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Rattan Agency is one of the most famous lottery agencies in India. Its main business is to sell official tickets of various lotteries online. The company is based in Punjab and provides a straightforward user interface that helps the customers to place their purchase orders with minimum effort but granting maximum results.

What is Offered and how to get them

With a slew of offerings such as the Nagaland State Dear lotteries, Punjab State New Year Lohri Bumper 2021, Punjab State Diwali Bumper, and the like available for purchase from the official Rattan website online, you may pick your lottery ticket number based on your preference. On top of being a Reliable and Safe Retailer, Rattan Agency is known to provide a simple and straightforward How to buy guide that will help you complete your purchase without difficulty.

Following the instructions on your confirmation page, you will receive a text message on your phone number and an email from the service provider Which is Rattan Agency. The Draw date for results may be retrieved simply by visiting Rattan Agency official website.

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Winnings And Results

With each weekly draw of Rattan worth Rs 20 carrying a first prize of Rs 5 lakh of prize money, it’s no surprise that there are many regular customers. And some of them have won enough money to get their work in order. One such example would be Makkhan Singh, a PRTC driver from Bathinda, who won the Rs1 crore Diwali bumper draw in 2011. Singh utilized the lottery results to pay for his two nieces’ weddings, aid his son in settling in Canada, and to purchase land and automobiles.

 How does this work?

  • Every year, the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries creates a scheme for bumper lotteries.
  • The design specifies the Number of tickets to be issued, the lottery’s name, and the draw date.
  • The date is usually changed, but the amount of tickets stays the same: around 200 000 (for the bumper).
  • Only a government printing press is used to print tickets.
  • The government advertises the initiatives in publications and urges interested persons/Agency to contact the Directorate of Punjab State Lotteries in Chandigarh for more information.
  • Interested people are advised that they can only buy a certain amount.
  • Sole selling agents are buyers who sell to distributors across the state, who then sell them to agents.
  • The Directorate receives information on unsold tickets from exclusive selling agents on the day of the draw.
  • Following that, the draw takes place, and the first two results from the sold tickets are announced.
  • The winner must submit a claim form and supporting papers to the Directorate Agency in order to receive the results.

 How to buy tickets?

rattan lottery how to playHere are the instructions:

 Step 1: Visit the Rattan Agency official website and choose the State or Bumper Lotto of your choice.

 Step 2: Select your favorite Number from the list of numbers available.

 Step 3: Log in to your account with your user ID and password.

 Step 4: Click on the cart icon on the right side of your screen.

 Step 5: Click ‘checkout’ and fill in your details and proceed.

 Step 6: Click ‘Get Wallet Recharge’ and enter the amount you want to recharge.

 Step 7: To add money to your account, tap the ‘Add Money’ button.

 Step 8: Choose your payment method and click ‘Pay Now’

 Step 9: Click the ‘Success’ button after checking the results answers to move to the next window to confirm the transaction.

 Step 10: Click the button that says ‘Click Here To Complete Your Order’

That’s it! Now you can easily buy your tickets and win big on Rattan!

You may visit the agency website at any time to examine your results. Simply click on the ‘CHECK RESULTS’ link on the agency site and choose a date to view your findings.


The Rattan Agency is a well-known firm based in the state of Punjab. It enables you to purchase your sweepstake online by selecting your favorite Number and paying using any one of the several payment methods available on the website which results in a much easier process. The official website will allow you to keep track of your results. You may also monitor your outcomes easily through the official website. This is a fantastic website made by Rattan for you if you want to win big rewards. So don’t pass up this chance!

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