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Playing has been made a whole lot better since Lotto India launched online.

We cover the Lotto India rules, prize amounts, online sambad, and more.

With an exciting Raffle that guarantees 5 winners every month, to tremendous weekly jackpots and more, Lotto India is a go-to for many people all across India and even the world.

How Lotto India Makes Winning Easy

Lotto India is marked as the foremost online lottery in the country. With the simple buying process and ease of access, this lottery is the go-to for many people through India, and even the world.

With the jackpot acting as their biggest attraction, the winnings for that lucky ticket-holder is tremendous. Compared to the price of a Lotto India ticket at only ₹40, winning any prize tier will result in you earning back more.

As in many international lotteries, the results are drawn every week at 6 pm on Friday and Tuesday, and then the winning sambad is published online. Many different websites and publications post the weekly results.

Playing Lotto India | How It’s Structured And How To Play The Game

The rules of the game are very simple, with a flowing online process that takes the hassle out of buying lottery tickets and checking the weekly sambad..

For each ticket, you choose six numbers (1-50), and a lucky JokerBall figure (1-5). This number system gives players the chance to select their own lucky numbers, or a random number-generator for those who want to let fate decide. To play, you can go to the Lotto India web page and begin in minutes.

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Playing Online

  • Once selecting the ‘Play’ tab, choose your numbers for each ticket, and selecting the next panel will allow you to place more than one bet.
  • Pay for the lottery tickets that you’ve chosen through the usual online banking methods. This enters you into the lottery raffle hosted by Lotto India.
  • Wait for results to be published online.

Lottery tickets can be bought as a once-off payment, or you can also select the subscription to have future entries into the lottery.

Prize Structures and Rewards

Below are the details of how the sambad winnings are structured, with odds and cash reward results for each tier.

Odds / Chance To Win Cash Amount in  ₹ Tiers / Numbers Matched
79,453,500 / 1 40 million JokerBall plus 6
19,863,375 / 1 750 000 6
75,240 / 1 80 000 5
1,400 / 1 4 000 4
75 / 1 400 3
10 / 1 40 2
5 / 1 Bonus-Bet JokerBall

Where To Find Lotto India’s Current Sambad and Past Winning Results.

After the draws, the sambad are posted online through many publications, including Lotto India’s official web page. You can see current results as well as past lottery sambad.

If you win the jackpot you will be contacted via email and an agent from Lotto India will call you directly.

lotto india latest draw results

The Lottery Raffle | How Lotto India’s Exciting Raffle Draw Works

Lotto India Raffle is an additional game every month that guarantees five winners. The reward of ₹40,000 is split between the prize-winners.

This game is an extra bonus for the people who bought tickets for the weekly Lotto India lottery. Their names are added into the raffle draw to stand a chance for winning even more.

For each ticket bought, one name entry is added into the pot of names. This means those who get more tickets not only increase their chance of winning the grand jackpot, it gives them a greater chance of winning the raffle too.

The winnings are then paid directly into your account. Much like India’s other lottery games, you need to provide an image of yourself for verification, and provide a few other details.

Previous lottery sambad are also available online. See our section below for further details about claiming your winnings.

The Attraction of The Bumper Draws

Lotto India hosts their Bumper Draws lottery periodically, advertised well in advance to give people the chance to buy their tickets.

With the same price for the weekly lottery at only ₹40, and a massive jackpot far greater than usual, it’s easy to understand the popularity.

The number selection works the same as the weekly lottery, choosing six numbers (1-50), and a lucky JokerBall number (1–5). The Bumper Draws are random, but occur at least once a year, and often more than once.

Bumper Draws Jackpot

Jackpots for the Bumper lottery are always far greater than the usual jackpot. The last 8 draws have had ₹400 million jackpots, making it a highly anticipated event. The sambad are posted the same way as the other Lotto India result draws.

The other tiers result in the same winnings, still giving many people the chance to win other rewards.

Claiming Your Winnings

Depending on whether you win the jackpot or other prizes, the process for claiming rewards are different.

The Jackpot

Winning the jackpot will result in an email and phone call from a Lotto India representative, to gather details for the claiming process. They will require your passport details and a utility-bill, to confirm age and address.

After the details are processed and verified, you set up the bank transfer to your account, and receive the money in less than a month.

Claiming The Additional Prize Tiers

The prize money will be transferred to your lottery account online, which you can then send to your bank, or use some of the funds to purchase your next lottery tickets online.

The Raffle Draws prize claims work the same way, where you directly transfer your prize money into your bank.

The Inevitable Tax Deductions.

Like all lottery games around the world, the winnings are taxed depending on the current India lottery tax rates.

For all games of chance in India, the rate works out to 31.20%. In some areas, the earning needs to be declared, so remember to check the rules internationally, or locally if you live in India.

The Lotto India App | A Soon To Be Convenience

Lotto India is working on an app that you can add, to check the results and purchase your tickets. This online process will create a single space to buy your tickets and preview the recent sambad and past results.

You can choose to stay notified on unique draws and news, and access any draw results and current weekly sambad.

lotto india winners

Frequently Asked Questions About Lotto India

We’ve listed out the questions most asked, to highlight key factors that you may need answered, such as where to find the lottery sambad, and more.

Where can you play Lotto India?

To purchase tickets, it has to be online, and can be done through the Lotto India website and Mobile App.

When do draws take place?

The results are drawn every week at 6 pm on Friday and Tuesday, and then the winning sambad is published online.

Which methods of payment does Lotto India accept?

There are many methods of payment Lotto India accepts. A few include:

  • Visa
  • Abaqoos
  • WebMoney
  • Multibanco
  • Atsro
  • And more

What is the age restriction on Lotto India?

To play the lotto in India, you have to be at least 18-years old, and internationally depends on the country’s regional law.

The Easiest Lottery In India To Play

As a verified and easy lottery to play with reliable sambad online and cost-effective ticket costs, Lotto India proves itself again and again.

Join others in the thrill of playing, and by buying a ticket you stand to win more, with an entry per ticket bought added in the Raffle Draws.

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