spots or numbers between 1 and 80 (e.g., 7, 67).  Then the game chooses six circus tents from the remaining numbers.

When you hit those circus tents with your 20 drawn numbers, you can either gain multipliers or a complimentary spin bonus!

Golden Hits

Similarly, you will choose 2 to 10 spots from 1 to 80, then the game selects 20 numbers from 1 to 80. The payout you get will be based on the number of keno winning numbers you match (this is called “hits.”) If you get no hits, the game will draw more balls for you.

Super Spot Keno

In Super Spot Keno, the game adds in more multipliers. To get a multiplier, you have to hit the last selected number. As usual, you will have to choose 2 to 10 spots, where the final number you pick is called a “Super Spot.”

Plus 5 game: What is it? And how do I win the jackpot?

It’s basically a bonus game where for an additional €0.75, you’ll get one more shot to win the jackpot! Once you go for the Plus 5 game, you automatically get 5 random numbers. If you match them to winning Keno numbers, you get the jackpot.

Prizes and winning odds


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
2 150


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
2 45
3 225


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
2 20
3 50
4 750


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
3 30
4 250
5 5,000


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
3 20
4 100
5 900
6 7,250


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
3 20
4 35
5 150
6 1,500
7 60,000


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
4 20
5 100
6 1,200
7 7,000
8 4.5 lakh


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
4 20
5 50
6 300
7 1,250
8 70,000
9 10 lakh


Matched Numbers Prize (Rs)
4 15
5 40
6 130
7 1,000
8 10,0000
9 1 lakh
10 15.5 lakh

Overall Winning Odds

Landed Strikes  Winning Odds
0 1:843
1 1:46
2 1:20
3 1:8
4 1:5
5 1:4
6 1:5
7 1:8
8 1:20
9 1:61
10 1:254
11 1:1,424
12 1:10,969
13 1:118,085
14 1:1,821,882
15 1:41,751,454
16 1:1,496,372,111
17 1:90,624,035,965
18 1:10,512,388,171,907
19 1:2,946,096,785,176,812
20 1: 3,535,316,142,212,174,320

Glorious bonuses

Keno bonuses can be applied before every 3.5th minute of the Keno draw. This essentially multiplies your prize wins from 1.5 to 10 times your initial amount!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim my prize?

Before you play, ensure you have signed up and verified an account. You will need a valid ID and address proof, and once that’s confirmed, all you have to do is withdraw your prize-winning amount from your account.

How to play Keno in India?

You can easily play Keno online in India (or wherever you may be) by downloading the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Why You Should Play Keno

Keno is a game that anyone can play. This game is fast and easy to play, ideal for casual gamblers and professional players. It is also less expensive to participate in than most other popular games of chance. The Keno lottery offers you a chance to win big while still being affordable to players of all means.

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